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ACT Call 4/3/13 On Call: Jerome, Walda, David, Liz [Sylvia and Jen still on return from Tunis]

Action Items: • PLEASE CHECK WIKI SITE and either edit the wiki to update description of working group and CONTACT INFO. or send it to Jackie. • Send photos from WSFs/USSF activities to Jackie for USSF website • Review NPC agenda for 4/10

1) Tunis updates--schedule national call-in report back? /or link with other-GGJ?

Jerome: Delegation will write a report on their activity (International Committee); Quick report 50,000; many Tunisians, many young people- very involved in WSF process; very eager to discuss what’s happening in Tunis and around the world. Overwhelming sentiment was a real discussion of what it means to have the WSF in Tunis; what the overthrow of dictator there has meant. Many felt the overthrow hasn’t changed their conditions; or the system of capitalism. Some but not all speaking explicitly about the capitalist system as source of grievances. Lots of struggle at this forum. Role of political Islam, Muslim Brotherhood. Much discussion within the social forum process. Struggles/debates on the future of the forum and the Social Movement Assemblies. Despite struggle, general sense that WSF is viable and valuable process that needs to continue.

  • Report from delegation will be printed in April (late) newsletter.
  • National Call-In for Delegation Report Back—Jerome will work with the group to figure out a good date that will allow time for publicity.

2) Working group reports

Resource Development: Has call on 9th or 10th . Liz: Believes Salimah is still on resource development committee/ She’ll check in with her. David : Working with Victor to develop new budget proposal.

Outreach: Jerome has meeting with AFSC today to discuss their role; Others have meetings scheduled. Next week will have more details.

Road: Next call is on Sunday at 4PM Eastern. Focus is on site selection. Two informational calls were held. Philly-PPEHRC and Asian American Committee came on call. No people joined the 2nd call. We’re discussing some outreach to other potential sites. David: Any discussion of timing/process? Walda: No specific time table at the moment. Input needed from rest of ACT as well on other sites. Ideally by late fall we can have a sense of where things go. Rose: Especially after Tunisia, it is clear that the intentionality is important. We need to take time to make a good decision.

Comms/Tech: *Website—Photos for website? Please send photos from WSFs, other USSF activities to Jackie. Jerome will send photos from WSF. Jerome reported that the USSF panel was streamed, thinks it was recorded? Jackie will check. David: Justin Wedes has photos.

  • Language Justice—need to restart working group? Jerome: Roberto is interested in being part of restarting.

David: Highlander Folk School might be a good contact on this; they have multilingual process as part of their program. David has been working with Pam. He can reach out to them. Rose: Was HFS Involved in past forums? Jerome: Yes, in Atlanta; not Detroit. --Lang. justice liaison from outreach WG to Comms/tech

  • Wiki page updates for working group contacts:

PLEASE CHECK WIKI SITE and either edit the wiki to update description of working group and CONTACT INFO. or send it to Jackie. Jerome: Wants a list of volunteer names for Outreach Recording of National Plenary-will be available on website by end of week?

3) Left forum panel proposals (See Drafts below)—Left Forum submission deadline 4/13! David, Jerome, Walda, Jackie, Rose Question: Combine 1 and 2? No—they are too short. We need both. On #2 –be clear in the program that this is for groups that are ready to plug in. Rose- thinks we could combine. Jerome- wants to have time to do justice to the politics of both the history and future of USSF. Jackie: Notes that we should draw from other NPC members to participate in the panel Jerome: on #3—we need to be careful about how to approach that topic. There are many internal struggles. David: #3 –this is a complex issue. Doesn’t want to take this on. Rose: #3- The Left Forum may not be the spot for this. At some point the USSF will have to come to an understanding of OWS. Jerome: We need some internal discussions first before we have public conversation like this. ON #3 OWS—Sense that this is tough for a public conversation. Jackie will look into scheduling a private meeting where USSF folks can meet up with OWS folks. Rose will consult on whether and how to address the struggles over Occupy the Hood, Indigenous, etc. in this context.

