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January 02, 2013 [NOT EDITED]
Accountability and Coordination Team
  • Welcome: Check-in

Walda; Jackie; Rose; David; Jerome; Oya [Not on call: Alfredo, Jen]

  • Brief WG and committee check-ins: current work, needs
  • Review of proposals and drafts from various working groups and committees [SEE TEXT BELOW]

- Outreach Committee: JEROME (1) NPC expansion invitation/application: goals (criteria?), roles, responsibilities; application process? & other categories of support

    • NEED: 1) Consenus on principles and 2) Point person/s to finalize application form

ROSE: What is the process for current NPC members. Will they stay on? JEROME: Practice has been for people to stay on, but we know that groups often step back and then get involved as convergence date gets closer. SYLVIA: Can help with the invitation letter for NPC members; will edit benefits of being NPC members. We should ask people to re-commit/affirm participation in NPC rather than just grandfather all former NPC members in. We can put less active groups to the mobilizers/organizers category until they ask to be formal NPC members. OYA: Wants to be sure that concerns of outreach committee were addressed in the latest version of the proposal for NPC members. WALDA: There was consensus on roles and responsibilites. Addition of language to allow groups to which have met or are striving to meet 3 or 4 of the criteria for being part of NPC. [see draft proposal below] SYLVIA: Regarding membership base-- do we have a minimum criteria for mass membership base? Will we check on this or honor system? Concern about capacity to do the work. JEROME: Honor system seems to be consensus. But we will know something about these groups from our work. SYLVIA: Will we have interview process like we've done in the past? JEROME: Yes, we should interview people JACKIE: likes add'l categories; suggestion: ask groups to help spread word on USSF and get involved in communication work -- all groups should do this. How can indivs plug in? JEROME: Will add the communications/telling the story to all the roles for NPC/Mob-Org. and Supporters-endorsers. ROSE: Re: organizational point -- some current groups are networked but not all; energy could come from new groups. DAVID: many current reps come from motions -- to be a voting rep need to be from an org or coalition; gung-ho indivs can be directed into various WGs, no real place for indivs on NPC WALDA: The idea of individuals is only in regard to the supporter-endorser category- not NPC/ the aim is to encourage active individuals to support the USSF work. JEROME: Individuals should be encouraged to get involved- and be part of working groups. and organizations are in NPC and mobilizers-organizers categories. SYLVIA: Formal proposal that we ask existing NPC members to re-commit to being NPC members. If they don't respond, we will move them to mobilizer/organizer category. OYA: Regarding her participation on NPC -as rep. from DLOC--how will local OC (vs. just anchor groups) be represented on NPC going forward? SYLVIA: Local organizers should be involved in NPC. ALSO: Is the current language adequate for welcoming groups that emphasize culture? JEROME: The current language should be open enough to include cultural groups.


--SYLVIA: Will put these elements into the application form. (2) March 2013 Convergence invitations WALDA: Proposal (text below) is to re-use the same criteria and language used for the Chicago meeting, and to send a similar letter to the NPC organizations informing them of the steps of inviting participation; asking them to participate in March meeting and to recommend additional invitees. DAVID: Can we begin compiling a list of groups that should be invited so that we can make proposal to NPC for approval in Jan. meeting so invites can go out ASAP? WALDA: Should outreach WG take lead in gathering the name? JEROME: Outreach WG can do that work. /Agreed SYLVIA: Regarding NPC call and process of approval: JEROME: We'll begin gathering the first round of names and bring that to the Jan. NPC meeting for approval. WALDA: Some work still needed to finalize this text. Sylvia and Oya will help- and have revision on Saturday. SYLVIA: Reminder: Regional distribuiton for March meeting -2/3 national; 1/3 regional is goal. WALDA: Notes that people invited to Chicago will be invited to March meet- asks David and others who did that outreach to contact those folks. JACKIE: Proposes that we have ongoing process for getting NPC approval of invitee list so we can make timely invitations to the March meeting. ROSE: Reminder that we need to keep the focus on the road to 2014. How can we think strategically and collaboratively about connecting this work. JEROME: This is on agenda for outreach committee. SYLVIA: NPC Call is most likely for WED. JAN 9 4pm Eastern (Carlton and Cheri cannot make that time) JEROME: Will report to Carlton/ Jackie with Cheri following NPC call. CONSENSUS

