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NPC Conference Call May 12, 2010

call in 712 432 0075 code 388105#


- Roll Call
- Outreach Update [including welcome of new NPC members]
- Logistics Update [AV Walk-through report back]
- Program and Culture Update [Scheduling Brigade update!]
- OC-NPC May meeting update, registration reminder
- anything else?



May 12, 2010 NPC call


Cindy Domingo, Center for Social Justice Byron, Freedom Road Michael, GGJ Louis, SWOP Jackie, Sociologists w/o Borders Adrienne, USSF, Ruckus Diana, EMEAC Will, USSF Oya, DLOC rep Alicia, POWER Sylvia, MWRO Kali, US HRN Jacqui, WOCU Eddie, AFL-CIO Terry, WILFPJ Emily, SEN Alfredo, Mayfirst/People Link Brooke, Jubilee Jamie, Mayfirst/People Link Cindy, GGJ Walda, LRNA Jerome, LRNA George, IPPN Carl, RTTC Mallory, Mayfirst/People Link George Martin, UFPJ Jamala, Freedom Road Genaro, SWU Treston, JWJ

Outreach Working Group Report:

Welcome new NPC members: Labor Heritage Foundation Movimiento Nacional Independentista Hostosiano (MINH) Refugee Women’s Network

We will be inviting Girls for Gender Equality to participate in the Gender Justice and Youth working groups, but not inviting them to the NPC.

As of today, here's where we're at with registration:

  • 1,334 organizations registered
  • 5,736 individuals registered
  • $170,918 raised ($119,006 completed, $51,912 pending)

65 percent paying at the lowest rate of registration which is $40 per organization. Although there are some folks that have sent in extra money. The map shows numbers of organizations registered or the individual. Lowest Registration by State: Delware 0 Wyoming 0 Montana 1 New Hampshire 1 Oklahoma 1

Highest Registration by State: Washington 91 Washington DC 155 Massachusetts 161 Illinois 214 New York 362 Michigan 400 California 420

At NPC meeting, we will do a break down on sectoral turnout as well. And review the ourtreach strategy for the last month prior to the forum.

We need all NPC members to help continue doing outreach, encouraging registration at the highest level, and to register their full delegations. There are major gaps geographically and sectorally, we need some help identifying leads or organizations that we can tap into.

Program scheduling - Gotten over 1000 workshops, 47 PMAs, 27 Detroit highlighted that will happen Tues and Sat., 124 4 hr. workshops. So scheduling is challenging. - Need to have 140 rooms per workshop slot, now we have around 100, anticipate more rooms being released. - Prioritizing in Cobo hall workshops that need translation, wheelchair accessibility. People might have requested certain days ie. 2/3 req Friday - this won't be completely possible, so will have to shift them around. - Need to have paid and registered in order to have workshops get scheduled. - Have sent out notifications of receipt, but no decisions yet. So far all workshop have been accepted. should be able to access schedule withg logistical detail within a week. Can search workshops by org or name. - Getting requests to not schedule workshops that would conflict with others on same topic, but this is very difficult. Will try, but no promises.

Questions: - Opening March: Website says that March starts at 3:00? Isn't it 5:00? Due to a various factors, the time had to be moved up. This day is the rain date for the fireworks and police were afraid that there would be conflict. City Council voted unanimously to enable the march and over-rode the police. Will get the word out. 3:00 is the march start time, not lining up. This will make things v tight for the caravans. - Detroit specific workshops 11-1? Tues. 11-1 and Sat 10-12 to match with regular workshop times. This has been scheduled through the DLOC process. They had made this proposal to accommodate folks who couldn't make other days. Primarily for Detroiters who might not participate in the rest of the SF and will be around on Sat. - Detroit expanded - around 198. Given that these will require interpretation, these will be prioritized for Cobo hall.

Thanks to everyone who has been working like crazy. Hope that you hear the virtual applause.

Logistics/AV walkthrough - Hotels: filling fast. Tapeka is also looking for rooms across the border. Solidarity housing - folks are working on this, apartments, churches and other flop spaces, $5-20/person. Have found a few more houses. Some landlords are willing to rent for a week or more. Will put up soon. - Children's SF & Childcare - pre-registration will go up Monday. Lots of terrific activities. - Vendors for food: applications are online. Food vendors deadline is Friday. contact Maureen asap. This will be Hart Plaza. - Non-food vending and tabling deadline is later, June 4 (?). This is Hart Plaza or Cobo Hall. - Canopies which can be used for workshops, meetings, selling merchandise, etc: info is on the website, though hard to find (we'll fix), go to logistics and there's a link. Contact Mr Kemp, 313-779-8938. These will be set up a few blocks away from Cobo.

NPC Meeting - Today is the last day to register! - Friday - OC will start in morning 9-1, NPC starts after that and runs all day Sat and Sun (through 5pm) - Book your own accommodations at Holiday Inn Express, Washington Blvd. Mention USSF and Tapeka Dixon - Agenda is being developed. If you're interested in being involved, email Adrienne. Meeting tomorrow at 3, so will let you know after that when the agenda will be avail.

Miscellaneous Who to talk with about scholarships? Sylvia or Sha. Re. International scholarships - should be more info forthcoming soon.