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Draft (Sept, 2013)

  • Focus on making poverty a central issue of the USSF and recruiting poverty groups to USSF process
  • Utilizing poverty PMA’s to bring people into the USSF process
  • Ensuring that people in poverty have a place at the planning table of the USSF
  • Outreach – lots of outreach to get groups involved
  • Poverty related activities/actions/etc leading up to and at the USSF
  • Working with other working groups to ensure poverty is at the forefront.
  • Fundraising, through the USSF Resource Development Work Group Affinity process, for all of the above and for travel and accommodations for the PWG members for the USSF.

Goals going into the 2010 Social Forum in Detroit

  • Reach out to and engage in the USSF groups and organizations dealing with poverty, with special attention to those in the Detroit area;
  • Identify and encourage other groups of workers, both employed and unemployed, to participate in the USSF;
  • Collaborate and consult with other NPC working groups and committees around issues of poverty and the participation of the poor;
  • Organize a march to the USSF that unites the poor of the geographic south and north in common cause;
  • Produce educational materials and organize workshops on the structural nature of poverty, the struggle for a new social contract, and the elimination of poverty;
  • With our international allies, organize workshops and events at the USSF that focus on the international character of poverty and the struggle to end it.



Mary Bricker-Jenkins

Evelyn Dortch (evelyn AT

Email Lists

The USSF Poverty Working Group manages 2 poverty email lists.

The Poverty list which is open to the public is for anyone interested in receiving and sharing poverty related information. The list is for announcements, sharing of actions and events, and just general discussion on poverty related issues. To subscribe to this email list visit

The USSF-PWG list is for the organizations, individuals, and groups, who are involved in doing the work of the Poverty Working Group – attending the calls and meetings, planning events and actions, etc. To register for this email list please email Evelyn Dortch (evelyn AT wvdawg DOT org)


Regular calls are

(subject to change - please join the mailing list to keep up to date on any changes)


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