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Many PMAs around the country are already in process.

Upcoming PMAs

  • "Envisioning a New Constitution", San Jose, CA, lead organization San Jose Peace & Justice Center (Jan 31)
  • Community to Community: Farm workers and food sovereignty (March 14); Climate Justice (June); Elections (October); Solidarity Economy (December)
  • Appalachia PMA, lead organization Direct Action Welfare Group (Spring 2015)
  • King County PMA, lead organization Multimedia Center (July 2015)
  • Health Care PMA in San Jose,CA, lead organization Low-Income Self Help Center (date to be determined)
  • "Envisioning a New Constitution", Salt Lake City, UT (date to be determined)
  • Gentrification PMA, New York City (date to be determined)
  • Mass Incarceration" PMA in San Jose,CA. Lead organization San Jose Peace & Justice Center (date to be determined)
  • Louisville, KY Local PMAP
  • Poverty Working Group PMAs/World Courts of Women Against Poverty, Midwest region and Southern region (follow-up from Western and Northeast region)
  • May First Brooklyn PMA on technology, lead organization May First/ People Link

Past PMAs

  • Immigrant Rights PMA in San Jose, CA, lead organization Human Agenda (November 30, 2014)
  • What the Bleep happened to Hip Hop? lead organizations Hip Hop Congress and Move to Amend, Denver (Oct 25-26)
  • "Austerity, Precarity and the Changing Landscape of Higher Education" PMA Co-organized by International Network of Scholar Activists and George Mason University Public Sociology Student Association (Friday October 17, 2014 4:00-8:00 PM) Arlington, VA (Washington DC area).
  • Gulf South Ecological Justice PMA in Gulfport, Mississippi (October 10-12, 2014)
  • Vision PMA in San Jose, CA, lead organization Human Agenda (October 5,2014)
  • Pacific Northwest Social Forum and PMAs, Portland, Oregon (September 27-29), lead organization Community to Community
  1. Treaty Rights (International Indian Treaty Council)
  2. Housing/Homelessness (Right 2 Dream Too & Western Regional Advocacy Project)
  3. Food Sovereignty (Community to Community)
  4. Democracy/Constitution (Move To Amend/Multi Media Center)
  5. Labor/Green Economy (15NowOregon)
  6. Media (Street Roots/KBOO)
  7. Transit Justice (OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon/Groundwork Portland)
  8. Hip Hop (Hip Hop Congress/Global Fam)
  9. From Palestine to the Americas: Colonization and Mass Incarceration (Migrant Collective/Colectiva de Migrantes, Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights, Oregon Jericho)

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