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MEETING NOTES Wed. May 1 On Call: Jackie, David, Jen, Jerome, Rose, Walda (Liz sent regrets and comments on agenda) Facilitating: David Notes: Jackie

  • 1. Check-ins
  • 2. Working group reports (25 min.)
a. Resource Dev- need to re-engage folks; dwindling participation. David is making calls to revive energy. From Victor $84K minus about $1K still outstanding bills. Plus $50K for USSF3; $4K site visit allocation; $4K video production allotted from Detroit. Victor provided details on pay scale for staffing based on time fractions. Recommends starting people at ¼ or ½ time not 1/8 time, then see how work proceeds.

Met again with Mark Randazzo—we need to have networks engaged in process as allies. This will impact fundraising work. Also need 3-5 page report on what is expected outcome of USSF 3; what is USSF of different kind?

b. OUTREACH: Continuing its work; work group is building. Still working on getting access to the webform submissions. Moving along…

Work is happening to schedule a meeting with New Orleans folks by Jerome and Rose. Requests approval for expenditure. David proposes that we allocate this expenditure from the site visit category. Agreed/consensus: ACT authorizes Jerome and Rose to visit NOLA and work on that relationship. Walda: reminds that we need to update list of NPC groups.

c. Road to USSF3—Philly is invited to update their proposal if they want; given the new deadline. Still need to get webform submission access, so there may be info. we don’t yet have. Work group will lay out rough timeline that will include site visits. Need to update website: Change USSF 2014—Proposed language change to USSF 3—AGREED.

SITE SELECTION CALLS—Friday and May 17—on website, in news blast…please share.

d. International- Report on WSF complete. Two reports envisioned. One for newsletter/ NPC list; another longer one for our internal analysis of political struggles, strategic debates, etc. Delegation is working on the latter. National report back calls planned—announced in newsletter. Continuing discussions on where to go next…
e. Communications: Newsletter goes out today. June issue topics?; Updates to website made—Please continue to send any updates. Report for resource-dev. work—delayed/coming soon! Need updated list of NPC members/ allies. LEFT FORUM-do outreach.

Asking about Alfredo—Jackie will contact him/left voice mail.

  • 3. ACT Structure and process (50 min.)
a. RETREAT—to develop /synthesize our thinking on this and road to USSF3:

WHO?: ACT members + most active working group members. Add others who we expect to be involved in work of building USSF3 [Reaffirmed in this go-around—financial concerns noted, so maybe some online mechanism is needed] David: Proposes that funds come from USSF funds- for those who’ve been holding the ACT work; For NPC participation, we’d need an application process to determine levels of commitment before we commit funds to bring people to a meeting. Jerome- in face meeting is needed. How to manage limited resources and more inclusive meeting? Proposal to have working group coordinators nominate working group reps. Rose: envisioned is a small group/ so selected delegates from working groups could be helpful in limiting the scope but including groups committed to and engaged.

Jackie proposes: Adding a consulta process to engage NPC members/allies/etc in discussion of the strategic questions the retreat will address. Bring this input into the retreat discussion.

Jerome: Proposes specific resource mob. Work to fund this strategy meeting. Ask working groups to help raise funds to support delegate.

David: The current ACT seems to be evolving from a mere administrative role to one that includes more leadership. Personally, I think that is a good thing, and that it is to move us forward towards USSF III. It allows the NPC and ACT to create appropriate accountability mechanisms for *democratic* leadership, and facilitates all the ongoing work that the entire USSF process needs to be doing collectively. I believe we need to be transparent, intentional, deliberate and conscious about ACT’s leadership role. This means making the evolving ACT leadership role an agenda item for the next NPC call.

Retreat Purpose: How we build the road to USSF3

Rose: Reminds us that we need to dig out the notes from Philadelphia and draw out lessons that are connected to this.

Jerome: The retreat is to answer question /strategic issue of what we mean by a social forum of a new type. • What are the strategic and tactical goals/outcomes envisioned for USSF 3 • Develop detailed timetable for USSF3 • Coordination and workload

Liz: (via email) Need to address our process: ACT structure, division of labor, recruitment and relationship to the NPC. How to recruit new leadership and avoid burnout. How to make ACT more representative and sustainable.

o Fundraising o PMAs/Educational process

TIMING? After July 15 site app. deadline/ Strategic location—link to site selection? (Agreed/consensus)

Decision (For NPC): Proposal for a strategy retreat for ACT members to attend. Working groups will be invited to send one other delegate. We will look at NPC list and invite any other orgs. that we believe should be part of this retreat; other NPC members can elect to send/fund their own delegates too.

We will do a National Consulta prior to retreat to inform and guide the retreat discussion/ expand input from other groups that have been part of USSF. Retreat will be supported with existing USSF funds, but efforts to raise funds elsewhere will be pursued.

Jerome: We need to energize youth and indigenous working groups—we should invite people who may be able to lead on this. David –quite sure that [Seventh Generation Fund?] will be coming on to NPC. Adds Media and Culture [Hip Hop Congress?]. PMA Working group? (Now Outreach is carrying out this work).

b. Staffing

David: Proposes that we ask NPC to approve ½ time staff person. Jerome supports/ Jackie… David notes that an intern applicant to M2A is interested in working on M2A’s work with USSF. Internship lasts through mid-Dec. (Decision will be taken by M2A at their meeting mid-May.) Noted that Sylvia has indicated that she is stepping back; Agreed that we should still let her know that we’re going to hire a staff person to see if she is interested. David- Requests volunteer to draft job description/ find previous job description. Jackie will contact Sylvia and look for job description.

c. Division of labor-ACT leadership & Working group work balance? [Staffing should help with this]
d. New working group and reps: Youth; art and culture; PMA
i. Art and Culture –should be met by Hip Hop Congress;
ii. Indigenous Seventh Gen. Fund
iii. Youth—At Outreach meeting Ashley and others took up task of mobilizing on this. Rose and Jerome will contact Ashley and see how this is moving forward.

  • 4. Agenda for next NPC call (Wed. May 8, 11AM Eastern -90 min.)
a. Jackie will review notes and modify the draft agenda, will circulate to whole ACT for input/modification.

  • Other business: Follow-up planned with ACT folks we haven’t heard from lately.