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USSF Resources WG/ F/M Funders August 27, 2009

Millie B, Sarah C, Jeff F, Genaro LR, Michael LG, Robby R


  • Check in
  • Strategy updates from WG
  • Job description distribution and applications
  • Update from funders
  • Potential trips to NYC and the Bay Area
  • Next steps

Check in

Robby waiting for the plumber. 
Jeff getting excited
Michael getting excited
Genaro excited - hot in San Antonio. New groups coming onto the NPC
Robby - looking forward to no plumbing issues at USSF - convening in Atlanta about USSF. Youth are pumped up about USSF. Board member now on NPC. Also talking with GGJ about how to help provide leadership.
Sarah - edge of the sense of excitement - the convergence - what does peoples' personal activism mean within a movement?
Millie - also excited. Going to Highlander Homecoming next week. 
Updates on strategy
USSF just sent proposal to Akonadi for $25k. Contacted Project South for deadline tomorrow. Also submitting proposal for work brigade to Detroit in October and the spring.
Resource WG - have a committee that is meeting. Have fundraising plan. Want to maintain principle of movement ownership so that no more than 50% of funding is from foundations.

Highlights (see below)

Should preface budget talking about the budget covering activities before, during and after. Talk about it as the movement building process. Highlight the activities  that are not just the core costs. 

Should also review the chart of areas where funders and donors can support. Stephanie willing to work on that when she gets back from vacation in 2 weeks.

Tides Center approved fiscal sponsor application. We will be transferring infrastructure this month. We'll invite Cathy Lerza (Tides contact) to participate on these calls.

Should we invite the entire F/M group to be on these calls or have separate, larger learning calls? Want folks who are already engaged and have commitment to USSF. 

We can also do monthly briefings for funders who are supporting the USSF.

Other potential recruits

- Jee Kim (Sarah)
- Cathy Lerza (Millie)
- Harriett Barlow (Millie)
- Heeten (Millie)
- Alta (at FNTG retreat)
- Laura Livoti (Mark)

Development Coordinator

- No resumes yet, need to send out again.
- Can check with Mark to see if there are potential candidates who applied for FNTG position.
- Other contacts
    Data Center
    UU Veatch

Any folks within NPC groups

Presbyterian program reached out to Mark.

East Coast - West Coast Funder Events

Idea has not been developed yet. Need to start organizing it soon. Does it make sense for the amount of work and time to organize? : Wouldn't happen until after January. But can also bring in new funders. Maybe we can do a small event/luncheon. Could also be educational for folks. What is social justice movement building in connection to this national space? Also can allow local groups to talk about what they are doing around USSF. Maybe Bay Area with Tides.

Neighborhood Funders Conference also coming up in New Orleans (Genaro going for Gulf Coast Fund). Also EGA - cocktail reception. Making Change (Resource Generation). FNTG Climate Justice

When are materials going to be ready? Need to check in with Comms WG. Should be finalized in next couple of weeks.

Quick Response to Funders

- Who is contact?
- Where do they get proposal from?

Should go to Genaro and Michael

Resource Strategy


  1. Raise $1.9 million
  2. Maintain principle of movement ownership (assure that at least 50% of the resources comes from non-foundation sources)

Organizational Support: Objective: $60,000

Revive and Update Organizational Pledge sheets for National Planning Committee from 2007 
Who: Michael will consult with Project South and Alice Lovelace to find these and update them.
When: By July 19 NPC meeting.

Registration and Vendor Fees: Objective: $405,000 (registration) $30,000 (vendor fees)

Establish sliding scales 
Early registration
Onsite registration
Who: Establish committee to determine amounts of registration and vendor fees
When: Determine fee amounts by end of September, get approval from NPC by October, begin early registration and sale of vending space by November, 2009

Online Fundraising and Direct Mail appeals: Objective: $40,000

Develop overall strategy through September, 2010
Determine number of appeals to be sent and different themes
Identify “celebritiesâ€ン who can send messages on behalf of USSF
Collect e-mail lists
Donated lists from organizations
Do we buy lists?
Can we buy Obama list?
Are there other orgs that would send appeal on behalf of USSF? Move On?
Develop the technology
Decide whether we are using an existing online service like Network for Good, etc. or developing our own technology
Resolve protocol questions with fiscal sponsor (for instance if it is Tides Center, they may limit us to specific service providers)
Who: Tammy, Kwame, Aspen? Need to confirm that they will work on this.
Also need to coordinate with Tech and Comms Working Groups on messaging, timing and technology,  and possibly finance committee on issues related to fiscal sponsorship and linking to the bank account.

Major Donors: Objective: $80,000

Develop list of potential major donors
Talk to Resource Generation, Marjorie Fine and other allies to ID potential donors
Set up conversations
Who: Priscilla, Robby, others
When: Develop initial list by August, 2009. Start conversations by September

Foundations: Objective: $875,000

Review USSF overall strategy with F/M funders and develop plan to coordinate
Who: Genaro, MLG
When: Finalize overall strategy by August and review with F/M funders

Local Fundraising: Objective: $30,000

Events/Parties: Objective: $30,000

USSF Concert
Identify performers
Secure venue
Establish ticket prices
Coordinate with Local and National Logistics Committee for logistics needs
Who: Establish Concert Committee from NPC/DLOC
When: Establish committee by September, 2009, identify acts by January 2010
Identify locations and hosts nationally for parties
Develop lists of invitees
Who: Establish subcommittee
When: Establish subcommittee by August, 2009, have first party outside of Detroit by October, 2009

Materials Sales: Objective: $80,000

Develop list of materials (shirts, hats, cups, etc.)
Work with Communications Working Group for graphics and designs
Who: Establish subcommittee
When: Develop list of materials by September, 2009, get designs by October, produce materials by November 2009. Begin sales by December. 

