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ACT CALL 6/26/13 11:00AM Eastern, 90 minutes Facilitator: Walda Notetaker: Jackie

On call: Walda, Jen, Jackie, Jerome,



1) NPC Applications- MXGM and DAWG : Jerome forwarded applications to NPC. Outreach supports these two applications, recommends that ACT recommend to NPC that these groups be accepted.

Process recommendation that Outreach forward applications first to ACT, then ACT forwards to NPC list with a recommendation and request for NPC input.
Jackie will forward recommendation to NPC with 1 week deadline.

2) NOLA meeting-Jerome Jerome has been calling PISAB/texting/emailing/etc. No response.

Yesterday Jerome left message with Makani to discuss Praxis’s concerns, etc. Hasn’t heard back. He will continue to try to set up meeting with NOLA.

3) Strategy Retreat update on budget and invitations /logistics

Jen- has researched hotels (blocks/ no group resp./shuttle)—recommends Holiday Inn & Suites airport $79—1380 Virginia Ave.—closest to Proj.South/ breakfast/ space for work. Jen will reserve block of 12 rooms. Aug. 3-4.
Meeting will start at 9:00/continental breakfast meeting begins at 9:30 AM Sunday AM to 6:00 PM @ Project South. Monday Aug. 5 9:30-5PM.
Invite letters- drafts for ACT/ Working group contacts identified in last ACT call notes.,_2013
Webform for registration—Jackie will arrange with tech to help set up.
Concerns: We need to figure out budget and how much subsidy to provide; a commitment to fully subsidizing those who are expected to be at meeting: ACT reps and 1 WG rep for each group. Jen and Jackie will work with numbers and send ACT draft letter and proposed rates for subsidy within $5000 budget.
Invite letter needs to be very sharp/clear about purpose of meeting and agenda.
Jerome will get firm quote for caterer. Our est. $750 (25 people X
Agenda: Rose is back soon- she was working to draft agenda.

4) Coordinator Search update/ Interview list

12 applicants. 7 selected for interviews. Interviews will be on Friday, and sub-committee plans to have recommendations for ACT by next call. Feedback from ACT members on these 7 candidates is invited by sub-committee: Walda, Jackie, David
Jen: Notes big learning curve about forum; how does this factor into candidates' thinking about a 6 month position?

5) Other-- any working group issues/updates?

Work group updates

  • Comms/Tech: Newsletter goes out early next week. Report on strategy paper and invitation for input for retreat; profile of new NPC member, and

National information call in July 9 @5:00PM Eastern/ Call dates will be announced on the website main page

  • Poverty WG: [sorry... missed this]
  • Road: Talking with Jackson MS folks about site app.; Coordination with outreach –more is needed, esp. in relation to PMA process.

Praxis- Jerome will continue to follow up to consult with Praxis about their concerns.

Next ACT Meeting 7/3/13 11AM Eastern