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Report Backs on the World Social Forum in Tunis

  • Grassroots Global Justice members from the World Social Forum 2013 delegation to Tunisia shared their insights and inspirations in two reportback calls May 8th & 9th. Did you miss both of our World Social Forum reportbacks? No problem! Take the self-guided reportback tour: DOWNLOAD & VIEW the powerpoint and follow along while you LISTEN to one or both of the podcasts of our reportback calls.

VISIT the GGJ blog to READ posts, WATCH videos and VIEW photos from the delegation

Declarations and Initiatives of World Social Forum 2013

Declaration of the Social Movement Assembly (Spanish version)

Climate Space Initiative The Climate Space represents a new initiative in the WSFs to better coordinate actions to resist false 'solutions' to the climate crisis and advance people's struggles for the rights of Mother Earth.

News and Analyses of WSF Tunis

  • Greenpeace International Blog A more just, peaceful and sustainable world is possible - World Social Forum 2013, Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director, Greenpeace International

News from US Social Forum and other Participants at the WSF

  • Occupy Wall Streeet/Indignados/Arab Revolution meets WSF: Visit the Global Square

US Activists continue discussions from the WSF Free Palestine at World Social Forum in Tunis

Recommended Readings: Here's what delegates to the World Social Forum have been reading in preparation for their trip. Those who wish to get up to speed on the exciting work being done to make another world a reality will enjoy these.