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Send out call for orgs: what are you doing, what do you need, can you provide volunteers, what equipment are you brining (can others use your stuff)?

Recruit Volunteers and Point People (4-5 hour shifts starting on Tuesday) Possible Shifts (this is totally off the top of my head…):

  • 6 am-9am (just folks doing briefings—open up)
  • 9am -2 pm (first point person starts—goes to 3pm; needs lunch)
    • 4-5 volunteers (half info/problem solving; tech support)
  • 2 pm – 7 pm (second person starts goes to 8 pm; needs dinner)
    • 4-5 volunteers (half info/problem solving; tech support)
  • 7pm – 2 am (late night person—closes up)
    • 2-3 volunteers (tech support and problem solving)

Space/Floor Plan:

  • Spaces (briefings, training, workshops, skill shares)
  • Stations (radio/audio, video/TV, tech/skill-shares, Doc/Eval, Newspaper)
  • Office/storage space; info table should be near here (can also check out equipment)
  • Scott: forgot to add this but would like to have a “news stand” were folks can distribute their media
  • Chill space (something was talked about earlier—like a small café/networking space)
  • Need to secure more dividers for the office space and trainings (Adele)

PMC Basic Needs/Budget

  • HDs and Media Server $3000
  • Switches, cables, other tech stuff $2000
  • Signage, meeting supplies, etc $1000
  • USSF TV Station (3 cams, computer) $5-10,000
  • Newspaper (at least two issues) $1500
  • Backup dedicated DSL line $300

See different, but related ICT budget

Orgs we know are coming (please add more!):

  • May First/People Link
  • On the Commons
  • Progressive tech project (Josue)
  • Prometheus Radio Project
  • the Media Consortium