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Outreach call April 7 2014

Jerome, Walda, David, Spence (facilitator), Anna (notetaker)

1. Mapping of Fronts of Struggle (possibility of face-to-face in Jackson)

Some members of the committee have been talking about importance of mapping fronts of struggle that are active across the country and looking at where there is and isn’t USSF engagement and using that to shape outreach work. It would be important to do this soon such that it guides our process moving forward. This process has been done in other moments. It is important to proceed from the fact that we have knowledge, start with the relationships we have currently and connect with them to see about ways to connect with their broader networks. Organizations should be identified in terms of fronts of struggle. In goal of creating map of fronts of struggle that is relevant today and using this mapping process as a broader outreach strategy: • Anna will research archives and gather together existing information on a map (all orgs that did PMAs leading up to 2010 as documented by Project South, PMA toolkit map, March 2013 meeting notes) and send a document to committee by April 21 • Check in at NPC meeting as part of report from this WG. • Committee can then have conversations with people who we are in relationship with to broaden map • Either in an in-person meeting or by phone, Committee will think together and engage other people to think through fronts of struggle Spence has energy to reach out to people using what ever we develop from first pass.

2. Reports regarding specific fronts of struggle


Two weeks ago, Jerome and Walda did 2nd PMA at SOA Watch; 40-50 folks attended, including reps from Detention Watch, Not 1 More (against deportations), and anti-torture organization. Framed current moment and social forum, and talked about leadership development and movement education. Then broke out into small groups to examine how is broader militarism connected to questions of torture and immigration. Trying to connect with local struggles. Really well received. They are open to movement schools. Although we didn’t talk about what would be next direct steps, there was a lot of interest in need for continual political education around systemic understandings of what keeps SOA open. Getting them plugged into NPC and/or movement schools (PA in 2015). What do we need to do to make that happen? Follow-up meeting; Jerome going to be following up with them re: movement schools. Would be good to standardize email welcoming them into national process of PMAs. David will draft up email and Anna will place it in tech space to be accessed.

o Northwest

Jerome attended the planning meeting for NW Social Forum/PMA, which will be held in Portland in September. It was a good meeting, 40 people there, of which there were reps of Native American movement work. 15 or so POC. Provided overview of SF process, including 3 year plan and history of SF process (specifically in NW). A couple people were around at the time of previous incarnation. Discussed importance of openness to new ideas, understanding history of area, and acting appropriately - making sure that people are at the table at first move. The farm workers PMA just happened. Seattle PMA is getting ready to be organized. It is truly becoming a NW process. They are reaching out to other NW states, currently CA, OR, WA. Trying to bring in other orgs. They don’t need to receive welcoming email–they are totally part of social forum process. David has been on calls. Move to Amend is one of anchors. There are 6-7 organizations represented. Had people volunteering for work group. Really getting organized.

o Indigenous Peoples

Spence is in touch by phone and email with Louis over last weeks. The goal is to organize a special meeting with key indigenous organizers within specific fronts of struggle. Tia and Louis have indicated that they would be interested in holding that down. Tia and Louis have been traveling and haven’t had a chance to move forward on pulling meeting together. Also, Spence is pulling together information re: some of more active more places in Idle No More. Spence will be in touch with Tia and Louis. Canadians’ Peoples Social Forum is occurring at end of August. Spence and Anna will be in touch with Ana Collins, the Indigenous organizer at the Peoples Social Forum.

o Arts and Culture

Jerome is in contact with the Culture WG. They are going to shorten name from “Arts and Culture” to “Culture.” They are going to help make connections with youth-led movements/org. They don’t consider themselves youth group. Many of them are over 35. They have a regular schedule of meetings; we need to check with them periodically to get an update. All also very dedicated to doing culture PMA in Jackson in 2014; conversation with Shamako. There may be PMAs at three sites we think are most solid. This should be communicated to resource development to get that in their proposals- having PMAs as spaces leading up to site places.

3. Update re: Comm/Tech, Newsletter, and e-blast

Outreach article for next newsletter Anna will be in touch with Jackie re: content of next newsletter.

4. Upcoming National Planning Committee Meeting (May 5-6) and Jackson Rising (May 3-4)

At the PMA call, we could discuss questions we want outreach to bring to NPC meeting. Spence will send out email saying we won’t have call on first Monday of month (as that is when Jackson meeting is happening), but will bring some Outreach material to PMA call.