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Outreach/PMA WG call 6.2.2014

Jerome (facilitator), David, Rose, Alyssa, walda (notes), Spence, and a person who did not identify himself

Brief report back from NPC face2face

Political statement of ussf3 around language on Indigenous/ First Nations:

• David – began with language of recognizing genocide, forced borders, stolen land, etc – challenging “US”

• Rose – added settler colonialism / forced slave labor of African peoples

• Alyssa – lifted up need for others not to speak for Indigenous and the diversity and complexity of Indigenous/First Nations in Indian Country. Many US Tribes do recognize US and have Treaty rights with US govt – so reiterating huge and complicated diversity among the many Indigenous peoples/nations

• Rose – need for political education discussion on NPC

• Jerome – focus on what self-determination and sovereignty mean – among the diversity of Indigenous peoples

• Action: bring this & readings (send to Jerome) to next NPC meeting & connect work of Indigenous WG

Work group updates:

• Indigenous WG in process – continue to support its development, Alyssa agreed to be part of it

• Youth WG – met someone at Left Forum who might be interested – Jerome following up?

• Language Justice – Jerome will circle around with Roberto (also Comms-Tech thinking about this)

Comms-Tech update:

Spence – on comms-tech call last week

• About 6 folks on call – several from PLOC

• Divided overall work into 3 subgroups

o Editorial (Jackie, Anna, others) – newsletter, social media

o Website & use contact data base – clean up website (still shows as 2010), get o old/incorrect info down and new /up to date info up; lists messy, not used well, need to group and update, etc. (Jamie & Spence, others)

o Language justice – help start? (see above)


• Our WG should suggest June 30 as deadline for the clean up / update website

• Possibly our WG should offer to take lead on input of new contacts from events we present at and the grouping of huge contact data base for more effective outreach use (currently Jackie & Anna seem lead on that – but maybe need to revisit for best outreach use)

Rose (and walda) – PMAs need more effective synergy / better capture of work & outcomes of all 2014 (earlier) PMAs and how will build towards 2015 & 2016. Now effectively have little if any documentation for synthesis and building toward national movement program and political action strategy and tactics for short, medium and long term. May need to do follow-up interviews with organizers, as well as documentation form for them to fill out


• PMA synergy & documentation #1 agenda item for next call of WG – which is PMA aspect

• This time works for those on call – at least for summer, but may still do doodle – about 40 folks on list.

• Find out from “comms-tech” who receives the call-in report for the USSF call-in number and see if it can go to ACT (perhaps). (May go to someone in Detroit?)

Next call: PMA in 2 weeks – June 16 @ 4pm eastern / 3pm central/ 1pm pacific