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Accountability and Coordination Team (ACT) Conference Call 12/19/12 Present: Walda/ Road 2014, David Resource dev., Jerome Road 2014, Oya March 2013, Alfredo Comm-Tech, Jackie Comm-Tech; Sylvia-multiple (Jen expected to join soon) Not present: Rose; Ashley Notetakers: Proposed agenda:

  • Welcome, intros
* Review of where we left off on last call

Do we need NOLA rep here? -No-- the March 2013 group is represented here and that's the liaison. SYLVIA: is working through notes from Chicago to edit for posting. DONATIONS CAME IN TODAY! From newsletter that went out today! $300+

  • Working group & committee reports from: Comm WG, GJWG, ICT WG, Int'l Comm, March 2013 + NPC-Outreach Comm, PMA WG, PWG, RDC, Road to 2014 Comm, Synth-Eval Comm regarding:

a) Current work, incl mtg schedule; b) Short-term goals: leading up to March 2013; c) Long-term goals: Road to 2014. Comms-Tech WG: Met and discussed goals; need to talk about website. 2 parts: content from all of us and tech part; front pg revamp for March mtg and envisioning longer term use fo website. Space on wiki has link to Comms-Tech WG page:: With questions that tech ppl have on designing a site that will work for us: audience, functions, messages, how else develop to advance USSF goals. Maybe need special call for it. Practically, really need to asses tech capability -- almost philosophical question. Questions about satellite steaming and what to do -- need general contours ofwhat is needed and expected. Philly is looming as increasingly impt in this formula -- could have a lot of ppl there, many can't travel to NOLA. Beyond website what is the expanded piece of the 2013 mtg: mtg site, bandwidth, interp (languages?) -- all have bearing on planning. Some NOLA folks joining next working gruop meeting on Monday Jan. 7 at 7pm. Comms-Media WG and ICT WG have merged. Will still support ticket system for help needs. OYA: Languages- Laotian community in NOLA. They have interpreters willing to help. DAVID: Recommends sending invite to wiki participation to NPC members./ get NPC input on website/ expanded and interpretation. Sylvia noted some NPC members still challenged in using wiki, perhaps need future training JEN: International working group: Rose/GJWG, Wespac, PPEHRC, ICT, USPCN, Poverty WG-- Meeting coming soon to work on follow up of WSF-Palestine and Tunisia. [Will provide update on meeting time-- and will discuss short and long-term goals] March 2013: OYA: Met in NOLA with Resource Dev., PISAB and Greater New Orleans Organizers Roundtable--This helped solidify relations with NOLA groups and get clarity on what are goals are and how they mesh with local concerns.

Budget/outreach/PMA/agenda-facilitation, communication sub-committees coming together. 
March 2013 organizing work locally- will involve outreach to the Gulf coast region;  They're now researching local space options and provide this by the end of Dec. 
Need for budget estimates for communications/ e.g. what is needed to expand bandwith capacities and do the expanded work we envision.
Local interest in holding meeting where people are- not in French Quarter; 

Desire to make connections with local concerns/issues. Work is happening to build a budget proposal, working with NOLA organizers, resource dev., March 2013 working group and then this will go to NPC. Requests for support for local organizing work and tiered stipends. Next meeting Thurs. Dec. 27 or Thurs. Jan. 3. Notes on wiki. Notes on NOLA meeting will be posted once they are edited. SYLVIA: What role is People's Institute for Survival and Beyond playing? They are on the NPC. OYA: PISAB is playing a role, providing in-kind services and interpretation, logistics/location; working with the Greater New Orleans Organizers Roundtable. PISAB is on the leadership of the Roundtable.

SYLVIA: Budget discussion should happen with this group. Regarding the stipend request- NOLA groups are financially strained and are hoping for some help supporting the organizing work. OYA: The groups there are still recovering from Katrina and are strained for resources, so they are hoping to get assistance to do the outreach work in the region.

SYLVIA: Is there the capacity of NOLA groups to do this, noting that there's uncertainty about what resources we'll have. 
OYA: There is a commitment in NOLA to do this; but this weekend was important for getting the groups together to really think about what this means. Has been in extensive communication with Kimberly and Derrik, but deeper questions coming now that they've agreed to host the meeting.

JEROME: This question of how we relate to host city is important. and we need to recall the impacts of these meetings on local organizers. We need to recognize the particular needs/situation of NOLA. What is the proposed process? 
OYA: Budget proposal will come to ACT then Resource Dev. and then NPC.  (By Jan. NPC meeting --week of the 7th?)
These decisions are all important for future decisions.

NPC & OUTREACH-JEROME: Reg. Calls 2pm Eastern Mondays/ Mon. 12/31 2pm.
Short-term goals: Reach out to NPC members who haven't been active and find out what role they want to play going forward. This continues but should be finished by end of 1st week in Jan. Report is that there is a lot of enthusiasm for USSF process, many want to come on later, some want to be involved but can't commit to NPC level work. So response is positive.
2nd part of the work was outreach to new groups that are seen as those who should be involved in the process. Vetting process- we need to decide very soon the criteria for participation in March meeting -there's lots of enthusiasm.
Project South will be sending a rep. to the outreach committee. They will also consider sending someone to the ACT committee too.

SYLVIA: with Walda, tonite at 6pm will work on criteria for who will be invited to NOLA meeting/ building from Chicago meeting criteria

WALDA: Mapping the forces in motion- we didn't get to do this in Chicago; this question is connected to using the PMA process to help identify what's happening. This is part of figuring out who is invited to March meeting.

ROAD to 2014 WALDA: Political framing of the road to 2014-- 2014 Draft goals for USSF What we believe has also been edited 1-page Synthesis statement of Assembly of Assemblies 2010 ACT needs to review / approve these goals to send them to NPC prior to that call. Site selectin work continuing Political/popular education piece-- to help build conversations towards 2014. SYLVIA: Can ACT team review and respond by email? (YES) OYA: Volunteered to work for site selectin committee RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT-DAVID- no additions; e-blast went out today with request for donations -Wants ACT input on the proposed budget before it goes to NPC. Will work with Jacqui to set up a call. POVERTY W-G No report today, regrouping after new year. Synth-Eval: No report today.

  • March 2013 goals: Sylvia sent a draft list to ACT, please review via email.
  • Next NPC conf call: when? what?
ACT will follow up

  • Next ACT calls: proposed--biweekly 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 12pm ET/9am PT?
Next call: Wed, Jan 2 at 12pm ET/9am PT to review and discuss issues before NPC conf call