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ACT CALL 7/3/13 11:00AM Eastern, 90 minutes Facilitator: David Notetaker: Jackie Jerome, David, Jackie, Walda, Rose, Jen [ROSE schedule time for REPORT BACK FROM CUBA?]

Agenda: Check-ins

1) NPC Application- Seventh Generation Fund Jerome: Reviewed; believes that there is a solid application here with lots of thought. Recommends that we send NPC a message recommending this group be approved, with formal approval on next NPC call (7/10/13). Jackie will send note to the NPC asking for review of application/request for feedback/ meting reminder Jerome: Will call Tom Goldtooth to keep him informed, see about IEN’s interest in getting re-engaged. David: Yes, good idea. Good to see about getting IEN back involved Rose: Agreed. Communications NOTE: Wiki page for new NPC members/allies and pending [1]

Walda: Asks about MXGM, and DAWG—what follow up process. Jackie has added them to website and NPC email list. We need person to take charge of ‘welcome’ communication. Jerome/Walda will look for old welcome letter./ David will help draft if new letter needed. [**Jackie has updated this old version and put on wiki: [2] ) Recommends that we have an orientation call for NPC members. Walda/Jerome will sort out.

2) Coordinator Search -discuss ranked candidate list-Walda and Jackie 12 Applicants/ 7 interviews. Recommendations/ Ranking

1) Kali Acuno
2- tie) Shamako Noble / Roxanne Lawson

Move for ACT to recommend that we accept the recommendation of the search committee.

    • Note: We need to think hard about the process of supervision.
    • Note: This is a 6 month position so we should track performance. Someone with good political vision isn’t always great at the detail work. Need to be sure we’re on top of this.

Political leadership/process question/ ACT empowered to extend offer? Proposes to put out announcement that ACT made decision, following authorization in May NPC meeting to hire Kali. A report of task accomplished. Rose: Notes that this question about role of ACT in staffing and other important decisions that impact NPC members should be on the retreat agenda. NPC minutes approving the hiring of P/T staff person: [3]

Walda: We need to work with Praxis on the contract details. This should be a collective ACT communication with Praxis. Walda notes that there is a booklet detailing the process/policies of working with Praxis.

DO: Response letter to other candidates: Jackie will draft, Walda and David will help. Committee will contact Kali, Other ranked candidates, Non-ranked candidates, NPC, Praxis/Salima-cc. Makani, Victor—need collective contact w/Praxis. (Walda will draft & consult with Victor, Jackie. David will be liaison following collective letter)

Victor needs to be kept in loop on matters that connect with finances.

3) Strategy Retreat update / Logistics/ more time on Agenda

Need to follow-up with registrations of those qualifying for stipend: Will you be requesting a stipend? Discussion of invites (w/stipend) to non w-g. invitees. Victor, Sylvia Transition may be facilitated if Sylvia can come to mtg. and help meet up with Kali… BUT all needs to be tightly bound with agenda. SO intentional conversation with Kali and Sylvia about the purpose, and possible scheduling of more time for Sylvia and Kali to meet.

Recommends: Given difficulties now with arranging block of rooms, we’ll just list a few more hotels on the list of contacts, let participants arrange own hotel. Jackie will make change to registration form. All on Virginia Avenue.

Rose and Jen will work on transportation question. Registration will indicate what transport support we have.

Draft agenda is needed soon.

3) NOLA meeting-Jerome. GNOORT meeting is later this month. They are deciding whether and how they will be involved in USSF. After that they will be in touch about scheduling a meeting.

4) Working group reports (Skipped- no time/ no urgent issues)

5) Next NPC meeting 7/10/13 11AM Eastern (Agenda below)

Notetaker: Jackie; Facilitator: David
Draft AGENDA for NPC meet: (60 Minutes)
-National Coordinator Search (5 min)
-New NPC members and Allies (5 min)
-Strategy Retreat (20 min)
-Working Group reports (20 min)

Outreach Road to USSF-3 Resource Development Communications-Technology Arts and Culture International

Other business? (10 min)

NOTE: Relationship with our fiscal sponsor needs to be on ACT agenda/ discussed with NPC…
MXGM Jackson is proposing to host USSF/ But has questions about how the process will be carried forward with such a different collection of organizations from those who organized first 2 USSFs.
This needs attention soon: David proposes that we schedule ACT call with MXGM on these questions. The call would also have people from Jackson on the call. Jerome or Walda will schedule this weekend.