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Conditions and Trends: Detroit/Region

Regional/Local Issue Mapping Friday, March 27, 2009

    • Orange and yellow post-its put on a Midwest regional map including: MI, OH, IN, MO, IL, IA, MN, WI. All post-its were centered around Detroit except one located in western MI that said “RJ” and had arrows emanating from it.

o Water affordability and access

o Assisting people with emergency food

o Health Equity / Public Health

o Advocating for recipients of public assistance

o Holding public accountable for their votes and representation

o Food security and insecurity issues (Food Stamps)

o Affordable Low-Income Housing

o Fighting Welfare Deform

o Helping people meet basic needs – protect life

o Utility Advocacy (especially electricity and natural gas)

o Fighting against privatization, e.g. Cobo Hall, Water Dept., Zoo

o RJ