      • NEXT MEETING: Wed. Jan. 16-- 11AM Eastern (We'll check in with Alfredo and Jen)

Meetings every 2 weeks, since we're all on other working groups. - Road to 2014 Committee: (3) Call for Proposals: Site Selection Application SITE SELECTION APPLICATION (See below) Oya, Walda, Sylvia edited past document, but feedback sought since we want to get this out soon. Part of proposal is for a national conference call for groups thinking of applying to address questions, and to set application deadline for March 1 so info. is in before March meeting. ROSE: Earlier version was daunting.Concern is that there is too much of some things and not enough of others. What are the essential elements? Need to deterimine what can get worked out later, what needs to be known with the initial application. The national conference call is good idea. JEROME: Supports Rose's point about keeping application as simple and clear as possible. On section about anchor groups- make it clear that we seek multiple anchors not just one. We have lots of experience-- we need to make a point to say that the experience of people involved in past USSFs will help support the local organizers applying to take on this work. WALDA: The challenge is how to get some idea of local capacity and experience without overwhelming/deterring potential applicants. In 2nd USSF- the experience of Atlanta local organizers wasn't brought in until late. Next time we need to bring that experience into local organizing committee's work very early in process. SYLVIA: Reminder-- We're late in this process. Behind where we were with the Detroit USSF. This step can help us bring information to the table so we can have a better sense of what possibilities are there. We're not likely to get many applications, especially from the groups most affected by capitalism/ groups that are prioritized in USSF process. OYA: Agrees that application is overwhelming-- planned layout into separate pages with links will help. ROSE: We'll likely have a 2-stage process. First identify candidates through application, then gather more information, meet face to face, etc.... OYA: Agrees that face to face meetings will be crucial, so application may be streamlined to recognize that some info. can be obtained later. SYLVIA: Prefers more info. up front than less. What time frame? If we collect less info. before March we'll have to do more and quickly after March meeting. Venue will need to be arranged soon. Proposes that groups considering applications get in touch so some face to face work can happen before March meeting. ROSE: This is good, but still need to edit the document. We can use Skype, etc. to talk with applicants. WALDA: We have to identify clusters of organizations and actually invite applicants. We're not likely to get many applicants without active effort to invite them.... JEROME: Groups proposing to host need as much info. as we can give them. But how do we provide this info? Delicate balance. We should make the proposal clear/precise but also in-person follow-up built into application process. OYA: Make sure info. is available online for people/ use links to facilitate navigation. SYLVIA, OYA will work on revising application and distributing to ACT OTHER Working group items (1) Goals for 2014 (2) We Believe WALDA is collecting feedback SYLVIA: Can we get material back to ACT by Sunday night (1/6) so it can be sent to NPC monday morning 1/7? Can people be available tentatively for a call on Sunday evening if this is needed (8pm). DAVID Can't make call but supports what team comes up with. - March 2013 Committee: (1) Review of proposals going to Resource Development Committee

- Resource Development Committee: TBA?

- Communication and Technology Working Group: TBA?

  • NPC draft agenda
  • Next ACT call

FIRST, THIRD, and FIFTH Wednesdays [??OR just alternate Wednesdays-JACKIE addition?]

  • Anything else?

DOCUMENTS FOR DISCUSSION ----------------------



From Outreach 2013 call 12.31.12 --- Proposal on #1 NPC, other categories of relationship to USSF process, and #2 invitees to March 2013

   we want to be clear about      what is expected, but be grounded in the reality of the sector and      organizations we want and represent and are striving to bring into the      process
   be mindful that how we      present this information can be overwhelming 

  1. 1 NPC expansion & other categories of relationship to USSF process

NPC Roles and Responsibilities

*Alignment with WSF Principles, USSF We Believe (edited 2012), PMA Synthesis 2010, and Goals 2014 USSF;
  • Shared responsibility for planning, organizing, and implementing USSF;
  • Participate in NPC meetings/calls (monthly & then bi-weekly calls & periodic face-to-face meetings);
  • Participate in at least one active Working Group (e.g., Resource Development, Communications and Technology, March 2013, Road to 2014, International Committee, others);
  • Mobilize own group members;
  • Outreach to other groups in your networks;
  • Support and assist with resource mobilization;
  • Fundraise and recruit volunteers. As we get closer to USSF 2014, we may need additional and mutually agreed upon volunteer time (from staff or members) to support needs of USSF.

