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(Meetings & Agendas)
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Or you can join via the web:
Or you can join via the web:
* [[March 20 Meeting Notes]]]
* [[media:Feb_24_2014.pdf |February 2014 Meeting Notes]]
* [[media:Feb_24_2014.pdf |February 2014 Meeting Notes]]
* [[media:September_comms_tech_meeting_notes.pdf |September 2013 Meeting Notes]]
* [[media:September_comms_tech_meeting_notes.pdf |September 2013 Meeting Notes]]
=== Philadelphia ===
* [[March 20, 2014 Meeting Notes]]

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The Communications and technology working group supports and advances the internal and external communication of the USSF and develops and manages technology for advancing USSF work. Contacts: Joseph Lacey (joseph AT [Alfredo Lopez(alfredo AT] and Jackie Smith (jsmith1037 AT

We need volunteers to help build our movements and tell the stories of the US and World Social Forum process. Please join us to meet cool people, share and maybe learn new skills, and make another world possible! Contacts: Website Joseph at; Newsletter/Editorial Collective jsmith1037 at, Language Justice roberto at


Title: training hosted by Mark Dilley
Sunday March 23rd 4PM Eastern/3PM CT/2PM MT/ 1PM Pacific
Format is 30 min. webinar / screen share, then Q&A. Please have access to a computer so you can fully participate.
Description: A basic training of how to use the wiki, basic wiki concepts and where to ask for help.
Date & Time: Sun, Mar 23rd, 2014 at 4:00 pm EDT
Please register for the above meeting by visiting this link:
Once you have registered, we will send you the information you need to join the webinar.

Projects/ Task Forces

The communications team works as task forces, so contact one of the co-chairs to find out how best to put your skills to work!

Website Design US Social Forum Website (
E-newsletters Editorial Collective-Our regular e-newsletter reports on the US and World Social Forum process & helps build our movement by telling our own history, offering analysis, and encouraging creative discussion about social change work in this political moment.
USSF Newsletter Report 2012
Language Justice

Meetings & Agendas

Next Meeting: TBA. To sign up for task force in particular area -- Tech/Website; Communications-Media; Language Justice; Resource Mobilization-- please email Jackie
Conference Call-in number: 718-303-3204 (press 6 after connecting, then 1000#)

Or you can join via the web:


Current Comms-Tech Work Agenda

Past meeting notes

Background Resources & Links

Comms-Tech proposal for US Social Forum 3
The Organic Internet Organizing History's Largest Social Movement
This is a must-read for activists working to develop movements' communications capacity. Based on many years of experience of May First/People Link organizers.

Solidarity Requires Dialogue Around the world, people have been identifying the need to expand our use of technology to enhance participation and dialogue in the US and World Social Forum.

Debates on how to Expand Participation in the World Social Forum 2013
Discussion Document on New Movement Technologies, by Canada-Quebec Indigenous People's Forum

Return to the March 2013 Convergence Committee Page

Archive: Communications Team for Detroit USSF Communications-Media Working Group

MARCH 8-10 USSF Expanded in Philadelphia, PA
Debrief from Friday panel streaming
Notes: Comms-Tech agenda moving forward