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NPC Conference Call
January 9, 2013

4pm ET/1pm PT (1.5 hrs.)

On call: Walda (LRNA), Maureen (MWRO), Jerome (LRNA). David (MTA), Sylvia (MWRO), Cheri (PPHERC), Mezna (USPCN) Jackie (Sociologists w/out Borders), Nada (subbing for Roger WESPAC-invited), Viola (PISAB-GNOOR), George M (UFPJ), Ashley (SEN), Alfredo (May First/People Link), George F (IPPN), Cindy (GGJ), Marian (MWRO); Salimah (Praxis); Victor (USSF), Chris (InterOccupy-invited), Roberto (Lang Acc), William (EMEAC), Derek (PISAB-GNOOR)

Note takers: David, Jackie, Sylvia, William

Proposed Agenda
  • Welcome, roll call (time zones) -- 10 min
  • Updates -- 10 min

-- March 2013 Convergence planning

Derek reports that they have focused with logistics. SUNO (primarily non-traditional students) have also identified several hotels nearby. Also identified a few groups to invite. NOTE: They have come to a place of agreement on proposed budget.

  • Discussions and Proposals (please refer to documents sent in advance) -- 10-15 min each
-- Proposal 1 - March 2013 Convergence goals (March 2013 Committee) APPROVED

CINDY: Friday Agenda needs to provide space (1/2 to whole day) for NPC-only meeting to discuss business—SEND TO AGENDA team

-- Proposal 2 - March Convergence Non-NPC nomination-invitation process and criteria (Outreach WG)

In brief: NPC orgs can nominate up to 4 non-NPC orgs to NOLA mtg. Those who nominate will have to follow up with invitation, after NPC and/or Outreach WG review and approval.

WILL: Will non-NPC members be eligible for travel support? WALDA: The agreement is that priority funding is for NPC orgs, 1 travel allowance per org; a commitment to providing funds to invitees, but dependent upon funding. MAUREEN: Non-NPC members will need support in order to attend. CINDY: Can we extend the deadline to next week- rather than the 11th/Friday? NOMINATIONS- due by Jan. 18- to Jerome/Outreach – Outreach/ACT will then approve list and invites to go out. APPROVED, 1 ABSTAIN

-- Proposal 3 - Philadelphia Expanded
Meeting goals, use of tech to advance goals (Comms-Tech WG)

Meeting in Philly would take form of a regional PMA, with selected space (i.e., at start and end of weekend) to connect with NOLA. Content and timing will be determined by March 2013 agenda team. Alfredo and Cheri outlined importance of a regional gathering for folks who can't travel to NOLA, plus need to think thru how to use technology with less funds for travel, costly national in-person mtgs.

WILL: Supports PMA idea. Is this a parallel meeting? Are we using the Non-NPC invitation process for this Expanded meeting, why or why not? JACKIE: Agenda team will determine how the communications are timed, defined. All is determined by the agenda for the NOLA meeting DEREK: Would like to see us moving towards having more parallel meetings to address financial limits. CINDY: Agenda team needs to make sure the NPC has time to meet to discuss the specific, strategic, fundraising work we are doing, and NPC political responsibility. A PMA model seems to make sense to bring people together and develop thinking. PROPOSAL AFFIRMED

NEXT COMMS/TECH CALL Next Meeting: Tuesday January 22, 2013 Time: 7:00pm ET/ 6:00pm CT/ 5:00pm MT/ 4:00pm PT Call-in: (712) 432-0075, code 388105# (host 564471#) – (NPC#)

-- Proposal 4 - USSF 2014 goals, We Believe Statement (Road to 2014 Committee)

