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Please see the meeting guidelines that have been used during the social forum process. These guidelines were shared by the Communications Working Group and Project South:

  • Be aware of time
  • Respect strengths and weaknesses of all
  • Open minds only
  • Step up/Step back –to encourage women and minorities who are less likely to speak up to ‘step up,’ and those whose social privilege gives them voice to step back;
  • Woah! —Use this when a statement seems to contradict key principles of the group or when something is unclear;
  • Default to trust—Remember that we’re all on the same team. When disagreements arise, raise them in a way that respects each other’s commitment to working together. Ask for clarifications before assuming another’s intentions.
  • Use 'parking lot' (or bike rack) to acknowledge but set aside issues that are important but off-topic to allow them to be addressed at some future time;
  • Oppression exists – we will confront it in this space