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The Detroit USSF local organizing efforts are facilitated by the four "anchor" organizations listed below, in conjunction with the National Planning Committee. Please contact the anchors at their respective organizations for more information.

Anchor Organizations and Contacts

Maureen Taylor
Marian Kramer
Gwendolyn Gaines
Ann Grimmett
Quintin Williams
Sylvia Orduño
Nellie Jefferies Slater
Elena Herrada

Diana Seales
Rocio Valerio
Ahmina Maxey
Lizzy Baskerville
Lottie Spady
William Bryce
Nancy Brigham,
Reg McGhee,
  • LOC Coordinators
Will Copeland
Maureen Taylor

Detroit USSF Local Organizing Office

We have secured space alongside the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization office in Detroit, MI, for Detroit USSF Office organizing efforts and staff workspace.

USSF Staff

National Coordinators:
Coordinates the Organizing Committee (made up of all the working group representatives, staff and Detroit Local Organizing Committee)
Coordinates the National Planning Committee

Detroit Coordinators:
Coordinates local logistical arrangements
Coordinates Local Organizing Committee (as of 5/1/09)
National Staff:
  • Victor Arbulu, USSF Detroit Accountant-Bookkeeper (as of 6/1/09)
Works with Anchors on fiduciary responsibilities