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- Outreach Update
- ICT growth decision
- Update on print program
- Update on communications from here through the forum
- Checking in on NPC arrivals
- Introducing volunteer coordinator!
- anything else?

Help with notes at:

ICT Proposal:

Hi all,

We need NPC approval on something at the metting tomorrow. Let me explain it as briefly as I can.

To meet the expected increasing needs of tech support on the organize and community websites, we need to bring in a few more people as site administrators. Admins are the only role on a Drupal site really capable of doing what we need. Admins are also extremely powerful and can do virtually anything on a website.

We need to be confident that the people who are being made admins are mature, resposible, politically sensitive and fully collaborative. We have a few people who are willing to admin and we expect to get some more as we request them but we first need to have some filtering criteria in place so we can make confident and secure decisions about people.

We want to establish some requirements and procedures. Here is what we're proposing and we need NPC approval of this please.

Requirements: 1. one phone interview 2. one training 3. references -- see below

      • Acceptable References

1. somebody from an NPC organization can state that they have worked with or have personal ties with this person

2. somebody from an organization that is an ally of an NPC organization can state that they have worked with or have personal ties with this person

3. somebody known in a work or political setting by an ICT member who will vouch for that person's fitness for the position.






June 2, 2010

Agenda: - Roll Call x - Outreach Update x - ICT growth decision x - Update on print program x - Update on communications from here through the forum x - Introducing volunteer coordinator! X - Checking in on NPC arrivals x - anything else?

Roll Call:

- Adrienne, Ruckus - Akudo, staff - Byron, FRSO - Jamala, FRSO - Walda, LRNA - Jerome, LRNA - Flo, IJAN - Kali, USHRN - Michael, GGJ - Carrie, Amnesty Intl - Rishi, Leftist Lounge - Treston, JWJ - George, UFPJ - Jacqui, WOCU - Sha, staff - Scott, Sw/oB - Jackie, Sw/oB - Jen, PPHERC - Terri, WILPF - Alfredo, MFPL - Brooke, Jubilee - Adele, staff - Cindy, GGJ - Danielle, CTWO - Emily, SEN - Louis,SWOP - Tammy, LCSC - Cindy, CFSJ - Maria Poblet


ICT Proposal:

proposal can be viewed at:

any questions?:

jamala - do you already have some folks in mind? alfredo - yes

adrienne - let's track who 'vouches' for folks jerome - and who oversees the work to know if someone goes wacko? alfredo - mark and ross oversee the site. admin leave a huge paper trail so we can see if anyone is doing stuff, and we have stuff in place for this purpose. best prevention is getting folks with best pedigree - if they don't have that.

Proposal approved.


Adele:update on printed program We are at the end almost. Translation will happen by Thursday. Veronica and I will do all the copy editing this weekend and Monday we go to print. Question: workshops scheduled in UAW which one is it. Where is it? It's right next to Hart Plaza/Cobo hall.


Outreach Update:

  1. 's as of June 1.
  • 1,472 Organizations registered (about 193 in Michigan)
  • 7,240 Individuals registered
  • $239,074 ($188,042 completed, $51,032 pending)

Akudo: After NPC meeting in Detroit- we committed to having two national call days. May 27 was first one. Push for people to contact non-registered people. If you need info you can contact outreach committee. It didn't go so well as far as who we heard back from. Next national call day this thursday. Early registration ends this Friday. Our goal was for 100 people to register. Between wed 6/26 - fri 6/28 26 organizations registered.

7,240 individuals are now registered. Are there things that can be helpful to support you in making calls. We will be giving you people in your state to call. A strategy for next week is to target by sectors.

David is going to be sending out announcement about early registration extended so you can forward to your lists. For next week by sector- Labor and Faith have asked for a scan of who's registered.

AMB- if you send me the list of NPC members not registered I can follow up with them over email.


Communications Update

David sent out a great email from communications. Adele- we're doing a last minute media push, social media, web, print, radio spots. You can send PSA's to your local radio statiobns- we have English and Spanish PSAs and Arabic is coming out next week. We have 50 tv spots going out this week- you can get access in the press and media section. People's Media Center is getting ready and we're working with ICT on that. We will have daily newspaper, that will include Critical Moment- local newspaper. No press passes. Everyone is invited to the PMC- we want everyone to register including media people. Newspaper will be last minute to get out all the stories- we will need support to get those stories in from the marches, projects, etc. Have you been in touch with the caravan folks? We just put out a new press release on the caravans- people's caravan is one of the important angles. Louis- Let me findout who's doing comms work on caravan to get you connected to them.


Wanted everyone to meet Ife Kilimanjaro ( who will be the volunteer coordinator for the forum. Ife - Please sign up for volunteer hours. We will send out forms. 15 4-hr slots! or is it 15 hours total???? We will be working on a strategy and structure and we will get that to you. You can send me any questions you have. We have ___ volunteers ( how many?)


NPC Arrival times:

(Maria Poblet ?: getting scooped from airport)

Jerome and Walda - June 14 Rishi - June 11 evening George - June 21 midday Maria - June 17 Brooke - June 20 Sha - June 12 Tammy - June 15 late Carrie - June 21 Flo - June 14 (june 17-22 Jewish AntiZionist Assembly) Danielle - June 20 w/3 ppl can help on june 21. Rest of CTWO arrives on 21 Louis - June 21 (will stay over on the back-end) Cindy - June 21 Emily - June 21 Jacqui - June 19 Jen - June 14-16 somewhere Jackie - June 19 am Treston - June 19 early! w/3 JWJ delegates Michael - GGJ arrive June 18, staying through 28

There will be an NPC meeting on June 19th in the morning. If peole want to participate on the phone from off site- let me know. We are making sure that as you arrive you will be plugging into as soon as you arrive. Are you thinking 10 am on 19th - Yes Guidance on how long you need folks to stay after 6/26.

One more call on 6/16. Same time. We will be running through final prep and checking in on outreach again.