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We are always open to more people joining the committees! Please add your name and email under the committee that you wish to participate in. You will be contacted soon about upcoming meetings and plans.

  • FYI: These are the current lists. If committees want to update and revise their Committee Purpose, then talk about it and send in a new Purpose. These below are just place holders.

(in alphabetical order)

Block Clubs Committee

This committee currently has no chair and has not met.
Marian Kramer
Valerie Burris
Catherine Keffer
Nellie Jefferies Slater
Carla Thomas 313.784.8804 (willing to be committee chair)

Programming and Culture Committee

(utilizing art in a variety of formats to educate, empower, and entertain)

Oya Amakisi <>,
William Copeland <>,
J. Nadir Omowale <>,
Sabrina Nelson <>,
Barbara Ingalls <>,
Bill Wylie-Kellermann <>,
Khary Frazier <>,
Amer Ahmed <>,
Serenity-Sherie Brooks,
Paul Miles <>,
Kent Agee <>,
Yvette Nixon <>,
Keir Jackson <>,
Akanke Rashad Omowale <>,
Ron Watters <>,
Paul Miles <>,
Danielle Eliska <>,
Ange Smith <>,
Omari Barksdale <>
Hasan Newash 313-945-9660
Aneb (Gloria House)<>
Ife Kilimanjaro <>
Kobie <>


Hiring Committee

(researching and working with NPC on staffing for USSF)

Will Copeland
Diana Seales
Maureen Taylor
William Bryce
Denise Carr
Sharon George
Elena Herrada

Logistics Committee

Outreach Committee

(Bringing new organizations into planning, hosting, participation of USSF / Bimonthly potlucks featuring art, youth engagement, USSF community)

Click here to download the outreach kit.[1]

Click here to download the USSF 2010 outreach PowerPoint presentation! [2]

Click here to access an editable version of the Outreach list. [3].

The Outreach and Potluck Committees have been combined to function more effectively.

(members in alphabetical order)

Oya Amakisi
Shane Bernardo
Harlan Bivens
William Bryce
Stephanie Chang
Will Copeland
Dessa Cosma
Andrea Wood
Dave Dobbie
Joe Donlin
Leann Drees
Priscilla Dziubek
Gwen Gaines
Sharon George
Rae Glover
Derek Grigsby
Ann Grimmett
Elena Herrada
Nisa Joorabchi
Catherine Keffer catherine
Peter Landon
Ron Lare
Ron Lockett
Minsu Longiaru
Andre Martin
Ahmina Maxey
Joel McKinney
Alan Scheurman
Curt Smith
Stuart W Smith
Peter Solenberger
Tom Stephens
Rocio Valerio
Ilana Weaver
Rachel Wells
Bill Wylie Kellerman

Technology Committee

The Technology/Communications Committee is splitting in two. Names have been duplicated on both lists. If you intend to be on only one committee, please remove your name from the other committee list.

(Assisting with tech needs leading up to and at the USSF)

Cynitra Anderson (313)838-3833
Sylvia Orduño
Lou Novak
William Bryce
Lottie Spady
Nancy Brigham
Dave Elsila
Kim Hunter
Rayfield Waller
Nellie Jefferies Slater
Maizah McCann
Rachel Wells
Andre Martin
Joel Mc Kinney

Communications Committee

Vision for USSF-Detroit Committee

(gathering input and facilitating dialogue and synthesizing it into vision statements)

Alan Scheurman
Shawn Kimmel
Rocio Valerio
Rich Feldman
Sharon George
Joe Donlin
Harlan Bivens 313-516-8384
Reg McGhee

Youth Committee

Ilana Weaver
Gregory Cendana (WG)
Stephanie Chang
A. Bomani
Rocio Valerio
Ahmina Maxey
Evan Major
Mina Hong
Michael Shallal
Aric Miller
Catherine Keffer
Joe Donlin
Harlan Bivens
Rae Glover
Maureen Taylor
Joel McKinney

Other Michigan Organizations / Groups and Individuals / Activists

These persons signed up early on but are not currently listed above in a committee.

Oren Brandvain
Todd Scott Bicycling resource
Organizations and Individuals We Should Outreach To

Perfecting Church c/o (

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