In-kind: Objective: $45,000

Revive and update In-kind forms from USSF 2007
Who: MLG will check with Project South and Alice Lovelace

Development Coordinator Job Announcement


United States Social Forum 2010 Development Coordinator

The US Social Forum is a movement-building process to build a powerful multi-racial, multi-sectoral, inter-generational, diverse, inclusive, internationalist movement that transforms this country and changes history. It will be happening June 22-26, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan. The USSF is a large, mostly volunteer effort with stakeholders all across the country and several moving parts. Planning for the USSF is being done by the National Planning Committee and an Organizing Committee made up of the co-chairs of the different committees. The Development Coordinator will report to the co-chairs of the Resource Working Group.

The USSF is funded by foundation grants, individual monetary and in-kind donations, organizational monetary and in-kind donations, registration fees, and product sales. As a movement-building process, it is one of our key values that the fundraising also follows movement-building principles. This includes building a broad base of donors from all income levels and mobilizing a broad team to engage in fundraising.

We are seeking a temporary, contract Development Coordinator to set up the systems and processes needed for a robust grassroots fundraising program including building an individual donor base, online fundraising and materials sales. The Development Coordinator will work under the guidance of and have the support of the Resource Working Group. Some of this process may be coordinated with other committees as needed.

Job Responsibilities include:

Develop and oversee fundraising infrastructure, including a donor database, donor tracking, acknowledgements, online and print materials, working with our fiscal sponsor, and the creation of reports
Communicate regularly with the Resource Working Group on progress and planning for next steps, including how to proceed when the contract is over
Coordinate multiple fundraising efforts and strategies with different volunteers
Monitor the allocation of resources according to the program budget and assist in preparing a timeline of when income goals need to be reached
Willingness to travel, work flexible hours, and be responsive as necessary


A minimum of 3 years of work experience in fundraising, especially individual donor and grassroots fundraising
Experience in creating the infrastructure needed for a strong development program
Strong writing skills and communication skills
Familiarity with and respect for the USSF, its goals, and process
Connected to networks of progressive fundraisers, organizations, and movements
Ability to meet deadlines, be organized, be flexible, pay attention to detail, and work from home
Ability to take initiative, develop new processes, and work alone and as part of a team

This is a temporary, contract position. The candidate will work full-time for 3 months, roughly September-November 2009. The candidate will work from home, any location is fine. Compensation is $20/hour.

Please apply no later than Monday, August 31st, 2009. Email a cover letter, resume, and 3 references to

People of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Why We Fund the U.S. Social Forum Process

We are funders who care about and support different issues in various places, and share a common belief in the power of social movements to help bring about transformative change.  We are therefore enthusiastic funders of the United States Social Forum process, which brought together 11,000 activists in Atlanta in 2007. In June 2010, more than twice as many are expected at the next US Social Forum in Detroit. Here is why we support this process:

  • It is at the heart of building a unified, powerful progressive movement in the United States -- one of the imperatives of our times. We are in a new moment, fraught with economic and ecological challenge as well as great political possibility. We need intentional mobilization across movements to bend our world toward justice, fairness and sustainability. 
  • It builds on the success of the Atlanta USSF and on the energy and hope of the World Social Forum that “Another World Is Possible.” In Atlanta, national networks were launched, including the Right to the City Alliance and the National Alliance of Domestic Workers who are now putting forward creative platforms for national solutions formed from the base.  Thousands of organizers and activists met, networked and went home energized and connected.
  • It is led by the grassroots, where those most affected by historical injustice and current crises develop leadership, build trust and relationships with each other to find pathways to change, and take new energy to their work at home. The 40-plus USSF National Planning Committee members come from social justice organizations representing diverse communities. The goal is to raise 50% of the budget from grassroots donations and attendance fees.
  • Youth are in force and their leadership is nurtured to harness their vision and their energy. From the freedom rides that brought busloads to Atlanta to energizing cross-movement sessions, more than 20% of Atlanta participants were high school or college age. Intentional outreach for Detroit promises the same for a generation central to creating our future. 
  • It is a unique space for honest, open dialogue and learning across divides of race, class, place and issues. The USSF provides a safe space for groups to celebrate connections and grapple with differences. Because no positions are taken in the Forum’s name, it welcomes all to engage in the healthy political struggle needed to foster a 21st Century national agenda.
  • It aims for a deep and engaged political practice. Linking across local, regional and global issues, the USSF frame fosters self-reflection on our world view and dynamic critique of what drives our global economic and political systems that affect us all. 
  • It connects US movements with global movements, bringing the energy and wisdom of global social change makers to the US.  Sixty-eight countries were represented in Atlanta with a focus on connecting global organizers and perspectives to infuse the USSF as part of an international movement building process.

We invite you to join us and other colleagues in supporting the USSF and in connecting your grantees with this powerful movement. There are many ways to support the forum, and we would be happy to share more information.

Jeff Furman, Ben & Jerry’s Foundation; Millie Buchanan, JS Noyes Foundation; Sarah Christiansen, Solidago Foundation;