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Enhancing the Look of Text on the Wiki

  • Wikis use simple wiki text (or sometimes called wiki markup) codes to enhance and format text. Wiki code is also more simple than complicated html code. Here are some examples:
ITALIC: two apostrophes around text (''italicize'') will italicize text.
BOLD: three apostrophes around text ('''embolden''') will embolden text.
ITALIC & BOLD: five apostrophes around text ('''''italicize and embolden''''') will italize and embolden.
INDENT: a colon (:) will indent a line (like these lines).
DOUBLE INDENT: two colons will indent a line twice.
  • BULLET: an asterisk (*) at the beginning of a line will add a bullet to your text (e.g., * your text).
BOLD OUT ENTIRE LINE: a semi-colon (;) at the beginning of a line will embolden the entire line, and creates a line break at the end.
  • In addition, wikis do not automatically assume a line break between one line of text and the next. To force a line break, use a colon (:) or bullet (*) at the beginning of each line, or add an extra space between the lines. If you cut and paste text from elsewhere, you may need to make these adjustments.
  • Link text externally or internally by using brackets:
To create an external link such as USSF, type/paste the url plus a space plus a name for your link inside single brackets [ USSF]
To create an internal link such as the Detroit Local Organizing Committee page on this wiki, type/paste the name of a wiki page inside double brackets [[Detroit Local Organizing Committee]].
Note: On this wiki, external links are blue and have an external link icon (e.g., USSF). Internal links are red if the link has no content in it, or blue if the link has content.