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Program/Print/Online call March 5, 2010, 4 pm EST

On call:

Adele (moderator): Communications Coordinator
Adrienne: National Co-coordinator
Jerome Scott: Program
Sha Grogan-Brown: Development Coordinator
Walda Katz-Fishman: Program
Veronica Hill: Comm-Media
Rishi: Culture and Program

  • Detroit Printer Quotes (Adele send out email with additional printers)

- a number of ppl were asking about the printer we chose [red door] because they wanted to print other things thru them. adele will send out the list. we'll put up other options so red door isn't inundated before the forum and to spread the wealth. [this is just adele being nice!] - what is turn around time? they need 2 weeks.

  • Layout Designer/meeting on Wednesday (Sha meeting with Carni)

- sha has a copy [lent from walda] to show. carni will start making the templates for the types of pages we want. - need to identify who will be the point person for edits etc. == ADELE [lottie will be the contact between carni and the printer]. adrienne will also be on the editing team. - let's link up carni and the printer ASAP! - lay-out needs to be done 3 weeks ahead of date we want it printed by! - should carni get on these calls? for now no, but at some point we may need that. - can everyone on call be on editing team? yes. - walda and adele met and went through the pages. [amb can do interviews] - is same designer gonna do online? we're going to upload the print designed pages onto site, and then have the workshop search arena [david will help with that]

  • Setting and holding deadlines for the development of the print/online program

By April 20th looking to have most of the content for layout outside of workshops May 13th have ready to printer May 24th send program to printer, so we have leeway We're getting our assignments today!

Labor/Ad folks need to send it ready to go. We're not editing back and forth with them.

  • Survey

Needed to be in program: workshops, schedules, location, open space, PMC, film festival, youth space, description and hours

What we believe statement and advertisements from sponsors

Charter principles and __________

Description of PMA's World Social Forum actions significance of having it in Detroit tent/canopy arenas, daily themes DLOC players and organizations and NPC players and organizations Suggestion to do a separate youth and children's forum booklet Native protocol Safety full description of open and closing ceremonies full descriptions of Detroit locations. Online program - everything necessary except advertisements. Donation request should be on everything volunteer requests. Maps of Detroit locations link to register Village (tent listings)

Anything that will not be in the print program should be included online.

  • Assigned pages - Adele sending assignments out tonight
  • 2007 layout template - need to track it down (Steph)
  • Lottie Spady (point person for printer) - YES!

Next call: April 19, 2010 - 5:00pm EST