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notes march 2013


Afternoon: Setup at Norris Square Civic Association

BOLDFACE means to livestream portion of meeting


[NEED TO CONNECT WITH Ethel Long Scott to make arrangements for her presentation on plenary]

We need to assign someone to monitor

8:30 Arrive, Breakfast

9:00 Open; Welcome from PPEHRC--YES LIVESTREAM

9:15 Introductions

9:45 Communication; confirming/revising agreements, remembering communication differences. 10:00 Moment, movement & social forum process -- panel, Q & A.--YES DEFINITELY LIVESTREAM

2:00 Organizational forums for holding the USSF, relationships & local – national dynamics; strengthening local struggles within the emergence of a national movement. [15 min break midway] NO LIVESTREAM. NOTE: Add commentator/ text to invite people to tune in for plenary

5:00 Evaluation & Close

7-9pm National Plenary – pilot livestreaming, panel, online chat.


8:30 Arrive, Breakfast – show video on Greece, “Utopia on the Horizon” 9:30 Recap Friday; confirm political agreements and recommendations from Friday.

10:00 Social forum of a new type: Mapping the road to USSF III – who we are, other forces in motion & PMA methodology. [small groups] YES LIVESTREAM Intro. and report backs 12:30 LUNCH

2:00 PMA methodology 2 – outreach, political education & leadership; including site selection discussion. Visioning USSF III program – politics, culture & movement. [15 min break midway] YES LIVESTREAM-- ***Record wrap-up interview with one of Facilitator team to post to website/ include how to stay involved/ in contact.

SUNDAY, MARCH 10th – Ready to Work AT CHURCH: NO LIVESTREAM 8:30-1:30 (out of space by 2PM)