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US Social Forum Outreach Committee

March 3 2014

Faciltator: Jerome Notetaker: Anna

Jerome, Walda, Stephen, David Cobb, Spence, Keith Harvey (Cambridge MA, Friends Committee), Greg Colly (Friends Committee), Louis Gorden (Seventh Generation Fund), Anna, Spence

1. Brief review of last meeting and update of what has happened since.

Louis, Tia, Spence and Anna had a call last week and discussed ways to ensure that broader decolonizing strategies and Indigenous perspectives are integrated into all aspects of social forum process. David, Jerome, Anna, and Spence will have call tomorrow to continue this discussion. This call is open to others and notes will be posted to wiki. Keith explained that there are a number of Native American programs on East Coast and Pacific Southwest to connect with as part of this process. Comms WG is requesting that Outreach/PMA look at website and develop a proposal of what needs updating/changed to accommodate needs to Outreach/PMA). They will proceed to begin process of updating website. It looks like it might be necessary to build new website. It is being figured out how polycentric nature changes outreach and web presence. Each location will have it’s own section within website to do outreach and fundraising.

2. Outreach implications of death of Lumumba (mayor of Jackson)

City council chairperson is currently mayor. Election has to be held within 40 days. There is more urgency than before to have people come to Jackson and support that process. Malcom X Grassroots Movement led mayoral campaign and has put out call on email reminding folks to come down to support. Will keep everyone up to speed as figure out what outreach implications might be. Jackson just got approved as one of sites 2-3 weeks ago, haven’t yet figured out details. Mayor’s office committed to helping to ensure space came to social forum as reasonably as possible. Social Forum has endorsed New Economies Conference in Jackson, people are encouraged to attend.

3. Review updated plan for Outreach Committee

The plan is currently Outreach focused. The PMA plan will be developed and joined to this to create unified document. Next steps: PMA plan will be integrated in next call. Language Justice - being defined: organizing people so can provide language in all language necessary, translating notes and flyers, beginning to determine languages that need to be used in social forum process itself, organize towards PMA and social forum so that language doesn’t become barrier to people being involved in process - Disability and sign language, recognizing that there are 100s of Indigenous languages that are still spoken. In the next round, people will gather around this front of struggle to figure out who needs to be part of defining that front of struggle. Walda: we should be gathering experience from the current PMA process (integration and synthesis and political alignment process). Polycentric social forum is organized around PMAs and outreach is essential. Cohesion of 2014 will built into social forums in 2015 and national PMA in 2016 to contribute to deeper and higher levels of political analysis and thinking about movement strategies. David will pull together an article re: PMA process and projections to Social Forum newsletter. Youth Working Group Free Minds/Free People n Pittsburg (Walda and Jerome will follow up) Need to connect with youth orgs in Philly and Jackson.

4. Face-to-face meeting with NPC (currently proposed for wkd of April 26)

Goal of this meeting: relationship building and solid political discussion re: work of SF process. There will also be time for each WG to have face to face. David and Keith can’t attend. Email with two possible dates will be sent out to members. 5. Next Call Facilitator and Note taker Anna will facilitate. Spence will take notes. Next meeting: review 3-yr social forum plan (which will be sent out before next meeting)