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  • Sunday, November 18, 2012
  • 12:00 pm ET / 11:00 am CT / 10:00 am MT / 9:00 am PT
  • Call NPC line (712) 432-0075 code 388105# (host 564471#)
  • Notes @

On Call

Not on: ICT / PMA -- need to check in with these folks.

Chicago Meeting

-edit and affirm goals
-talk about strengthing PMA process and other organizing efforts
-initial mapping of what we know is happening in next 2 years
-rec on structure

Basic agenda:

  • Check in
FROM Sylvia's summary of notes from Chicago meeting:
Detail/Agreements/ Future work
Specific work coordination:
  • Tracking what’s in motion – include list from mtg (Comms-Jackie)
  • Conference call for Road to 2014, review of questions-concerns for USSF III (Walda, George

M?) /Ashley

  • Contact each NPC org: how can you be involved? What’s your capacity? What specific tasks can you do? (Jerome)
  • Contact Steph and Ruben about PMA representation on ACT; feedback on PMA nat’l

coordination (Jerome and Sylvia)

  • Edit Chicago meeting notes (Sylvia and Jackie)
  • Continue report outline of USSF successes-road to 2014 from Pittsburgh workshop (Jackie

and Sylvia)

  • What else?
  • Brief NPC Chicago mtg overview

Work needed to be coordinated (ACT?):

  • Identify work-role of each ACT representative in helping toward March 2013 Convergence

and Road to 2014.

  • Plan for 3-4 cities to present at March 2013 Convergence their strong proposals as to why

they should host the next USSF; then set up a site selection committee.

*Need: draft of proposalcriteria.
  • WALDA: This group should consist of people involved in earlier decisions about site. Ground work needs to be done for this.
JEROME: Is this task for Road to 2014 folks?
WALDA: This should be a separate group with experienced people.
WALDA: Road to 2014 group will help set up this team.
  • It was confirmed that a working group would work on integrating What We Believe

statement with additional ideas from small group suggestions [see pg. 42].

ASHLEY: 2014 Work Group can do this-Will bring to their next meeting.
  • 6: Deepen social movement on fronts of struggles for political understanding.
  • 7: Uniting social movements and fronts of struggle into a powerful political force.
  • 8: SF models, practices, values and our vision of another world, ( resources and redistribution)
  • 9: Celebration, caring, and support of identity, making cooperation collectivity.
  • Plan for regional-thematic social forums?
  • Criteria (roles, responsibilities) and recruitment of NPC “allies”
  • JACKIE: Thought there was consensus on NPC members (existing) and 'allies' roles (subset of NPC member roles/responsibility
  • WALDA: Jerome is holding this piece and needs to assess this in light of conversations with NPC members and see if these roles/responsibilities mesh with our needs.
  • JEROME: Proposed making a committee to make contacts with present NPC members and see how they want to be involved. Absolute key NPC members-ID; and visit-outreach to help NPC members expand their base and connect with USSF process.
*Support NPC Membership Goals
  • OYA
  • JEN
  • JACKIE-recommended inviting other NPC member through the NPC list.

NPC Member Roles and Responsibilities

  • Alignment with WSF Principles
  • Shared responsibility for planning and implementing USSF
2-5hrs/week of volunteer time prior to USSF
Participate in NPC meetings/calls
Participate in at least one active Working Group
  • Mobilize own group members
  • Outreach to other groups in your networks
  • Support and assist with resource mobilization;
Fundraise and recruit volunteers—specific amount/#s requested of each NPC member.
  • Provide at least one staff or volunteer per day of USSF to support needs during USSF;


  • Alignment with WSF Principles
  • Inform your own group members and networks about WSF/USSF process
  • Encourage members/leaders/ networks to participate in USSF working group(s)
  • Support and assist with resource and volunteer mobilization (as feasible)
  • Mobilize your members and networks to participate in USSF activities.
  • Revise NPC application; include reciprocity (i.e., how NPC groups are supported, concrete

benefits); highlight some examples? (JEROME & work group/ Please make recommendations on any modifications to application and process of recruitment)

  • Follow up on NPC structure discussion: clarity on purpose, assessment, recruitment. [JEROME & team might be able to comment on this]

DAVID: Asks if Jerome has had discussion with Project South about PMA work.
JEROME: Not yet--hopes to do this week.
JACKIE: Need to talk with PMA folks about what they want to see come from March meeting.
OYA: Also bring in NOLA groups who have been involved in PMAs-- Emory, Steph, Ruben should coordinate with them.
  • Review of ACT membership/representation, goals
  • Review of ACT work (timeline?)
  • ACT communication with NPC
DAVID: PROPOSAL: WE should post this group's action items and reports so NPC can do this. Other working groups can follow the same model.


WALDA: SUMMARY of NPC meeting should be shared with NPC. Transparency is important. Full notes should be shared.


JACKIE: Reminder that wiki space is there for archiving notes-- adding summaries is great.
WALDA: An important question is the agenda and plan for 2013 meeting. Oya has notes from consultation on this, she will send to NPC and post on wiki. Planning Committee meets Tuesday and will review and approve the plan.
OYA: Summarized the plan for this, noting that meeting this week will revise and move this forward. Outreach to rest of NPC to join this.
ROSE: Has names of NOLA people who want to be involved.
DAVID: George Friday wants to be part of ACT or ROAD14; or March 13 planning--need to plug her in where it makes most sense.
Also -opportunity to network with Margaret /Rights Working Group-Immigrant rights group-national coalition like GGJ is for global justice. Asks if she should be invited to be part of March 13 group? The base is immigrants/across all groups.
JEROME: IT seems like a good idea to invite her to the work group call. Some people may be able to meet with her in person since her org. is in touch with a constituency we want to bring into the process.
  • Road to 2014
ROAD14 Working group will meet on this.
Sylvia - Need to find section on Road to 2014 goals. Charity took them and was to post.
  • Future ACT conf calls