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Please share your ideas and post questions on how we can better use this site, how we can more effectively organize for the USSF in Detroit, or anything else!

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  • 4-28-09: Reposted from email: WAY TO GO!
thank you so much, LOC Technology/Communications Committee, for a fine job in keeping us up to date and reaching out!! what a neat tool for organizing!
melanie :)
thank you Melanie! We think the wiki is a pretty powerful tool, but most importantly, a community place for us to share our work! Best, MarkDilley


Excellent job with the Wiki. It is a learning process. Maybe your committee can do a tutorial to encourage members to use the wiki's?

I would love to do that with you Oya. Best, MarkDilley

How do we add addresses to the local list serv?

You can subscribe to the DLOC listserve by sending an email to
or visiting the page at and clicking on the 'Subscribe' link

Detroit LOC meeting days not clear

Hi All, I like the inviting and open structure of the web pages. However, if someone wanted to know when the Detroit LOC meets this is not clear. I saw several references to meeting "every other Tuesday" but this is unclear rather than saying first and third Tuesdays - or whatever. I'm sure this is just an oversight amid all the other hard and good work you all are doing. Peace, Mike Kelly

Language Access Committee

Coordinating interpreting and translation, even for two languages Spanish and English is very cumbersome and requires a lot of administrative effort for it to go off without a hitch. Deciding on which languages, what equipment, for which events, and who should staff said events is complicated and I think an entire committee should be working on that. I participated in the previous forum and am a professional conference interpreter. I would be willing to help.


wOW47I Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!