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Organizing Committee conference call


- Michael, Resource Mob
- Alicia, Program
- Sylvia, National Coordinator
- Rose, Gender Justice
- Maureen, Logistics, Detroit Local Coordinator
- Adrienne Maree, National Coordinator
- Oya, Culture
- Sha, Grassroots FR/Devel Coord
- Jerome, Program & Culture (alt rep)
- Steph, PMA
- Roberto, Language Access
- Jen, Poverty WG, Int'l Solidarity Team
- Maria, Language Access
- Alfredo, ICT
- Rishi, Leftist Lounge
- Cindy, Outreach
- B, field organizer

Absent working groups/reps:

- Indigenous Working Group: Tom tried to make it but he and his alternatives are all busy at this time.
- Youth Working Group {they are going to orient the new hire for future calls. they plan to both come for the March meeting}
- Communications-Media WG
- Personnel Team
Alfredo, ICT working group
Updated agenda
  • Welcome and roll call
  • Decision--Leftist Lounge revised proposal for USSF fundraiser from Culture WG (Sha & Rishi)

Apologies for folks just getting proposal today, we've had it for 10 days but had miscommunication about who was forwarding it. Rishi will give us a brief overview, update us on changes and we'll vote.

Reflect appreciations.

Revisions have been based off of feedback. Proposal generally is for a $10K investment from the USSF into the Leftist Lounge grassroots fundraiser for June 25. We're asking for the investment for this as an important cultural event and grassroots fundraiser, could raise $20K for the forum on top of the $10K we are committing to pay back. We're proposed a calendar for funds distribution - which is in the proposal. Essentially 4 chunks - 2/28 $1500, 3/15 2500, 4/15 2500, 5/15 3500.

Changes--We took the word 'official' out. We initially put the word in there to make it distinct from self-organized. Second, we're calling this an investment rather than a loan. We're willing to sign a contract to guarantee repayment of the funds.

We recognize there is always a risk when making an investment. Even if we have the worst night, the first $10K will come to the forum.

Questions/Major issues?

- major issue was around the loan language, and having something signed, and that's been addressed.
- don't see the contract or know who is going to sign it.
--there isn't one yet. leftist lounge is not incorporated, it would be the two co-leads. the follow-up step would be to write the document.
--folks want a contract so we're covered in the long run.
- also where is this money going to come from?
--i thought we had an income line for fundraising events, but no expense for it and this was from that.
--that was for general fundraising events we need to figure out
--thought there was an amount from culture budget as well, can it be from that line item? when we talk about setting a precedent - this is not a random event.
- could GGJ play a role in holding the contracts, or a fiscal sponsor?
- would less than $10K be possible? that still feels a little striking.
--victor said that we won't have the money for the first 1500 by the date requested due to money still moving. but by 3/15 we expect to have the $3000.
--leftist lounge is flexible on the timeline. also we're working on insurance piece with maureen and victor in detroit.
--dates are not commensurate with any money due.

Let's put something in writing, have it signed, and that the aftermath of this be spelled out. I hear sister Oya talking about places to get $. Let's put together the contract and move on.

- who will be the contact? culture working group.
calling for the approval
in opposition--jerome, abstaining--michael and cindy/ggj [they are a part of event], in favor--the rest
it passes!

  • Decision--final core cost budget recommendation (following OC and NPC feedback) from Finance Team (Steph)
- just a double check. we increase staff expenses from 50 to 100/mth. just looking at the processes for the political implications. prioritization of areas in work cash flow. would be good to hear more about organizing/mobilizing section, check numbers on where we can expand. the simple budget narratives have helped. questions around intl travel so we know if we're dealing with that or if folks are looking for additional funds. there's convo that resource mob is having with solidago about travel funds, so that's an outstanding question. are there any additional concerns.

travel is both travel for organizing staff and policies for reimbursement. other is foundations providing travel support for folks to come to the forum. there still may be cases where foundations will give to a solidarity fund - michael is drafting a proposal to them.

- looking for an approval of the core costs budget.


- outreach WG is finalizing the organizers work plans. saw the new travel policies - would be worth 1 more check with finance committee, but we're good to go with budget. just need to set up time.
-- if anybody wants to be part of conv around org and mob section, specifically brigades, caravans - its a limited amount of $ on that part. if you want to be part of that conversation, let steph or sylvia know. they still need help with the processes, clarifying what needs NPC and OC decisions, etc. we'll visit in march but would be nice to have some help before then
-- question about proposals from working groups for their funds--do those proposals go to the OC for approval? doesn't say in the guidelines. Steph will add to guidelines that the OC receives the proposal and also makes the decisions. Finance team would look and double check, and final decisions should go through OC.
-- staff costs should also be decided on by the OC. steph will also add that to the guidelines.
-- Oya on working brigades and projects: should she be reporting on those to OC as well? It would be good to take a look at that part of the budget and make sure that it meets your core needs.
-- folks should bring anticipated costs to this budget, but proposal for how to use the money goes to the OC.
- can we send requests/costs through finance and then clarify so that it comes more clearly to the OC? is this more complicated than necessary?
--most of the struggles are about figuring out the best manner to resolve issues. The finance team can handle these types of things as a representative of many bodies.

