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Monday, April 27, 2009
6pm EST/3pm PST (1.5 hour)
Proposed Agenda
  • Check in
  • Review of Coordination Team "Action Items"
  • Updates from Detroit and National
  • Evaluation of NPC call. Also, standing time for the NPC call
  • Working Groups
  • Agenda, objectives and logistics for the anchor-strategic planning meeting, land the dates and times
  • Coming up with a budget for the strategic planning meeting: travel,food, space
  • Request to speak at mid-west social forum meeting in may: Jacqui volunteered, see if someone from detroit can make it. we need to make a decision if we want to send someone and who
  • Expansion Committee (recruitment of new NPC members)
  • Meeting Wizard: dates for the next face to face meeting
  • Next Facilitator and agenda-maker
  • On call: Cindy Weisner (GGJA), Will Copeland (LOC), Maureen Taylor (MWRO), Josue Guillen (Praxis Project), Sylvia Orduno (MWRO), Elena Herrada (Centro Obrero), Tom (Goldtooth (IEN)
  • Absent: Rocio Valerio.

Coordination Team “Action Items” Summary from 4/20 mtg
  • NPC report from Coord Team, preparations (All Coord Team by 4/21)--done
  • Send Anchors Hiring Proposal to Coord Team (Will by 4/24)--Near completion; all material is in document, Diana and Rocio working to get it out soon. Got feedback and design from anchors.
  • Write summary on presenting/discussing WSF Charter of Principles and PMA for LOC orientations (Sylvia by 4/27)--not done yet
  • Send email to Coord Team to schedule conf call facilitators (Rocio by 4/27)--not done yet
  • Follow up with NPC reps (Michael, Josué, Stephanie, Adrienne) to Anchors Strategy Session on agenda, including NPC possible budget/sponsorship of it (Cindy by 4/27)--done
  • Check with Carol at Indian Health Center about Pablo Davis’ space availability (Will by 4/27)--not done yet

  • No new items since NPC mtg.
  • WGs starting to meet today: PMA today; Culture/Program Wed; Global Well-Being mtg today
  • Bank acct will be set up tomorrow; signers will meet at 2pm
  • Hart PLaza requetsed surety ltr
  • Cobo CD proof by end of April; $16,300
  • Secured insurance binder $400-500 for $2m coverage
  • Cobo $28,000 total
  • Arena staff and ushers addl $72,000--won't do
  • $5,700 check in early May (by 5/29) from Steph/PS to Cobo

Cindy: security last time and role of police and private & SM security--we got critiqued last time; ATL convention ctr req'd; need NPC political convo

Maureen: we'll have rep/Director from Threat Mgmt--community trained--ready to meet with NPC in Detroit; need security for Arena sessions (11,000 people); security for march; Cobo has some staff; we want Detroiters to ensure we're safe; add'l security away from downtown area for workshops, etc?