NPC organization/group ideals and principles Does your organization / group meet or is striving to meet 3-4 of these ideals and principles?

  • Is an active grassroots, social movement, and/or front of struggle organization, coalition, alliance or network;
  • Has a membership base comprised largely of low income, working class people of color and/or people from oppressed communities, including demographics such as a race, gender, sexuality, nationality;
  • Has an identifiable leadership base that can make decisions and vote on behalf of the org/group;
  • Has a sizable membership or base that can be called upon (by its leadership) to participate in NPC working groups, committees and meetings, and during USSF week;
  • Has resources or the ability to fundraise (as needed) to allow for travel to NPC in-person meetings and for participation in conference calls;
  • Has a history of organizing or participating in cross-sectional local, regional, national, international campaigns against oppression and injustice;
  • Is currently engaged in campaigns, struggles, challenges to change systems or improve conditions related to USSF goals, What We Believe, PMA Synthesis 2010 and the WSF Charter of Principles.

Application – be mindful that presentation is not overwhelmingNOTE: We still need a NPC application so the criteria, roles and responsibilities can be listed and/or arranged to look more like something groups need to respond to. PROPOSED NEW -- ORGANIZERS & MOBILIZERS

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Alignment with WSF Principles, USSF We Believe (edited 2012), PMA Synthesis 2010, and Goals 2014 USSF
  • Inform your own group members and networks about WSF/USSF process
  • Encourage members/leaders/ networks to participate in USSF working group(s)
  • Support and assist with resource and volunteer mobilization (as feasible)
  • Mobilize your members and networks to participate in USSF activities.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Make financial donation to USSF
  • Make support publicly visible on USSF website [list?]

Tell story! Individuals?


  • Invite all who were invited to Chicago
  • Invite non-NPC organizations or coalitions in the New Orleans area or nationally, who (a) have been identified by NPC organizations as being aligned with WSF principles, the USSF “What We Believe” statement, PMA Synthesis 2010; AND (b) meet two or more of the following criteria:

-- They have leadership who participated in USSF 2010, Detroit or USSF 2007, Atlanta. -- They have organized a PMA. -- They wish to participate in a discussion of analyzing the current moment and the need for a national convergence and national movement connected to global movements. -- They are interested in engaging in a discussion of national convergence goals and vehicles for movement building, including USSF III. -- They have a membership base comprised largely of low income, working class people, people of color and/or people from oppressed communities, including demographics such as race, gender, sexuality, nationality.

Who gathers names? 1st set to come to NPC call early January Approval process – timeline Funding Letter of invite ASAP (similar letter of invite to NPC ASAP)

NOTE: This process still needs follow up on drafting the invitation letter, the invitation and confirmation process and the (tiered) travel support process based on travel geography and costs. Walda, Oya snd Sylvia are working on them.


[suggested moves/additions; suggested deletions]

Introduction: The National Planning Committee (NPC) of the U.S. Social Forum (U.S.S.F.) calls for proposals to determine the site of the next U.S.S.F. in 2014. The U.S.S.F. Call for Proposals is a request to grassroots organizations and social movement-building groups, alliances and networks to submit city-based, organization-anchored proposals for the third U.S. Social Forum. Proposals will be reviewed by the NPC at a March Convergence meeting in New Orleans, LA, from March 8-10, 2013.

A national Call for Proposals conference call with additional information on this process and an opportunity to ask questions will be held on [maybe Feb 1?]. Participation in the conference call is not required but may provide additional information to support your application.

Proposals must be completed online by March 1, 2013 at 11:59pm, Pacific Standard Time. The proposal application can be found at: [LINK--build application on U.S.S.F. website]. Final dates will be determined in partnership with the host city.

The 2014 U.S.S.F. will build on the dynamic events of the summers of 2010 in Detroit and 2007 in Atlanta. This will be a continuation of activities that are part of a larger global process of convening for progressive movements, community organizers and activists known as the World Social Forum (WSF). The International Council (IC) of the World Social Forum informed this process and encouraged people’s movements in different countries to hold their own Social Forums, modeled on the WSF process. Another World is Possible-Another U.S. is Necessary was the theme that brought over an estimated 15,000 activists, labor and community organizers, students/youth and movement leaders together in June 2007 and 20,000 in June-July 2010. The goals for USSF III are: (these being discussed till NPC call)

History DELETE THIS SECTION – too much needs editing . The International Council (IC) of the World Social Forum informed this process and encouraged people’s movements in different countries to hold their own Social Forums, modeled on the WSF process. ?? The 2007 U.S.S.F. followed that recommendation as we anchored an open forum and invited groups to use it as an opportunity to highlight issues, dialogue, and build community together.

