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4/28/10 NPC call

Proposed Agenda:

- Roll call
- Brief updates [what are our numbers? workshops, registrations, money, etc!]
- Update on workshops and program/culture biz
- Update on May meeting - dates, agenda development and more!
- New NPC Member update
- Plenaries
- anything else?

notes will be at:


full notes:

April 28, 2010 NPC Call

Proposed Agenda: - Roll call - Brief updates [what are our numbers? workshops, registrations, money, etc!] - Update on workshops and program/culture biz [walda] - Update on May meeting {adrienne and sylvia}: dates, agenda development and more! - New NPC Member update - Plenaries - anything else?

On the call:

Scott Byrd, Sociologists w/o Borders Jerome, LRNA Oya, DLOC Michael, GGJ Adrienne, Ruckus Treston, JWJ Emily, Solidarity Economy Jen Cox, PPERHC Brooke Harper, Jubilee USA Marisa Franco, RTTC Jamie, ICT - Mayfirst/People Link Jacqui Patterson, WOCU Alfredo Lopz, Mayfirst/People Link George Friday, IPPN Walda Katz-Fishman, LRNA Steph Guilloud, Project South Cindy, GGJ Maryann Barnett, Corey, Praxis Project Rishi, Leftist Lounge Jackie Smith, Sociologists w/o Borders Oya, DLOC B, USSF George Martin, UFPJ Michael deLeon Guerrero, GGJ Tammy Bang Luu, LCSC Cindy Domingo, CSJ Sylvia Orduno, MWRO, USSF Carrie Neff, Amnesty Louis, SWOP Tapeka, MWRO, Logistics Eddie, AFL-CIO Sarita, JWJ Maureen, MWRO

Registrations 1,239 organizations 3% at foundation rate 5,024 registered individuals $139,524 raised. $95,600 completed payments 200 scholarships provided so far. equal to $9,000+

workshops 981 online (at least 20 in paper/email) 117 = 4 hours workshops including 38 PMAs. +5 more PMAs being submitted

culture ~300 artists participating.

Great work getting to this point: Now push is to get people to register FULL delegation (need to generate revenue & give ourselves better logistical accounting).

May OC/NPC Meeting May 20 full day OC. May 21 - 23 NPC meeting Right now we are working to figure out the final dates for the meeting. Either we will do a full day OC meeting Thursday, or a half day NPC will last until 5pm on Sunday. There will be a local Detroit PMA on Saturday

George Martin: From NPC standpoint, starting Friday at noon would allow for Friday morning travel. Will: Vote for OC meeting half-day Friday

NPC New Applications 1. Criteria a. Self-determination. Representation of one’s own community i. Does the leadership of the organization reflect the community affected by issues addressed?

b. Rooted in regions/communities/sectors prioritized by NPC i. Does the organization fit the priorities identified by the NPC?

c. Active in working group and contributing to SF process for 3 months i. What is the group’s current contribution to the SF process?

d. Hold significance of national movement proportions i. What is the scale of this organizations reach and presence in US social

        movements? Will their participation result in broader mobilization or resource 

e. Collaborative movement practice i. What is this organizations’ history of movement-building and grassroots

        collaborative work?

f. Resources and Capacity: i. what will this group contribute to the productive process of the social forum?

g. Two letters of recommendation

2. Recruitment:

Based on what gaps exist within the NPC as well as the political relevance because of the social forum’s location in Detroit the NPC identified and refined its priorities for recruitment to include:

a. Priorities:

       i.     Black and African-American
       ii.     Disability Rights
       iii.     Midwest
       iv.     LGBTQI
       v.     Arab and Muslim
       vi.     Immigrant Rights
       vii.     Rural
       viii.  Youth

3. Evaluating impact a. Given our understanding of this group’s practice, how will they contribute or detract from the productive process of the NPC?

b. How will inclusion of this group impact the image, reputation, and association of the Social Forum?

c. What precedent does this group’s participation set for the national planning committee?

Monday, 3pm - NPC and Applicants Conversational Call Then vote by Wednesday! Recommendations shared and will be sent out via email separately as needed.


Process - Go through the proposal Clarifying questions Reactions, thoughts, feedback Approval from NPC on basic proposal

Add Jamala Rogers name to the proposal.

Overall has been a good group and process moving forward from the January meeting. See proposal emailed to you!