  1. 4 Jackie will forward CCR contact to David.

Jackie: Will draft text for #1-2 and circulate to ACT / USSF will submit 2 panels.

4) NPC Call agenda Draft agenda for April 2013 NPC Call: (Wednesday April 10, 1:00PM Eastern) Facilitator? 1) Philadelphia NPC Meeting Report –David (30 min.) 2) WSF Tunis update report – Rose and Jerome (30 min.) 3) Next steps on the road to next USSF (30 min.) a. Working group reports and calls for support i. Resource Development ii. Outreach iii. Road to next USSF iv. Communications/Technology v. International Committee vi. NEW Working groups: Language Justice; PMA process Rose: Asked about any follow up on the retreat idea. Liz: Is following up on that. We won’t be ready to discuss this yet. David: We need to make NPC calls space for reporting on work groups and reminders to NPC folks of the need to do

TABLED TILL NEXT MEETING: ACT Structure and workload? FROM SYLVIA: Consider big picture mapping out of ppl, work, projects over next few months to assess capacity, resources, recruitment, etc. ??ACT+ retreat?? Can we get volunteers to draft a proposal?


Left Forum Panel Proposals (Draft) • 1 Title: The Road to the Third United States Social Forum—Towards a Social Forum of a New Type Organizer & Chair: USSF/ ACT member? Description Responding to the urgency of this moment of economic, social and ecological crisis, organizers of the US Social Forum have announced plans to convene the third US Social Forum. Following deep reflection and discussion of both the economic constraints and struggles of people and communities around the country and the capacities of social movements, planners are working to conceptualize and build a US Social Forum of a new type. The third USSF might take the form of a large-scale convergence in a single city or a decentralized forum held simultaneously in multiple cities, or some other form that responds to movement needs and capacities. To develop the strategic vision and capacities of a national social movement, the USSF process will support the organization of peoples movement assemblies (PMAs) and other types of local assemblies that will help build towards and follow-up a national USSF convergence. National activities are being planned to help support a national USSF convergence no later than 2015. This panel discusses the state of strategic thinking and planning in the USSF process and invites participation on the road to the next USSF. Panel Participants? • 2) Building a Global Movement for Radical Transformation: An Orientation to the US and World Social Forum Process Organizer & Chair: Description (1500 character max): Panelists: • 3) Race, Class, Generation, & Cultures of Struggle: Confronting Differences in the US & World Social Forums and Occupy Movements Organizer & Chair: USSF/ ACT member? Description: Global financial and ecological crises have spurred a wave of protests around the world and mobilized new groups into social movement politics. But many Occupy Wall Street mobilizations were short-lived, and few generated lasting structures to sustain participation of new activists. At the same time, existing movements like the US and World Social Forum process have struggled to engage with these new forces. Many in the new waves of Occupy activists come from positions of relative (if declining) privilege, and are less attentive to how race, class, and other inequities of power operate within movements. These activists also tend to be younger and less experienced with political activism, creating generational differences. In contrast, the US Social Forum draws from a long history of struggle to embrace an intentionality that is highly sensitive to the effects of race, class, colonialism, and gender and that looks to those most impacted by capitalism for leadership. This panel provides space for critical discussion of the challenges and prospects for building a broad alliance to confront “the one percent” and the political and economic system they impose on us all. Panel Participants: [Suggestions of names/contacts?] Occupy the Hood Decolonize OWS OWS Participant in USSF Philadelphia meeting (Tammy?) Cindy Wiesner, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and delegate to the World Social Forum International Council USSF/ ACT member

• ?? PROPOSED ADDITIONAL PANEL with Center for Constitutional Rights, MXGM? -- Resisting fascism & the urgency of the moment David is working on a panel on this: Will reach out to CCR and MXGM