U.S.S.F. background, goals, priorities: MAYBE LINK – DELETE (must be existing links)??

- U.S.S.F. III goals [updated] - U.S.S.F. history: pre-2007, 2007 and 2010 - Explain political decisions for Atlanta and Detroit - Describe (possible) regional site selection priorities for U.S.S.F. III


  • NPC Membership [list membership requirements]

- Shows people of color leadership, community organizing, base-building, intersectional work; - Has capacity to have multiple representatives sit on the NPC, working groups and committees and to communicate back to the local and/or regional committees.

  • Political Principles -- be in alignment with: (see below or links)

- WSF Charter of Principles - We Believe statement [updated] - PMA synthesis - 2010& Road to 2014 Goals

  • Political criteria -- locality expresses several of these (3-4): (need to identify what is the minimum number of criteria that is met)

- Potential to serve as bridge from Detroit and Atlanta - History of economic oppression and legacy of genocide - Legacy of community building: historic and current organizing movement building; organization

 committed to movement building

- People of color alliances - Mass criminalization of poor and working class, gentrification, poverty and dispossession - Immigrant rights movement present - Been impacted by militarism and war - An analysis of economic landscape leading up 2014. - Base of youth, Indigenous Peoples and grassroots organizations - Disproportionally affected by climate change, environmental and food injustice

  • Site Requirements:

- Indoor and outdoor spaces for up to 20,000 participants. - Proximity to an international airport (within 30 miles). - Logistical capacity to support multiple large and small meetings, cultural events, media-technology center. - Lodging options for people with the ability to pay and people with very limited means: hotels, motels, hostels, dorms, churches, solidarity housing, tents, etc. - Affordable public and/or private transportation (and parking) options to/from the host city and between host city meeting sites. - Existing (or the ability to build) safe spaces for persons who are LGBTQIA, undocumented, exiled, homeless; and children, youth. - Accessible sites, facilities, transportation and lodging options for persons with disabilities. - Grassroots budget affordability: use of public and private facilities and vendors that offer (significantly) discounted costs to meet limited grassroots budgets.

  • Anchor organization(s) support and capacity:

- Has participated in U.S.S.F. 2007 and/or 2010 and/or PMA process. - Has previous experience organizing logistics for a national meeting, including travel, lodging, transportation, security, food, child care, communication, budget, etc. - Has organizational capacity, strength and willingness to sustain a lengthy, weighty logistics process and outreach campaign; and actualize U.S.S.F. III goals, as best as possible. - Has network of local and regional support and contacts (including political, legal and financial)

 to assist with identified needs and services.

- Has ability to support and communicate with local organizations and groups that are

 interested in participating in the U.S.S.F. Local Organizing Committee process.

Q&A: Additional information: [need to outline answers to questions --This section will be a link]

  • Why Call for Proposals?
  • What is the process for reviewing submitted assessments/proposals for the Call for
  • What are Anchor organizations? What are their roles and responsibilities in the U.S.S.F.
  planning and coordination process?
  • What are the Anchors basic logistical responsibilities for U.S.S.F. site planning and
  • What is the role of the NPC with local Anchors?
  • What support does the NPC offer to support Anchors and local organizing efforts?
  • What are the roles of national U.S.S.F. working groups and committees with Anchors and
  local  groups?
  • What are the benefits to Anchoring a U.S.S.F. convergence?
  • What are the challenges to Anchoring a U.S.S.F. convergence?

