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Thanks for the support

Thanks for the support on getting this wiki running well! I remember you from 2007 - and using AboutUs :).


Peace and Blessings Mark,

I just attended a planning meeting for the Midwest Social Forum. I proposed that they plug into our Wiki to further communication and collaborations. In my mind I saw the Detroit Local Organizing Committee Wiki and the NPC both utilizing the Wiki, and thought that it would be a logical extension to include the Midwest Social Forum instead of them creating something separate. How do you feel about including a Navigational link for the Midwest Social Forum? I am willing to take responsibility for setting up their pages. Is there a way to provide a link on the US map on the home page for them as well?

The Wiki is an excellent organizing tool. I would like to see the Detroit Local utilize the Wiki more, maybe we can set up mini trainings or online trainings (they are on the phone as someone goes over how to use the site).

Please consider. I will check back soon.



Hi Mark,

Sorry I couldn't get it together to respond before our meeting today. But yes, let's definitely get together.

I'm very happy to see you like to do wiki training and are experienced with it, since our local committee was crying for such training. I have used wikis but am not expert enough to do training. You and Oya both seem to have the right expertise.

Also, I'm not sure how we're structuring our wiki communications, like on this page for example.

In any case, I put it on the agenda for today's conference call with the Tech committee.


Thanks ...

... for the formatting help with the 7/28 meeting notes.

Say hi to Sylvia for me.


Thanks for moving my t-shirt message, Mark. No response from anybody so far (other than some off line talks with Maureen and learning from logistics committee chair Diane that it's not within our scope...). Any suggestions for how to get cracking on it?

Thanks for changing my username Mark. Ahmina Maxey

Thanks Mark! I'm just trying to get some work out of the way for our Outreach Committee. Ahmina Maxey