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Outreach Committee Meeting Notes

Day: Monday, November 26, 2012

Time: 2pm ET/ 1pm CT/ 12 noon MT/ 11am PT

Call-in: (712) 432-0075, code 388105# (host 564471#) – (NPC#)

Check-ins & Agenda Review






Establish Time for Regular Phone Calls

Mondays at 2pm is the regular meeting time for Outreach Call. For people who are not on the call they can let Jerome know if another time is better for their schedule.


This is a subcommittee of the March 2013 Committee. Our task is to outreach to the organizations who have been on the NPC and look at that and see what other organizations should be invited to join the NPC, or at least be invited to the 2013 March Convergence Meeting.

While our committee will do the initial outreach, research, and then bring the names to the NPC to vet the suggestions.

We will update the application and each recommendation will have to go through the application process.

Road to 2014 Goals and how it applies to this committee >>>

The members of the Road to 2014 is still growing and need to reach out to other committees to collaborate

Revise the goals for the We Believe for Political Framing

Site selection for the next 2014

Reaching out to organizations to become a part of the work

The first leg of our work is to get to the 2013 Convergence. Build in site selection into the process. Are there any NPC organizations or clusters who would be interested in hosting the next USSF? The Road to 2014 would like to overlap some of the work.

The experience with picking New Orleans as the site city for the March Convergence Meeting into 2013 reveals how important it is to take our time with the vetting process.

Fundraising was vetted through Resource Dev. Any budget requests will continuously go through the NPC ultimately. If we are putting all these notes from the NPC Committees and Working Groups / and we meet regularly is a way to move forward in the NPC.


Divide up the current NPC by Regions. Each of us can do the initial investigation about and see what else needs to be done. Jerome will talk with NPC members in the South and Southwest. The biggest area outside of the South is the West Coast and the East Coast.

David will do the West Coast and any national groups. The National groups should have a name next to it to make sure that they have a personal touch.

Edgar will also work with David on the West Coast.

Oya will do the Midwest, New York to D.C.

Walda will do the National Jobs for Justice and the AFL CIO (will prefer to do face to face meetings with them). It will take serious planning and Jerome will definitely help with the national organizations in the D.C. area. We need to find out relationships that people have with the National organizations.


Our next step is to look at the NPC list, find out which organizations falls into our region, and send the list of organizations that we will contact to Jerome by this week. We will make initial calls to all the organizations on our list by our third call.

Discuss expansion – Who Else Needs to be on This Committee

Jerome wants to get Project South on this committee and to get someone else from New Orleans on these calls. It was recommended that we get someone from GGJ to join the calls also. Jerome will reach out to Cindy. Are there any GGJ organizations in New Orleans? When we talk with the GGJ organizations, one of the things that we can ask if they are willing to have a rep on the outreach committee.

EMEAC is a real functioning part of GGJ. They are trying to figure out who from EMEAC is going to be the point person for social forum work. When I speak with EMEAC let them know about the different committees and find out what is there representation on the emails. Ife does want to work on this committee, but she was not included on the emails that were sent out. Jerome will call her personally apologize and invite her to the calls.


What is the timeline for the final list to the NPC? December 15th is the lifeline for the vetting for all organizations.

How are we going to incorporate the site selection into the tasks? The first round of questions is how do people want to engage on the NPC. Either they are on the NPC or we are inviting them to the process. By December 15th we will complete the first steps in the process.

Walda sent out the site selection criteria to the group. The next steps are to review the material and revise it to reflect our current goals, then send it to the NPC. Depending on the response that people give, it could be a follow up questions for the initial steps.

Be in touch with any questions.

Make it happen,


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