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ACT meeting 8/21/13

On call: Jerome, Walda, Rose, Jackie
  • 1) Philly site call later today—PPEHRC + 5 other groups;

Discussed what it means to be moving towards a polycentric social forum and how to connect this with the work that has been happening in Philly as part of their site application. Questions on timing connected to both the Jackson decision, but also related to the overall move towards a social forum of a new type. Our initial site call was framed in terms of the previous USSFs.

We know something big will happen in 2015. National PMA or USSF-3. Until next NPC call, we need to assume 2015 is still USSF-3. We haven’t as the NPC discussed response to Jackson’s message.
Jackie will share draft tech hubs grant proposal (still work in progress)--which is an attempt to raise resources to do training and tech transfer to build communications hubs for USSF-3. This was an initial attempt to explain in practical terms what we need to do to build the sites for USSF-3. This proposal sees Philly/PPEHRC as a place where we’ll try to pilot a model for the communications hubs, and it draws from conversations started there in March. Comments welcome (see attached)
The site selection call could also address how the World Court of Women PMA might be framed/organized in a way to help connect it with ongoing PMA organizing work. Could this help be a model for other PMAs?
  • 2) External report on Atlanta meeting: Should be ready to go to Jackie/newsletter production on Monday.

  • 3) Kali/national coordinator start date? Jerome, Walda, and David will be following up next week.

  • 4) Site visit with Jackson—follow-up needed.

  • 5) Follow-up on NPC call-Walda will re-send the doodle scheduler to remind people to indicate good time for an NPC call on political strategy

  • 6) USSF Website updates: Comms-Tech requests that all ACT members help us do some basic troubleshooting and updating of the USSF website. We’re asking that ACT folks spend about 10-20 minutes looking over the website and identifying fixes that are most urgent to make now that we’re stepping up our outreach work. First, please go to this link , which lists the changes we’re asking our tech team to make. Then look over the website—especially sections most relevant to your working group-- and add your suggested changes to the list that is already there. May First/People Link volunteers will schedule a work day in the next few weeks to make these changes to the site.
  • 7) Next ACT Call Wed. Sept. 4 11:00 AM
a. Agenda:
i. New NPC applications;
ii. Site Selection update(s);
iii. Reports from Outreach work/OWS NatGat;
iv. Prepare NPC meeting—including scheduling of national political convo call
v. Other?