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The USSF is committed to using high-tech and low-tech tools that help us communicate to mass audiences. To advance this, the NPC has adopted ten Principles for Developing Technology for the US Social Forum in 2010. Among our need to build, share, and use popular culture tools such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, the social forum needs to develop free and open source software (FOSS) alternatives. The Information Communications and Technology ICT Working Group will lead the effort of putting these technology principles into practice. Whenever possible, we will use and promote the use of FOSS and reduce our dependence on private/corporate tools that require licensing fees and have usage restrictions.

Collaborative Tools

Information Tools

  • Excel to Wiki converter--this wiki cannot upload .xls files but you can still post spreadsheet data with this converter program.
  • RSS
  • Google Alerts - closed source
  • Yahoo Pipes - closed source