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US Social Forum-3 Goals
1. Create a space for social movement analysis, popular and political education, convergence, and strategic discussion.
2. Advance Peoples Movement Assemblies’ agendas for ongoing action directed toward social transformation.
3. Build stronger relationships, collaboration, and social movements across fronts of struggle for political understanding, strategic direction, and a powerful political force.
4. Deepen our collaboration with global social movements and our practice of international solidarity and joint struggle.
5. Strengthen local capacity to improve social conditions and social struggle.
6. Model and practice our values and our vision of another world (e.g., celebration, caring, support of identity, cooperation, collectivity, justice, equality, democracy, and sustainability).

To build towards this set of goals, we will convene a meeting of National Planning Committee members and additional grassroots organizers in Philadelphia March 8-10,2013 to begin the work of planning for the next US Social Forum.

2013 March Convergence Goals
1. To define goals and strategies for the Road to 2014, including regional and/or thematic People’s Movement Assemblies and/or regional and/or thematic Social Forums; and helping to build a visible Left that people can identify with through cross-regional, cross-front unity;
2. To rebuild and increase capacity of the USSF National Planning Committee through conversations and invitations to join it through organizing and fundraising efforts for the Road to 2014;
3. To support local organizing efforts in New Orleans by building a convergence agenda that includes local and regional sociopolitical priorities.
4. To review submitted documents from the Call for Proposals to host a U.S. Social Forum in 2014, and determine a preliminary list of potential host cities and anchors organizations;
5. [*To envision a process for a national convergence of grassroots, social movement organizations with the NPC and People’s Movement Assembly anchors to discuss the urgency of this moment (based on the NPC Urgency Statement), the political and organizing direction of the USSF, and the Road to 2014;] [*This item has been edited to reflect necessary changes in planning process/exact changes pending review-approval]
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