Clarifying Questions:

- Are there any current labor organizers on there? [General Baker speaking to labor/worker struggles, was part of DRUM and connected to UAW] - We haven't been able to get a strong number of folks on the conference calls, would be great to get face-to-face time with folks [next step is in-depth face-to-face conversations] - Was there anything in terms of organizational representation of having multiple folks? [We noted Marian was on there more than once - can just have her on one] - Demographics...gender, youth? [yes - we did a scan and had folks plug in the information that we knew based on the speakers that came up] [for detroit-national: have two potential youth, 1 queer organizer]


Tammy: Tom is putting forth for the final night to consider Miguel P for conversation 1 on the final night, and Clayton Thomas-Mueller or Jihan Gearon from IEN to speak to local/indigenous issues for number 4.

Sylvia: What about having the kids involved in some way in the plenaries? Maybe if there is an opportunity to have kids participate. [yes team could take that back and figure out where it could fit and get back to you]

Will [via Adrienne]: Feels someone from Detroit or region should be on the alternatives plenary, suggesting Will Allen from Growing Power in Milwaukee. [will be addressing solutions on all the plenaries] [perhaps he can be part of first night as a regional rep]

Marisa: For second plenary, doesn't seem to be someone hitting squarely on banks, housing/foreclosure crisis and how that relates to the job crisis. Can speak to conditions, solutions. [we did talk about health, housing, jobs and had a longer list. we're hoping Marian can talk about banks and that moderator will make that loop/connection]

Eddie: Wanted to address having someone from Detroit on alternatives panel - we had a lot of conversation about that. We have a lot of folks from Detroit - 12-14 people - so I am assuming someone will be talking about alternatives, solutions there. We're also talking about moderators each evening setting the frame and making the connections to previous plenaries.

Diana: Ang from Children's Social Forum is planning to have a song

Scott: I was against having plenaries in ABQ, and I think this moves us from ATL in good ways and is exciting to see. One concern is framing questions for 3rd night - seems to speak to individual case, maybe we could focus on how those alternatives and struggles can be bridged to other places. My other thing is to 2nd Clayton as a speaker for Climate Justice [climate justice as issue brings together the struggles related to the environmental, economic, and political crisis] - that phrase isn't in this document and it's important. i wonder if that can be brought up in the 2nd day as well.

Louis: Wanted to speak to the issue of ALBA being lifted up on the 3rd day of the plenary. There's been communication with Venezuelans about participation on the forum, and to speak to ALBA. There was confusion on their part - they came back with a lot of people, but in raising that question again they came back with the Executive Secretary of the core ?? of ALBA. Got more bio info on him. Would strongly recommend that we move him into that position, speaking on that plenary. [will ask alternatives team to take that feedback back]

Emily: Is there any chance for making space for ALBA to speak on the opening day/ceremony. [adrienne: we can pass that suggestion to DLOC but that decision belongs to the local community]

Tammy: Tom is proposing someone from Andean movement from Bolivia to represent Social Movements. And Louis you are saying you want someone to replace the FBES speaker-- Louis: not necessarily; just want to renforce the importance of ALBA as a unifying issue; and balance the plenary.

Louis: bigger question of what's going on in terms of economic development in the broader scale, which is what alba is about on a larger scale.

Cindy: Continue having a deeper convo on these events. Continue to engage who speaks on all levels. people are not here to show and tell on their own movements--how does their perspective and how they are trying to figure out their struggle relates to other spaces and struggles; be clear around the sytems at play, scrutinize the systems--our reponsiblity is engage the questions of how do these struggles relate to broader struggles.

Links to Cochabama is important and it is a paradigm shift about how we think about these questions--opportunitties to think about these local and global links. Lift up the issue of ??? talking too fast; Columbia, Honduras, Haiti--how do we include these developments? Occupation of haiti and the Coup--linking those developements over the last few years.

Including speakers: social movement reps from US--prioritize movements instead of NGOs, also prioritize the inclusion of GLBTQ speakers.

Sarita: lots of debates around these issues; be clear about the narrative and there is still work todo around this issue. Focus on big framing questions--how we brief the speakers.

Call for Approval: Consensus from every organization on call.

Maureen question: Can we do 6:30-8:30 pm instead of til 9pm?

Reminders at End:

- NPC Applicant Review Monday, 3pm EST