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Program Design & Logistics Conference Call – May 2, 2010

Present: Rose Brewer, Program Adrienne Brown, Coordinator Walda Katz-Fishman, Program Steph Guilloud, PMA Ife, Logistics Sylvia, Coordinator


  • Adrienne will send Rose and Gender Justice WG the formal language around gender and security
  • Rose will send Adrienne feedback on plenaries re: gender lens
  • Steph will send PMA grid with days to Walda & Program WG
  • Adrienne will draft schedule for Scheduling Brigade and help find space
  • Adrienne will work with Mallory to smooth out tech support, re: searching mechanisms for reviewers, schedulers, and workshop contacts
  • Adrienne will check in with Youth about space and get details from Sylvia (checking in with Queer space)
  • Sylvia will put the notes from the last Program Design call to the Wiki to see what spaces are expected; where spaces have been planned; what groups need to find new spaces – Steph will combine and send to group
  • Ife will start dropping them into the grid by Thursday

Check-ins & issues:

Rose – Questions about gender issues on plenaries and logistics gender sensitivities around security

Walda – thank Ife for connecting logistics to program work; tech seems to be less integrated than we need especially when workshop contacts want to know and see the scheduling; how do we make sure that public communication ie, website is clear; 4 folks coming from out of town for Mon-Wed (May 9-12) – do we have hands on deck to help make sure that scheduling and troubleshooting issues are dealt with effectively

Steph – PMA, Assembly on the last day needs space, AV, set up, etc. Next step is to connect with Detroit and the folks working on the Closing Ceremonies to make sure the last day is smooth and exciting; What are the next steps in terms of space requests and needs from Working Groups?

Ife – will be meeting with Maureen and updating the Smartsheets; looking at workshops and can’t search for proposals by specific name

Sylvia – looking at the AV survey – 3 working groups have filled it out – met with AV guy to work within budget and work with union labor and set up the whole thing; wrapping stuff up with vendors, applications need to be tweaked for e-blast; looking for feedback about the volunteer draft that is out (up on the website, can’t open link);

Adrienne – once logged in I could access the form / (Steph couldn’t, even after logging in and re-pasting); maybe tech can make it ‘public’ for a certain amount of time

Plenaries: Plenary demographics spreadsheet to see full picture Specific feedback would be helpful now

Security: Raising issues around trans and gender non-conforming folks; not sure about formal proposal/policy Adrienne will send the language drafted so far – Gender WG should draft language and policy if there are still concerns

Scheduling Brigade:

  • Who is hosting in Detroit? Program WG needs to be in contact with Maureen and Tapeka about the scheduling. Needs a call – Who will be available to interface and be part of the team?
  • Grid from Ife is great – When will the new rooms be added?
  • Bullet points about rooms being assigned out (non-workshop spaces – language access, pma, etc.)
  • Clear map to see distances and get a sense of travel
  • Ife – let’s schedule the time so we have the right folks for the right times; Ife can act as intermediary and pass along communication to Maureen
  • Adrienne can support schedule aspect of the brigade
  • Sylvia recommends not meeting at the MWRO office, think through other places to meet
  • Who’s coming and look at the tasks and goals:
    • Jerome, Walda, Kiran coming on Saturday the 8th
    • Alicia comes in on late Sunday evening
    • We’ll be there through end of day Wed
    • Primary task is to drop the workshops into the schedule with room assignments
    • Need clarity from WGs and Logistics about what rooms are available
    • PMAs – Steph can send grid with recommendation of days


  • Youth Working Group made request for River Ballroom and needs clarity about where their space will be – tension around that space and how to move forward
  • other issue is Open Space scheduling

General spaces:

  • Ife has grid – needs to check in with Sylvia and drop notes in the grid
  • Use the floor map of COBO to make sure we’re talking about all the spaces with the right names, etc.

Logistical/Functional spaces & Solidarity spaces

  • rooms on lower floor, too small for workshops, could be used for office space or storage
    • spaces for 20 people
  • need to sync up the clarity of which groups and which spaces they will have
    • Finalize grid – Ife working on that
    • what are the required spaces that USSF needs?
    • Maureen and Tapeka have been working on this
    • Need to resolve the big open spaces – McComb, Detroit, etc.

What Sylvia knows about space allocation, so far:

  • Riverview ballroom – plenaries will not be in there?
  • first floor level w-54 Dining Room– Childrens Social Forum
  • Portside – Childcare
  • Basement level – Level 0 – Storage room
  • Ambassador Dining room – Peoples Media Center
  • Windsor Room – Youth WG (Maureen offering; Jardyn tentatively accepting)
  • Adele needs 2 small rooms for tv interviews
  • Level one – Wayne Hall- social plenaries (could be for PMAs during the day)
  • Level one – Michigan Hall – Culture WG - taking a piece? Or all of it?
  • Rooftop parking for Bicyclists space – but they don’t want it

Needs for HQ type spaces:

  • Language Access
  • PMA
  • Health & Healing
  • <Volunteers>
  • USSF supplies

Who else? Solidarity spaces should use tents and outside spaces

From last meeting – April 18 – re: Space allocation

Cobo space requests so far:

  • Peoples Media Center [second floor]
  • Youth
  • Childrens Social Forum
  • Childcare
  • Queer
  • PMA
  • Supplies
  • Language Access translators/interps
  • Health & Healing Space
  • Indoor vendors
  • Social plenaries
  • Unions
  • Culture [downstairs]
  • film festival?

Cobo has approx 75 spaces (?)

Distinctions: solidarity vs. functional --Solidarity: groups we have highlighted to ensure they feel safe: Indigenous, Queer, Poverty, etc [let's encourage folks to get canopies where they can fully do whatever they want] --Functional: Language access, media, volunteers, childcare, supplies, etc

Open/Public Space: - Caucus space - Groups like JwJ requesting space need to find their own (canopies or otherwise) outside of COBO - Agree generally. Want to note that some spaces fall into several categories (functional, program, solidarity). PMA needs to have a clear space to recieve stuff. Let's make clear. - Process needs to be clear for Open Space definitions, requests, scheduling, etc. - Maybe hotel spaces can serve for open spaces - Need a list from Maureen & Tapeka about which spaces could be used like this - Caucus, gatherings, meetings, spontaneous workshops, etc. - Could be a public grid for self-organization, clear spaces & clear process - Each site needs a grid and basic coordination with the site managers