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  • Check ins: Walda, Rose, David, Jackie, Sylvia, Jerome

  • Report from the Philly meeting for distribution to participants, ACT, etc. -- Latest draft sent by Jackie around 10 Eastern today-3/20

David: Report—is crafted as coming from ACT. Since NPC is in transition, we need to move forward.

Sylvia: We do need to consult with NPC; Proposes sending this message out to NPC folks. Ask for feedback by [i.e., next Tuesday?] PRIOR TO WSF. Then USSF team can have authorization to speak with authority at WSF meetings.

Walda: NPC members have been in the loop. We can ask for feedback by Sunday.


David: Standing aside/on decision to invite more discussion and editing.

Walda: suggestions on text to NPC. The message is that we are circulating as a courtesy, transparency, sharing information prior to disseminating the text more broadly.

Sylvia: Yes; just wants us to be sure to let folks thinking of hosting site.

-Timing: Do we need to get formal NPC approval for ‘allies’ prior to sending this out? If so, quick online vote to expidite?

Walda: Had thought we had approved the category of ally. The NPC membership roles/responsibilities is unchanged.

Sylvia: The issue on last NPC discussion was more about process for deciding and follow-up. So if we have internal clarity on involving and communicating with allies. Recruiting allies can be step towards building new NPC participation.

Walda: We’ll talk on outreach about having calls for orientation—getting people involved in learning. Regular ally calls, for instance, can be a way to keep allies engaged.

-Send as next USSF Updates eblast? YES; and Website front page.

  • Any additional updates post-Philadelphia meeting?

Rose: Notes that the summary report from the 10 written eval. Forms is limited and mostly consistent with what we’ve heard from people individually.

Walda, Sylvia: Can’t put a lot of weight on this. But we should take this feedback to heart for future work. Notes that there was a good bit of positive feedback since meeting.

Sylvia: National gathering of OWS folks in August. Occupy Sandy folks (Stan, Diego, Tammy..) had follow up call-they’re interested in PMA process and are talking about using inter-occupy to facilitate inter-generational dialogue/ experience and strategy sharing. Expect formal proposal in early April.

David: Has had follow-up calls with folks. Has interoccupy call on National Gathering today. Core folks doing NATGAT in Kalamazoo have already framed out some action days—one on economic justice which they’ve asked M2A to coordinate that day. Proposal for poverty PMA, Move to amend, cooperatives, how to link this economic justice day with USSF networks. Conversations with individuals who are interested in movement schools. This isn’t in shape yet for proposals but is in the works…

Walda: On road to USSF 3 calls (Walda, Shawn, and Chris). Needs the sheet from Philly meeting on upcoming convergences./ Salimah? How can we help the USSF process hold /unite these diverse convergences. How can we take all this feedback and work out the organizational structures to make this more efficient/ facilitate exchange and coordination most effectively?

Sylvia; Reminds that other folks who weren’t in Philly will have input. On the OWS Economic justice day- poverty working group input.

  • WSF Tunis update; communications strategy to USSF and elsewhere.

NOTE: Comms/Tech Working group will use wiki page to post links, blogs, etc.: SEE


Rose: UC Riverside group mentioned plan to tweet; George Martin has Wisconsin media /radio connection; Some talk of trying to stream.

Sylvia: Asks for folks to support comms work..

  • Next ACT call after WSF, Wed 4/3. 11AM

Jackie will get the agenda out several days in advance. So feedback from folks who are traveling can come prior to meeting.

Walda: On agenda Content of next NPC call- moving towards regular NPC/ open calls.

Rose: Before NPC meeting we need to bring some of these discussions together about how working groups will work together, laying out the different parts of the work, etc. Sylvia: Agrees with Rose. Esp. regarding the PMA piece. What are our roles going forward? For instance, she needs to step back from coordination role and we need to transition/turn over some of this work.

Walda: Outreach/Road to USSF3 has had similar discussions. We need to consolidate info. about who we spoke with on NPC, etc. Discussions of organizing a national conf. call on how to participate/get involved. We need to look at the list of national gatherings that people listed in Philly and work with those. Coordination is critically important.

David: NPC is in transition. New folks stepping up, existing NPC members falling off. OFFERS PROPOSAL FOR Operating STRUCTURE: ACT should be doing more coordination work. Taking concrete proposals to the NPC. Our responsibility is to minimize the work being asked of the NPC calls. Working groups do the work; ACT helps process this and then NPC has authority to endorse.

Sylvia: Need to be explicit about the work expected of ACT. Clear division of labor. ACT work has been pretty heavy already. So we need to understand what the implications are.

Rose: Part of workload was the result of the situation in NOLA and the need to move this process forward. This took a toll. Supports David’s recommendation. Coordination needs to happen.

Jackie: Proposal for WSF report back as part of next NPC call?

We need to update NPC member list on website. When we send out Philly report we can extend another reminder and invite for groups to switch from NPC member to ally.

David: We need to schedule and NPC call as quickly after Tunis as makes sense. We need to discuss Philly and Tunis to and moving forward. Send out doodle to schedule next call: Jackie will do this.

Rose: Notes that WSF is going through same things, so we can bring that discussion back to our call here and discussion of social forum of a different type.

NEXT CALL Wed. April 3 11:00 AM (Eastern) NPC line (712) 432-0075, code 388105# (host 564471#).

Draft Agenda

  • WSF Tunis- report backs and ideas for bringing to NPC call/report back
  • ACT Roles going forward. Strengthening coordination role. Addressing division of labor question and staffing issue. Sylvia needs to step back from coordination. We need assistance with detail work/coordination to move process forward.
  • NPC retreat
  • Proposal for Left Forum panels
  • Anything else?