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COMS/TECH Meeting Notes (3/20)

Meeting Participants: -Rachel Mazzaro, -Charles Tyler, -Angela Vogel, -Galen Tyler, -Jeremy Keim-Shenk, -Michael Long, -Mike James, -Alex Whiting, -Alfredo Lopez (On Skype),

--Skype Session with Alfredo --

  • Gave background of USSF
  • Talked about our role as a local group
  • Local working group was given time to ask questions

Thing to focus on as a Working Group: -Philly USSF Website = Do we need to create this ourselves? Who will create it? Who will be updating it? -Alex Whiting has contacts that may be interested in getting involved, need to know how they fit in exactly -Need to let people know what their role is and how they fit in -We need a solid framework, hard to make decisions with 20 people in the room, we need to take advantage of the opportunity of few people to make decisions to set a solid framework -Code for Philly (or America) = techies who pick civil projects, spend 4 hours after work to work on projects. Could be very appealing to them -- Alex Whiting knows these people. -What is going on with the different local working groups? -Separate COMS, TECH, fund development, and outreach but also meet together like once a month to work together -Perhaps have one meeting every other month now where a representative from each committee comes together to talk about their needs and collaborate -- would this be PLOC? -We could meet more often once it gets closer to USSF -COMS/TECH should have at least two people responsible for keeping up with the other working groups. -Strong independent radio network out there that we need to tap into

3 Month Plan -Website -Facebook Page / Twitter Page (Designate a social media team) -Create a Facebook page to converse with one another on what we are doing -Wiki COMS/TECH page = designate who will update and maintain the wiki page -Newsletters -First Press Release about the USSF = this may need to be pushed back depending on when the USSF dates are announced -Trainings (locally and Mayfirst training) = What do we want to learn and who do we know that could teach us these skills? Where would these training take place? -Find trainers and request trainers we do not have

Next Meeting: Thursday April 3rd, 6:30pm - 8pm @ West Kensington Ministry

Tasks to do before next meeting: -Dig into the USSF website, Wiki page, and read news articles of past USSF -Designate someone to represent us at the PLOC meeting on April 5th -Alex will create a Facebook group and send the link to Rachel -Rachel will send this link out to the COMS/TECH email list