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Outreach Update - 1. Review process on voting on last batch of NPC applications and timeline 2. Review current #'s registered. New Goal 3. Report Outreach strategy from Now until May 21. 4. Review NPC members turnout goals: their bases, regions, allies. 5. Remind folks about promoting USSF Informational Calls and list upcoming dates. Promoting Facebook page, etc.

Program & Culture Update

Logistics Update!

Next NPC meeting

International Participation Funding Criteria

Sponsorship for the Program Book!



Full Notes

Who is on the call:

Adrienne, Ruckus Society Adele, USSF Rishi, Leftist Lounge Louis, SWOP Flo, IJAN Tammy Bang Luu, LCSC Terri, WILFPJ Kali Akuno, USHRN Jerome, LRNA George Friday, IPPN Jackie Smith, Sociologists w/o Borders Jamala Rodgers, Freedom Road Walda Katz-Fishman, LRNA Cindy Domingo, Center for Social Justice Jacqui Patterson, WOCU Will Copeland, USSF Emily Kawano, SEN Darryl, AFSC Cindy Wiesner, GGJ Oya Amakisi, DLOC rep Sylvia, MWRO Carrie Neff, AI-USA Alfredo, MayFirst Jen Cox, PPEHRC Heather Milton-Lightning, USSF/IEN Karlos, CMJ


Program & Culture update - (Walda) - had about 280 workshop submissions, 30 are 4 hours workshops, 3 are PMAs (also 4 hr). - Everyone can go an look at all of this info. - Need lots of work on indigenous track, Detroit and trade unions. - April 20 deadline - there will be a final extension until April 26 (Sunday). - Have been also getting email, mail and walkin submissions. Not sure exactly how many paper workshop submissions there are. So need to add these in. In 2007, we did work with the indigenous council - should check in with Heather to have some process for those workshops. Also a discussion about 15 workshops on Tues. focused on Detroit from the anchor organizations.

- Cultural submissions (Oya) - a lot of people couldn't get through, so many submissions throu email, mail, etc. 200-230 submissions, films around 50, some groups gave a series of shorts. Working with indigenous wg to get John Trudell, and ensure diversity. - Is the Cultural deadline moving? Yes, but not telling people. Pretty set. Have a lot more flexible than workshops. Did make agreement with Heather about being flexible with indigenous - need to give more time. Spoke with 5 indigenous folks in MI who are interested in getting involved. - Detroit Expanded - video for opening march? Is DEX already planning on this? Just coordinate - call Oya.

Will - at the DLOC meeting the report on the walk in registration around 28. Workshops on Tues will be repeated on Sat. to enable folks who work to attend. - How do people submit a PMA proposal. Needs to be coordinated with Stephanie. Different process than a four hour workshop - different criteria/collaboration. Can submit online, they do get identified as a PMA. Now an organization can submit for a 4 hr workshop. - the workshop form still says that you need two sponsors for a 4 hour workshop. Needs to be changed. Will ask Kiran from Program.

If someone does PMA do they have to coordinate with Steph? Walda - can go one line to set up, may need follow up


Registration Numbers: 3111 registered 759 organizations total money raised $88,908 ($55,377 received; $33,531 pending)

Identified 50 organizations that brought large delgations in 2007; only 20 of them were registered and most not with full delegation. Will be crunching the orgs.

Tammy - 3,111 registered out of 759 organizations - problem is that folks are registering and paying at low rates People are bringing in more people than reflected by the numbers that organizations will actually be bringing in When we are getting registrations we are not asking for a lot of information; next go around she'll break down geographically to get a better sense, and figure out where things Of 50 organizations that brought 15 or more people only 20 have registered Will do outreach to the ones in the "gap" that we are seeing Also need to get better sense from those involved in caravans and labor (AFL and JwJ) re. what numbers are looking like - we see a gap between what's there on paper and what people are saying about their intentions What outreach is offering is that if folks have particular regions that they are working on then provide assistance to key organizations in order to generate more participation Also - working with Comms to move stories and notices on events in order to use this better for outreach purposes Expect to get calls and emails from Outreach to follow up Need to close the gap between the forces in motion and who is currently in motion.

Major responsibility of NPC members is to activate allies, folks in our region to get them registered When stuff is sent out, it really needs to be spread out - can do this by contributed data (email addresses) to listserve or relaying info on to your lists Informational calls - ongoing - every Tuesday 2 pm EDT until the USSF, with up to date information that may not be easy to find on the website Spanish outreach -Thursday, 6pm EDT. Been getting low turnout on Spanish language calls - if there is need then promote in order to get more folks on it

New NPC Applications - have four apps in; Adrienne and Cindy have received 20 requests in the past several months, four is the result; We have now officially closed the NPC application process for USSF 2010.

4 applications in hand: Girls for Gender Equity Labor Heritage Foundation Movimiento Independentista Nacional Hostosiano Refugee Women's Network

Next NPC call - utilize similar process Outreach wg will present recommendations using criteria, follow-up interviews as needed and then have call-in May 3 at 3pm EDT to have conversation with applicants Set up voting mechanism with ICT and close out voting on May 5 Please be on lookout for email link of NPC applications from B.