  • Decision--final travel policies recommendation (following OC feedback) from Finance Team (Steph)
- we covered this -- concerns from last call are in the travel proposal. $300 of reimbursement per staff per month. For NPC or OC staff can also submit $300 reimbursement for participating in those meetings. Some additional costs for field organizers.

  • Decision--communication strategy plan from Comm-Media WG (Adele & Sha)

Adele, David, folks on outreach, program, and others have all been working to make sure that the emails are all streamlined, have clear messaging coming out. we're close to having something for the NPC. We have a narrative from now thru June. David has been working out a template where reps from each group can send a blurb on everything, and we'll be sending out about every 3 weeks - a newsletter to bring reports and sends out a mass update. we'll also add a couple email appeals. it's a proposal from comms with a lot of other folks having worked on it. we have timeline, template. also B will have one for outreach later this week.

We need everyone to participate in this plan, and say yes to strategic comms. It doesn't have to be adhered to the letter.


- is it possible to get the culture communications out ASAP.
-- there's a few announcements that need to go out. we need the paragraph from culture in english and spanish and we can get it out this week. B is doing this in conjunction with communications. when discussing this strategy, it's centralizing an email to the entire USSF database. folks can send emails to their own lists whenever they want. [B will coordinate the urgent stuff this week, after that comms will hold]
- we do need folks to yes, have respect for the work the WG is doing, and for us to have something concerted and focused.
- need general approval, and 1-2 point people who are regularly updating the wiki and information. its basically like liaisons to comms.
-- can these come from the working group reports already being posted on the wiki preceding the OC meetings?
yes. with flourishes.

  • Decision--National card text and design. (Sylvia)

Just want a thumbs up of the design from Nadia, have it translated from Roberto. Just wanna know if there's any final comments.

- It's awesome.

  • Feedback--Language Access WG report on process for submitting translation requests (Roberto)

First planning team cal last week, mapped out diff areas. Please see full wiki report. Have specific asks on to-do list--DJC call w/ ASL interp; Program WG and workshop proposals; finance budget help--this time it's half of 2007 but twice as much work; Interp & trans timeline. trans pipeline to submit trans proposals online and translators can access and post--should be ready to go this week--email details coming. doc on what it means to trans/interp at USSF

Politics of providing trans/interp of every lang possible but need convo esp on capacity and resources--politics, financial realities. Need data on which communities are being targeted.

Large email last week from Roberto has letter at bottom requesting help with translation--please fwd letter. Please help RECRUIT, RECRUIT! Need translators in mass and interpreters at USSF.

Can also develop a resource list for langs at USSF that haven't been identified as the primary ones we'll provide. First push into Spanish. Need a priority list for web pages needed--plus process for making the decisions--strategic priorities, all work is important.

Seems we spent $40k in Atlanta, currently $35k--on core cost budget, no line item yet for interpreters, we'll work on getting clarity. Lang Access using numbers minus staff, $25k for equipment.

Detroit USSF phone line will be adding other langs soon.

Possible to delegate lang translation priority list? Maureen will get someone from Detroit, plus Adele.

  • Request--Join OC agenda planning team for March face-to-face meeting (Adrienne)

We want to pull together a small planning team. If you have facilitation experience, helpful. We'll have process for getting back feedback from OC. So far, Adrienne, Cindy, Tammy, Alicia, Sylvia...anyone else?

  • Update--ICT registration fixes

ICT had a couple of coding and idiosync issues--display of recorded info related to orgs and ability of people to register as indivs and add org affiliation afterwards. System wasn't recording properly--now fixed.

Another set ICT grappling with and how people let us know they're having problems. How can folks let us know they are having a problem and getting it fixed. people are using the email accounts - we want to figure out if we need to link the emails up with the ticketing system we use...

In Detroit, we're also working with Victor, Ann, Gwen, plus Sha and Sylvia on mail/walk-in registration and payment processes.

Then there's confusion with the registration form itself, so we're developing some how-to info to help folks get thru the reg process.

We're getting phone calls from folks saying 'I think i registered - but not sure if it's right...' - we should send that to tech support?

- There's a way for you to look it up. [who, me?] all of us CAN look it up.

Another issue is folks who have registered and want to add additional applicants - i know there was convo about that.

- I don't know answer...we're working on that right now. {??} They can do that right now. There was an email from Jamie that the idea of adding a button so folks can add more people, that's being worked on.

We're getting flooded with requests on housing. Tell them to give us a few days and we'll get back to you.

Update--OC subcommittee work
  • OC process questions; data policy and Internet tool usage (Sylvia)

OC process questions - we need some folks to work on it [governance docs, decision making] - Adrienne volunteered

Need to gather folks around data policy {youtube? email archives?}

  • Announcement on USSF Informational Calls (Cindy)
  • Anything else?
- That's all