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Peoples Movement Assembly – USSF Road to Detroit
1st call
April 27, 2009
2nd call
May 14, 2009
Present (between the 2 calls):
Ruben Solis-SWU
Stephanie Guilloud-Project South, GA
Susan Williams-Highlander, TN
Attica Scott-KY Jobs w Justice, KY
Stephen Bartlett-Agricultural Missions, KY
Janvieve Williams- Latin American Caribbean Community Center, GA
Dan Leahy- Trinational Coalition, WA
Angela Winfrey – People’s Institute, SE region (LA & GA)
Face to face - MEETING
Proposed Date July 31 – at the KY Social Forum, Berea KY
Call flow
1) Intros
2) Background on PMA
3) Questions & Conversation
4) Next steps to face to face meeting
Upcoming & Ongoing connection possibilities to PMA
- Southern Strategies process – Highlander is anchor
Contact Pam McMichael <>
- KY Social Forum (July 31-Aug 2)
Contact Attica Scott <>
- Project South Member Assembly (June 20, 09)
Contact Stephanie Guilloud <>
- Border Movement Assemblies (March 09 & Sept 09)
Contact Ruben Solis <>
- NW Portland - Environmental & Economic Crisis Summit (Oct 09)
Contact Dan Leahy <>
Background & a little history on PMA
USSF – 2007 – broke new ground in new ways – the majority who participated were people of color, affected folks participating, not just the advocates
PMA at the USSF - we gave it bigger standing than the WSF had been giving it
Contradictions from the beginning = we come, we share, but we don’t make decisions.
We need to move forward from the convergence spaces with movement positions
Social Movement Assemblies – to meet and confer, these assemblies have grown and established more prominent role – with resolutions decided by consensus

Belen – Assemblies before the Forum, some during, and some after / broke new ground

Social Movements Assembly – not enough resonance here, we called it People’s Movement Assembly – needed more time & capacity to develop process
The next USSF – our potential is greater – we have learned lessons and grown
The PMA is a space to come in as equals – come in at the same weight and level :– convergence of all the organizations and alliances under one tent – to come out with a unified statement, resolutions, all the movements carry it out / implement the steps
Evaluation and agreement in September 2007 that the PMA would play greater role in the Detroit process, and would have a staff person to coordinate the work
Empowering process for people / Entry way into USSF
QUESTIONS from the group
How does it work - tactically?
What are examples?
What is the difference between regional social forums and movement assemblies?
How do we document and evolve the process?
Border Social Forum: position papers, declarations of solidarity, resolutions, call to actions/ Synthesis commission that folded the documents into one / wordsmithing
Presented final resolution to plenary / gave it approval en masse
Poor Peoples Movement Assembly: 3 concurrent sessions on Race, Violence, & Poverty
– groups brought 5 resolutions to larger group and came to full agreement
Guatemala: captured all the documentation from the workshops and spaces
Delegations presented the resolutions to the full body
Fused them together and the statements were presented
Framework & Organizing Plan
- Calls to introduce and build the conversation
- Face-to-face Meeting
- Organizing plan to connect opportunities & design the process
- Timeline of assemblies (before, during, and after the USSF)
- Hiring coordinator, communicating with convergence spaces