Application: [post online on U.S.S.F. website]

Organization Contact(s) and Base:

a) Name of organization(s) applying to be anchor(s)

b) Contact info of each organization (address, phone, email, website, and social media). Indicate if each group has a non-profit status. If none, indicate the organization's fiscal sponsor, if any.

c) Contact persons for this application (name, cell phone, email)

d) Describe each organization's mission and current organizing campaigns.

e) Describe each organization's membership or affiliation base, e.g., size, chapters or locations, offices, leadership structure, volunteers, etc.

f) List which organizations on the current NPC have you worked with, if any. [provide link]

Organizational Capacity:

g) If this application is submitted by more than one organization or group, explain (1) your previous collaborative work experience, (2) how you anticipate working together as U.S.S.F. local anchors.

h) Describe how many members or volunteers of each applicant organization can be mobilized to work on various aspects of U.S.S.F. site coordination and preparation.

i) Describe your capacity to organize local logistics for U.S.S.F. III, including time, staffing, volunteers, office/meeting space, resources.

j) List additional local organizations and groups that could potentially be part of a Local Organizing Committee.

k) Describe the type of bookkeeping system that your organization uses; and list the contact persons who will work on budget matters with the Resource Development Committee and U.S.S.F. Bookkeeper-Accountant.

Logistical Capacity:

l) Describe which local, large public and/or private facilities, sites and spaces you

  anticipate could be used for U.S.S.F. meetings, events, activities and accommodate up to
  20,000 people.

m) Describe which major transportation facilities exist within 30 miles of your proposed host

    city: airports, trains, bus depots.

n) Describe which facilities exist to provide affordable, low-cost and free lodging for people from

   out-of-town: hotels, motels, hostels, dorms, schools, churches, community centers,
   campgrounds, etc.

o) Describe affordable food options in the host city, including organic, vegetarian, vegan; and

   proximity of co-ops, grocery stores and businesses that support SNAP (food stamp) cards.

Political and economic capacity-building:

p) Explain how having the U.S.S.F. in this host city and region site would support or benefit

   struggles of progressive, grassroots forces in your community.

q) Explain how indigenous people, people of color and low-income communities in the host city

   and region would benefit from having the U.S.S.F. hosted there.

r) Explain anything else you'd like to share with the NPC about your application.


PROPOSED UPDATE – Political framing, GOALS 2014, WE BELIEVE STATEMENT From Road to 2014: Proposal for political framing, goals 2014 & edits we believe 12.30.12 -- most approved by ACT via email – a few updates & approval

Political framing USSF & movement moment: 1.Goals 2014 (see below, in process), 2. We believe 2007 revised (in process), 3. PMA synthesis 2010 (as is – separate doc) & 4. Urgency statement frame (motion/movement – how give direction) -- develop single doc including these pieces to politically and practically contextualize “road to 2014”

Popular & political education: Ask all NPC orgs & thematic and regional assemblies and social forums to distribute & have political discussion & education on these docs. Use in conversation with new forces, orgs – how to insure leading edge is working class and those most oppressed and dispossessed.

USSF 2014 draft goals (approved except for input Ashley/SEN below) 12.30.12 1. Create a space for social movement analysis, popular and political education, convergence, and strategic discussion. 2. Advance Peoples Movement Assemblies’ agendas for ongoing action directed toward social transformation. 3. Build stronger relationships, collaboration, and social movements across fronts of struggle for political understanding, strategic direction, and a powerful political force. 4. Deepen our collaboration with global social movements and our practice of international solidarity and joint struggle. 5. Strengthen local capacity to improve social conditions and social struggle. 6. Model and practice our values and our vision of another world (e.g., celebration, caring, support of identity, cooperation, collectivity, justice, equality, democracy, and sustainability).

Here are the proposed additions: Ashley/SEN: possible #7; Will & Ashley will try to combine 5 & “7” “Redistribute resources – do all possible to redirect the material net gains and net losses of the resources leveraged for the US Social Forum convergence in such a way that gains are weighted toward impacted communities and losses toward our allied communities.”

USSF 2007 “We Believe” statement with edits

We, the organizers of the first United States Social Forum: Believe that there is a strategic need to unite the struggles of oppressed, exploited, and dispossessed communities and peoples, classes, and genders within the United States (particularly Black, Latino, Asian/Pacific-Islander and Indigenous communities) to the struggles of oppressed nations in the Global South.

FROM JEN/PPEHRC 12.28.12 Change "to the struggles of oppressed nations in the Global South" to

"to the struggles of marginalized, oppressed and dispossessed peoples and classes around the world..."

ALL THE REST REMAINS THE SAME & have to do Spanish translation

PROPOSED – MARCH 2013 BUDGET PROPOSALS [To be reviewed by Resource Development Committee]