Sylvia - in Detroit! working with Maureen and Tapeka David will be posting new stuff on website Tent process - anyone interested in getting tent in tent village along Detroit River with tables and chairs, there will be info on costs - 15x15 (24) - $150 20x30 (60) - $200 - this info will be online shortly, this is heads up for NPC This area also will be convening area for caravanistas Vender space Local folks will be stepping up, but there will also be space for folks coming in for books etc Travel support - Southwest and Megabucks look like they will be coming through with some deals Local transport - coming together $5 flat rate for People Mover Working on airport shuttles - working on this Solidarity housing - Warehouse - Cots from veterans ctr - Local homes - $15 pp per day - working on this - Property purchase - info will be online shortly

Water, Medical Care, March details - being worked out

Childcare - for babies up to four years old - coming together Childrens Social Forum - more info soon OC sub-ctte to establish criteria for travel support - link to Common Counsel is up; they will be taking information in; OC group establishing criteria re. regional/constituency priorities will be worked out and shared shortly Registration waivers - as of April 3 had $8,000 in requests for subsidy/support - and as of since then we have about $3,000 in helping hand funds; Dbase work on this is heavy, recommending a blanket waiver and encourage payment of fees at time of USSF on arrival;

Questions Tent area - seems a ways away from Cobo - is there any way to cover this inside the Convention Ctr?? Yes - is a Still a possibility. Looking for group space for those who can't afford tent. Problem with indoor halls with sound and also ways to section off. May also folks who want to do tabling. Working on figuring out how to best use the space. Also discussion of shuttle4 between village and Cobo Hall - hopefully this will happenb, although the walk is around 15 minutes. If we need to immediately contact someone about solidarity housing, who to contact? A bit delicate - hoping to have mini-forum where people can post their needs. Hoping to secure space for 1500. Seems like some folks are having problems with getting hotel space esp. for later in the week. Will ask Topeka to check with hotels and see where we are with the booking. Seems like other groups are trying to book under Social Forum. Tapeka is trying to extend hotel reservations into areas further away. Hip Hop and Allied Media Conference which are before and after. Should people from those conferences be specific about which conferences they're reserving under. Different rates have been negotiated for each conference.

Next NPC - May 21-23. Not sure if the budget will allow for an OC meeting. Will be sending out surveys on various bits and pieces - who's coming, Recommend that people start booking travel. Plan for all day on each day. Will ask how many people are planning to stay through to the USSF. Location is yet to be determined. Ditto for hotel. Hopefully will be able to have confirmation about OC soon so that people can make travel plans.

International Participation Funding Criteria Criteria for Travel Scholarships for International Participants to the US Social Forum

Have $25000 to distribute - but only half is for international -- specifically for Latin America and Africa

Prioritize people who: - grounded in grassroots work - representative of organized group(s) or movement(s) - representative of a sector or issue where there is a need to forge new links - lacking alternative resources or able to match resources

The IST will form a sub-group a sub-group of the IST and list recommendations to the NPC in May (need deadline).

We will continue to encourage both prospective international participants and, where applicable, hosting organizations, to work together to raise adequate funding to make participation possible.

Thanks to all who have participated in the online survey that was put up several months ago - your input is a great help in identifying people in potential need of assistance.

Michael mentioned folks who have been involved in WSF process and can/should be able to come.

Document? that gives a better framing from ABQ convos. Have been in convos w/ int'l folks on the plenaries. 3rd day is about integrating work of orgs in U.S. with counterparts abroad on issues of importance. We have lists of people and have been looking around, plus getting requsts int'lly. Survey online has also collected info. Drafting recs and will send to NPC before May. Will work to spread around funds. Detroit to Dakar to stregthen relationships and prioritize follow up for a good delegation to WSF in Dakar next yr.

Need approval from NPC to move forward on this--questions? Plenary funds to help folks who need help to get here int'lly--specific people who would be good to have.

Folks are getting ltrs of invitation and needs and capacity are being assessed. May deadline not set yet but IST needs guidance so can deal with this. Add'l funding may become avaialble. Sooner deadline would be ideal.

Approval? General consensus seems ok

Comms-Outreach effort - if we (our organizations) have stuff going on then it can be blasted out both as outreach and also as organizing tool. So for example, upcoming deadlines, NPC efforts needing highlights, stories, caravans, efforts in Detroit - send to B by Sunday of every week and stuff will be forwarded on by Tuesday every week.

We'll then need organizations to cooperate by forwarding them on.

Procedure from B: Comms/Outreach are collaborating with the goal of putting out weekly email blasts from now till the forum (11 to go).

The blasts are a combination of 1. Logistical updates (housing, submission deadlines, important dates) 2. Organizing Tool (sharing phone info-sessions, local organizing groups, etc.) 3. Creating Hooks Out of Programming (sharing who's going & what's happening to get people excited.)

The IDEAL process would be for people/wg's to submit email content to without me having to chase people (ha!).

We'll be compiling messaging for what could go out but please also send me what you need to have go out and we'll do our best to get it together.

examples: Program/Culture - 1 week from Submission Deadline. (Today)

                             content for April 20th announcement

Youth WG - Content for April 24th National Fundraising Day NPC members - Feature on Excluded Worker Congress (JwJ/NDLON)

                        - Feature on Detroit Work Brigades (DLOC)
                        - Feature on Healing Canopy & Movement Assembly
                        - Feature on Climate Justice (IEN) 
                        - Feature on Workshops to end Poverty (Poverty WG)
                        - National PMA (PMA WG)

The general idea is to present a "you don't want to miss this. This joint is historic" messaging by highlighting everything in motion at this point.

I'll do my best to compile it into a cohesive blast.

Schedule: Send text by Sunday I compile on Monday & get translated Blasted on Tues by email Resent by NPC & Working Groups Tues/Wed. Sent by Facebook, etc. by that Friday.