WALDA: This document is to frame our political discussion. Based in earlier documents (we believe versions, urgency statement, PMA Synthesis) MAUREEN: Wants to see actual proposed text of We Believe before supporting. She is available to help with this discussion. CINDY: Concerns about #5 ; would like to see more discussion and circulation of a final text before we approve. JEROME: We need to expedite this to help us with organizing/outreach. WALDA: There was *broad* agreement on the working group to accept the top 6 goals that are listed; The only lack of consensus was the alternate #5 . The committee took it as far as we could go and wants input from NPC. CINDY: Comfortable with 1-6; not with alternative #5. Maybe we can note that this is a 'living document' that is subject to further discussion. ASHLEY: Would like to be sure that alt. #5 does get a dedicated time to discuss. SYLVIA: We can propose this to the March 2013 agenda team to include space for discussing 'what we believe' and larger goals. Asks that Ashley draft text for 6th proposed goal and bring back to NPC. GOALS AFFIRMED

Changes in the We Believe statement compared against original will be sent to the NPC for follow up review and discussion. WE BELIEVE TABLED

-- Proposal 5 - Site Selection 2014 proposal (Road to 2014 Committee)

VICTOR: Note text p. 7 needs to be changed to reflect accelerated time period for selection (not 12-18 mos). Ashley: P. 6 requests addition of text on what social forum week is about: add "practicing our principles' VICTOR: p. 8 add language on the need for legal support as anchor criteria SYLVIA: Is also checking with Steph on doc, check list that 2008 site selection team used for process leading to Detroit selection. APPROVED

-- Proposal 6 - NPC application
roles, responsibilities, ideals-principles, categories and process (Outreach WG)

MAUREEN: Is the proposal absolutely necessary for discussion now? SYLVIA: We're inviting people to participate in March meeting and outreach is working to talk with NPC members to determine their future involvement. We want to have some ways that groups can stay involved even if they can't remain on NPC. We need to have affirmation on whether NPC members want to stay on NPC or move to a different category of membership/participation. This can help expand our capacities. So having the new categories of membership -affiliation with the USSF process is helpful to outreach and mobilizing work. For outreach to new members of NPC- we are proposing to use the same application used for 2009.

CINDY: Where are the lines of accountability and decision making? How will categories interact?. We need more time to discuss this. The NPC roles are fine-- but what needs more discussion is how these categories relate.

DAVID: There was no decision making authority envisioned in the non-NPC categories.

SYLVIA: A letter will go out to NPC to request affirmation. We will remove language in the draft indicating that non-responders will be shifted to the Organizer-Mobilizer category. But will ask NPC members to get in touch with Jerome/Outreach to affirm roles and responsibilities. We'll review new categories later to allow for more discussion.

SYLVIA: I also want to share that during the holidays I received a note from Alicia with POWER indicating that they are stepping back from the NPC. They will continue to participate thru their alliance building work with GGJ and RTTC. AFFIRMED

-- Proposal 7 - Budgets
March 2013 convergence budget; Philly budget (March 2013 Committee, Comms-Tech WG; Resource Development Committee)

Victor gave overview of budget, including Sep 2012 NPC approved expenses, costs paid since, remaining balance on line items and proposed add'l funds for March Convergence.

In brief
$40700 net revenue available
$24637.88 total expenses
$16062.12 net revenue over expenses
$15837.88 budgeted as available for March Convergence
$12997.12 requested for add'l support of March Convergence
$3065 remaining balance, if proposal is approved

Maureen: Has an alternative proposal. Original budget was $15137.88. Add'l request seems high, leaves too little for much to do after March.

Victor: There were requests for add'l funds to support a larger meeting from the March 2013 Committee and New Orleans organizers.

Jerome: This was a compromise budget. What is the alternative budget? Where did it come from?

Maureen: I proposed it, prepared to share it with others here.

Walda: Wants to raise question on process of vetting and development of budget sent from Resource Dev. How honor and recognize work that's gone into this?

Jerome: This is a budget supported by RDC, right (David & Sylvia: yes)

Sylvia: Spoke this morning with Kimberley and Viola and received feedback on yesterday's March 2013 Committee call from Viola, Yvette and Oya on NOLA logistics and organizing needs and concerns. This is what they felt they could agree on to make the mtg happen.

