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USSF Communications and Technology Working Group Co-chairs Alfredo Lopez and Jackie Smith

Report (with Outreach WG) to NPC Meeting May 2014 meeting in Jackson, MS

1) Map of USSF Communications tools (Jackie)

USSF wiki (
NOTE PMA LIST Please help us update!
Wiki-- what is it; SIGN UP if you want login access.
Email lists

2) Technology Principles (Alfredo)

2a) Note from Mark Libkuman: because of the polycentric tech requirements for this upcoming USSF, we are going to have to only develop and deliver very simple technology and it will most likely be less sophisticated than Detroit's.

3) Website updating (Jackie)

Working group members are asked to review the site, especially pages relevant to your work. Send requests for repairs to
Website rebuilding work is beginning. Send input to

4) Editorial team (Jackie)

Newsletter content and production (including representative from each poly-center)
USSF Process-polycenters and movement struggles
USSF Process-PMA updates and analyses, synthesis
National Movement-building and analysis
World movements and links to World Social Forum
Content input and other relevant communications to:

5) Language Justice in Polycentric Model (Spence and Ana/Outreach Working Group)