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  • Priscilla Dziubek
  • Rachel Wells
  • Shirley Chalmers
  • Rocio Valerio
  • Oyatunde Amakisi
  • Bill Bryce
  • Quintin Williams
  • Andre Martin
  • Dianne Feeley
  • Bill Wylie-Kellerman
  • Tom Stephens
  • Marian Kramer
  • Maureen Taylor
  • Nancy Brigham
  • William Copeland
  • Ahmina Maxey
  • Kiran Nigam
  • Nisa Joorabchi
  • Bruce Peterson
  • Glenn Shelton
  • Debbie Williams
  • Sharon Sexton
  • Joel McKinney
  • Peter Solenberger
  • Gwen Gaines
  • Carol Bender
  • Lotus Page

Anchor Updates

  • May 9th strategic session went well
  • 2 local staff organizers will be hired – William Copeland and Maureen Taylor
    • Working with NPC to put together a complete staffing proposal
    • Other positions to be staffed - Communications, Technology, Logistics

Committee / Working Group Updates


  • Work at present is trying to broaden their circle
  • Excited that the Hush House will be involved, including King Solomon Church
  • Will draft up timeline of work committee must do at next mtg
  • Next Religion Committee meeting will be Thurs, May 21st at 5pm

Comment: DLOC can also provide some leadership nationally. We would like for there to be an increased local presence on the National Working Groups.


  • National Communications Working Group is not functioning yet. Will try to pull together a conference call together next week. Being chaired by Reg McGee.
  • Local Communications Committee is functioning and welcomes all help
  • No minutes from past meetings posted on wiki, but Reg will get around to doing that
  • If you have contacts with the radio, print, TV please pull them into the Communications Committee

Comment: Mark this date on your calendars - June 22 – this is the one year out marker (1 year until forum). We will plan an event around this date!


  • Technology should not be separate from the Communications Committee. They are closely linked.
  • Have an upcoming meeting
  • An idea was posed that a technology person should be in every Committee
  • The communications needs of DLOC should be addressed and given to the Technology Committee
  • This Committee is very committed to “open source” technology. Concern is that “open source” may be intimidating to some and this is a need the Tech. Comm. is aware of.
    • The Tech. Comm. will discuss wiki trainings for DLOC
  • Tech. Comm. responsibility will also be to facilitate conversations between the many parts of DLOC
    • Determine solution to “How will the many Committees communicate with each other?”
    • Ex) Establish protocol for e-mail communication, submitting meeting minutes, how do we want National to work with DLOC, etc.


  • Housing – hotels, dorms, solidarity, tents – youth encampment
    • Will need to discuss what to do about the homeless groups and how to organize housing for them
  • Food & Vendors
  • Transportation
    • How to get people from the airport, around the city, etc.
    • What kind of vans should we use?
    • Can we get people to donate bikes?
    • Coordinate with people-mover, city buses to see if we can get discounts
    • Coordinate with bus that travels to airport from Detroit
  • Registration, Information, Lost & Found
  • Hart Plaza
    • 10 or 15 tents
  • Will need to coordinate for over a thousand workshops
  • Develop a map
  • Volunteers for registration, information, security
  • Waste management – Can link up with Sustainability Committee (which has yet to meet)

Logistics Next Steps: (by Sept. 1):

  • Want to meet with youth to decide where the Youth Encampment will be
  • Lining up hotel, motels, dorm space
  • Talk to transit, airlines, Greyhound
  • Mapping out the facilities/spaces we will be using
  • Next meeting Mon, May 18 at 5:30pm night (Location TBA)

Comment: Support for the Logistics Comm., and all Committees, will be increasing now that DLOC is staffed Comment: Discussion at the weekend Strategic Session that Children’s Social Forum will occur during the USSF

Outreach / Potlucks

  • Need to pick the date for the next potluck
    • Once we have the plan and the dates let everyone know
  • Are in need of an Events Calendar Coordinator – Rachel Wells volunteered
    • Will be responsible for keeping a Calendar of Organizational events
    • Adele Nieves?
  • Ideas for different DVDs, films, art that can be shown at outreach events
    • Ex) DVD - Unnatural Causes
  • Book titled Working Detroit by Steve Babson provides a good history on Detroit
  • Nisa has also created an initial postcard – must be printed with a Union Bug

Comment: CALL TO ALL event - May 26 at 5pm


  • Have been doing outreach within the artist community
  • Program and Cultural Working groups have been combined nationally
    • If you are interested in developing a program, please talk with Will
    • National Program Working Group will be having a call tomorrow
  • Next Cultural Committee meeting will be Thurs, May 14 at 6pm at SalaThai on Lafeyette

International Working Group

  • E-mailed people in the International Working Group to decide when to meet
    • Contact Rocio Valerio ( if interested in working on this Comm. or can refer people to this working group
  • This is not just a Detroit movement, a US movement, but it is also an international movement
  • This working group will establish the logistics for involvement of the international community in the USSF
  • Solidarity fund for international participants to ensure they can participate in the USSF

Inactive Committees

  • If you are interested in calling the first meeting for any of the inactive committees please step up
    • Block Clubs
    • Disability / Accessibility – Quintin Williams, Rachel Wells
    • Senior Citizens – Have already met at least twice, Harold Spence, we just need a report back
    • Sustainability – Will work closely with Logisitics
      • Their purpose can include economic, environmental, organizational sustainability
      • Ensure the organizations involved don’t burn out
    • Vision
    • Youth – Kiran Nigam will step up to schedule the first meeting
      • We must also engage DPS students

Midwest Social Forum Report back

  • Want to have conversation about regional outreach at the next DLOC meeting
  • Oya and Tom Stephens went to Chicago the weekend of May 9 to meet with the Midwest Social Forum organizing/planning meeting
    • As a result of their meeting Midwest Social Forum decided they would not have a 2010 forum
    • Representation from Wisconsin, Chicago, Minnesota at the meeting
    • Proposal being drafted for local social forums by this body
    • Tom Stephens has a written report that he will send out through e-mail debriefing the Chicago meeting
    • There were serious issues with diversity and language/communication
      • We can really provide regional leadership to this body to be more diverse and inclusive of people of color in leadership positions
      • Suggestion: Midwest Social Forum have a link on the wiki
      • Suggestion: Outreach Committee really take this on


  • May 16 – MI Policy Summit
  • May 19 – NPC Call
  • May 19 – Day of Action for Troy Davis
  • May 21 – Justice for Robert Mitchell (8 Mile & Schoenherr/ 5pm)
  • May 22 – MWRO Utilities Committee Meeting
  • May 23 – Town Hall Meltdown Summit (Cobo)
  • May 26 – Peoples Water Board (6pm)
  • May 26 – CALL FOR ALL Committees face to face (5pm)
  • June 1 – Diane Bukowski’s Sentencing Date
  • June 8 – Utilities Committee Mtg. (5pm)
  • June 9 – Rev. Pinckney Appeals Hearing (6am, Grand Rapids)
  • June 14-17 – Peoples Summit
  • June 18 – EMEAC Diesel Campaign Launch
  • June 21 – National Baptist Alliance
  • June 22 – One Year Kick-off of USSF
  • July 16-19 – Allied Media Conference
  • July 24-26 – Women of Color Film Festival

Notes about Events

  • People's Summit - There needs to be a conversation around strategy for USSF outreach at the Summit
  • Rev. Pinckney Appeals Hearing - By May 29 must have money for bus ride to Rev. Pinckney by this date to Quintin Williams of MWRO
  • USSF will be a sponsor of AMC - Send representatives to it from USSF