Maureen: I don't support the add'l expenditures for this meeting. Instead have lower travel allowances, less on food -- feels extravagant. It's costly for things everywhere. I called several churches today who think we can use their spaces. Concerned with little budget funds going forward. This kind of budget frightens me. Still need to hire people to continue doing the work between now and 2014. I've also checked on Motel 6 in NOLA and they have cheaper rates for housing.

Cindy: Agree with what Maureen said.

Derek: March Convergence meeting -- is this a trad'l NPC mtg or a mini-Social Forum?

Jerome: What we've called for is an expanded NPC mtg with approx 300 people on principle of an expanded process -- a little larger than normal NPC mtg.

Derek: The cost here aren't right, still negotiating with university and others on food. Thought food budget also included doing the work.

Sylvia: Members of RDC have been trying to understand the diff budget proposals that have been offered. We've struggled to get the info we need to understand what it will take to make mtg happen. The presented budget and proposal attempts to pull together what we've been told based on available funds -- $12997 in add'l funds for meeting with $3065 remaining post-March.

David: Has concerns with proposals and what we're spending but also noting calendar. Supporting proposal so we can get busy supporting this meeting. It's really a compromise between different groups.

Salimah: Did we agree to have this mtg in NOLA? (Yes) Budget is acceptable as is.

Viola: Kimberley and I spoke this morning with Sylvia and we had another budget mtg in NOLA in December. When we looked at budget we realized this is what we really need to do it. To Maureen: some churches here still aren't open and we can't use. We're really stressed with other campaign work. We need to do this meeting right for 2014.

Cindy: Feels we've gotten lots of feedback on concerns, seems we need a chiseled down budget.

Marian: What Maureen and Cindy have laid out, need to make sure NOLA is a part of the committee to work this out. I understand the economic situation in NOLA but have to look at the objective situation everywhere.

Maureen: I deeply oppose this budget. We cannot go fwd talking about spending $28k for a single event for 3 days knowing that at the end there's only $3k left. We're gonna have to go back and review and revisit this.

Salimah: If we review, we should look at the heavy lines: travel is $13k, we can cut down food. Not that many lines after that, the other lines are peanuts. To satisfy Maureen, bring down the food line to $3k. But we shouldn't move the travel line -- we need to bring people in.

Jerome: Proposal to move fwd?

Derek: Propose to reduce line items like Salimah suggested.

Jerome: Set up another NPC call and give NOLA time to review proposal and see where can cut back.

Walda: Goal was for expanded convos with 300 people. Need to reaffirm if this is where we're going. Suggest we rethink travel budget. Give feedback to NOLA who will be in the convo to discuss this. Who will carry this forward? We can't approve a budget without some process.

David: Asks if those with strong concerns will join in with others to look at budget.

Sylvia: Proposal--RDC work with PISAB-GNOOR, plus Agenda Team and Outreach WG to review meeting size, needs and budget. Still need to allow NOLA people to get info on facilities and other costs.

Viola: Agrees, want opportunity to talk in NOLA, to come together to discuss this. We're sure about what we can do and what we need to do it with.

Jerome: Wants to be on group to review this. Will be in NOLA this weekend and attending GNOOR mtg. Approval for funding for meeting space?

Sylvia: We already approved in September $12300 for March mtg with funding for specific line items. $8000 is for travel. We don't have consensus for new add'l funding. There are some approved funds available if there are urgent, payments that have to be made before review of new budget proposals.

Derek: Can we submit invoices for review?

Salimah: Praxis needs proposed contracts for New Orleans (e.g., hotels) to review what costs, requirements may be. Also can send vendor proposals or quotes for review.

George M: Clarify bids vs. invoices. Standard to get three bids for proposals.

Viola: We can get bids.


Jerome: Agree we need another NPC meeting in next 6-10 days.

Sylvia: We'll follow up over email with approved proposals, next NPC call and additional work to be done. Please stay posted and help, if you can.

  • Anything else?

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