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Website design


  • Below is a list of items on the USSF websitethat need to be updated or changed. ***Items with three stars *** are high priority, so please work on these first.

NOTE: Once an update has been completed, please either remove it from this list or send a message to joseph at to let him know.

3 requests added by Jackie (5/18/13)

1--We need to add two new NPC members to the NPC member list: Hip Hop Congress

Right 2 Survive

2--Also, we need to add the following person to our email list (for the e-blasts): Gregory Leffel [

3--To make it easier for people to sign up for the email announcements, we should have a direct signup on the website: So under “Contact us” and under “Get Involved” –Please provide a form or link so people can enter their email address to sign up for email alerts themselves.