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Contact Sheet for the National Planning Committee of the US Social Forum. To protect from spam we have written the @ symbol in each email out. To see the websites for these organizations, please visit the NPC page on the USSF website. If you have any questions or problems reaching an organization, or changes for this page, please email adrienne at
Original April 09, 2009
Updated February 23, 2010
Eddie Acosta, eacosta at
Mary Anne Barnett, MBarnett at
Carlton Turner, Carlton at
Daryl Jordan, DJordan at
Carrie Neff, CNeff at
María Poblet, maria at
Karlos Gauna Schmieder, karlos at
Cindy Domingo, cynthiadomingo41 at
Lynn Domingo, lynn at
Danielle Mahones, dmahones at
Elena Herrada, elenaherrada at
Julio Cesar Guerrero, camila at
Oya Amakisi, amakisi at
Fred Vitale, freddetroit at
Diane Seales, Diana at
Rocio Valerio, Rocio at
Byron Gudiel, byron.g at
Jamala Rogers, jamala7 at
Michael Leon Guerrero, michael at
Cindy Wiesner, cindy at
Zahra Alabanza, zahra at
Tom B.K. Goldtooth, ien at (Minnesota)
George Friday, ippn at
Sarah Kershnar, skershna at
Flo Rizowski, flowalksfree at
Sarita Gupta, sarita at
Brooke Harper, Brooke at
Tammy Bang Luu, Tammy at
Manuel Criollo, manuelcriollo at
Jerome Scott, jerome at
Walda Katz-Fishman, wkatzfishman at
Rishi Awatrimani, rishiawatramani at
Alfredo Lopez, Alfredo at
Marian Kramer, bakerm0060 at
Maureen Taylor, chuteh7 at
Sylvia Orduño, smorduno at
Pablo Alvarado, APabloalvarado at
Ricardo Martinez, Ricardo at
Kimberley Richards kimberley.richards at
Angela Winfrey Bowman angela at
Alicia Garza alicia at
Cheri Honkala, cherihonkalappehrc at
Jennifer Cox, jenkwru at
Stephanie Guilloud, stephanie at
Corina McCarthy-Fadel, lutejuntos at
Marisa Franco, mfranco at
Adrienne Maree Brown. adrienne at
Sharon Lungo, sharon at
Marina Karides, mkarides at
Jackie Smith, jsmith1037 at
Scott Byrd, sbyrd at
Emily Kawano, emilykawano at
William Bryce, williamabryce at
Reginald McGhee, reggmc at
Louis Head, elhead at
Mónica Córdova Monica at
Rubén Solís, Grulla at
Genaro Lopez-Rendon Genaro at
Makani Themba-Nixon, mthemba at
Kaajal Shah
George Martin, niiadjetey at
Kali Akuno, kaliakuno at
Mezna Qato, meznaqato at
Andrew Dalack, ajdalack at
Odile Hugonot, odilehh at
Jacqui Patterson, jpatters1 at