Eval of NP call
  • How do we get WGs moving forward? Leadership--initial pt people? Connections with LOC (sub)committees?
  • Develop a process/mechanism that works for us all.
  • ATL organizing committees replicated local work with nat'l, form necessary committees.
  • Do LOC committees have a directive to just go forward or are they waiting for WGs to come in and say do this/that?
  • LOC committees maybe feeling tentative.
  • Anchors help increase communication on what needs to be done?
  • 5/9 strategy may be able to help with setting out local organizing effort.
  • Buy-in and empowerment at local level, different from nuts & bolts; how do the parts fit?
  • This body needs to make sure that every WG has enough leadership to have their first mtg; we need to encourage local groups to have representation.
  • Ensure convos are happening btwn local and nat'l.
  • We've just relaunched the WGs--some push/pull in timeline; calls should discuss division of labor and synchronizing their work; local pt people should make sure they get WG info, are on the call, and bringing back info to LOC; co-planning; C-Team can do troubleshooting.
  • LOC people not on WG lists, has to be forwarded by Will or others.
  • WGs by invitation for early participation?
  • WGs are open spaces for nat'l groups.
  • LOC groups for Detroit-based work.
  • We need to create WGs listservs so we don't lose people along the way and stay in communication; LOC committees should also create listservs--Josue recommends creating lists for nat'l and local.
  • Committees that also do outreach may not want everyone on their list, e.g. potluck/outreach.
  • Use riseup listsev or ussf2010 for listservs? Will be discussed at Tech WG conf call on Thurs 4/30.
  • What is the process we're using? As a C-Team what rec can we make to problem solve how to get involved in 1st WG mtgs? and build up listsrvs? how synch local and nat'l for solutions? Nat'l has been slower than local.
  • E.g., Tech WG sent out indiv invites to first conf call; then sent out broader announcement to others we know of; some concern with having too many people on call; interested in public not private mtg.
  • Josue: For listsev the more things are on one system, the easier it is to provide assistance, etc--suggest ussf2010 listervs thru MayFirst; trying to get riseup to support this mechanism decision.
  • Maureen: we've got WGs meeting--some we know about, some we don't; hard to be the "hub" if we don't know what are the convos going on nat'lly. We need to identify and streamline some of this activity. We haven't settled who are the go-to people or groups.
  • Outreach Comm hasn't made a conf call--one of the biggest groups that met at NPC mtg in Detroit; don't have religious outreach group but need collaborative strategy; had interfaith group last time.
  • Need outreach materials in diff languages.
  • Cindy: hears the frustration and impatience but beauty of process can help groups and give a little kick to get calls going; help reduce parallel process and build up lists.
  • C-Team needs to outline who we need to push to get ball rolling
  • LOC groups are having local mtgs but visible level of frustration--looking for nat'l connection.
  • Josue going to speak with Ctr for Media Justice to get Comm WG of the ground, Carlos? Also Bill Bryce from SE MI JWJ.
  • Tech WG: MayFirst interested in co-leading nat'lly
  • Tech team will open up 4/30 mtg
  • Anyone can participate in WG's; a co-creation process, not dictation.
  • Need local and nat'l co-leads for WG calls.
  • Who willing to step up locally?
  • Prog/Culture WG: Jerome is willing to help set up the first call, not co-lead, need co-lead nat'lly; Will, co-lead locally for now.
  • RM WG: Genaro nat'l co-lead; anchors need to discuss for locally; email list recently was created by Josue. How is nat'l fundraising connected to local efforts? Have convo together to figure out.
  • Logistics WG: MWRO offered to be initial group for co-lead; gap in nat'l co-lead.
  • Outreach WG: Sarita/JWJ offered to touch base with Tammy/Bus Riders for nat'l; co-lead locally EMEAC/Ahmina for now. Cindy will connect them.
  • Language Access WG: Danielle at CTWO offered to do nat'lly on interim; need local interim co-lead.
  • Int'l WG: Cindy/GGJA for now nat'lly.
  • PMA: Steph/PS and Ruben/SWU are national point people; gap locally.
Sat, 5/9 Strategic Mtg
  • Fly Thurs--Michael: can be there Fri & Sat; Josue: Fri & Sat; 3 days not possible so all day Friday and half Sat? Sunday Mother's Day. Anchors say Thurs and Fri not possible, but all day Sat--perhaps part of Friday.
hey lovely people, sadly, i'm hopping on a flight from ny to cali at 6pm tonight. however, here's my input for the call:
1. what i understand as the major objectives to reach by the end of the day may 9 are: key staff locked in (have local advanced the process for hiring folks?), strategic work plan in place, and clear understanding of how the anchors and LOC interact. still havent gotten LOCAL input on that, not sure what to do to get it.
2. logistics - if its just the anchors, michael, stephanie, me and a couple of DLOC reps, it would be great to meet in DWEJ's offices in terms of convenience, internet, space, etc.
also, we will mostly likely need serious time with michael on the budget and finances stuff, this week i can do intake calls with the anchors, with michael and stephanie, and with will. i can have an agenda draft by the end of the week for all to review.
3. mwsf - the major piece as far as i understand it is that someone goes who can ask them if they are down to use the social forum process for planning their conference...otherwise its a conference and i think that has been the major controversy!? they are eager to get to work on stuff.
  • there's urgency on budget; if Sat mtg only, is it worth having everyone from NPC fly in, esp on Thurs? Perhaps late afternoon mtg on Fri for budget discussion? Will ask anchors at Tues mtg.
  • Agenda: TBD
  • Budget: need to create a budget for airline tix stipend and food; need volunteers to draft one for this mtg to report back--Cindy and Elena
  • Mtg space: Pablo Davis? Hannan House? not an issue
  • NPC reps: Adrienne, Steph, Michael, Josue;
  • Elena: locally we can put folks up to save on hotel $ and potluck for lunch; Elena offered to cook.
MWSF rep
  • Jacqui Patterson from Women's WG volunteered.
  • Also a Detroit rep? This needs to be part of overall Outreach WG strategy. Will will find someone from local Outreach Committee and team up with Jacqui by Wed 4/29. Here is her email
  • And the contact person for the Midwest Social Forum is Rose Brewer. Rose can connect you up to the Midwest SF folks
  • Additional note: expenses will be paid by MW SF.
Need facilitator and agenda person for next time.
  • Cindy out of town till 5/18 (during next 2 C-Team calls), going to Int'l Comm mtg.