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Team Conference Call
Monday, May 18, 2009
6pm EST

Present: Josue Guillen (May First), Sylvia Orduño (MWRO); Rocio Valerio (EMEAC), Elena Herrada (Centro Obrero) Cindy Wiesner (GGJA).

Absent: William Copeland (LOC Staff), Tom Goldtooth (IEN).

Facilitator: Josue Guillen; Notes: Sylvia Orduño

Check in for 5/25 conf call:

Status of Save the Date Announcement (CommWG [Sylvia] and Outreach WG [Cindy])
IC Contracts (Sylvia)
Contacting Working Group point-persons: International, Language Access, Outreach, Logistics
Draft of Communications Staff hire info (Rocio and Diana)

done: add folks to email list for RM WG
C-Team passing around working document for announcing USSF
Josue will send after this meeting: notes from San Antonio PMA
Victor sent template for Will and Maureen template on contracts
Will?: contact Stephanie?
Josue contacted Danielle re: language access; Sylvia needs to contact Carmen and Ricardo.
Michael contacted Sarita and Tammy re: outreach WG;
Sylvia will do WG list follow up
Diana and Rocio draft Communications Staff hire info, ready by end of Wed
Josue sent request to Stephanie for $ request: Sponsor AMC
Rocio sent out meeting wizard announcement
  • Updates from Detroit and National
Anchors met: staffing--still need bookkeeper, sort-term USSF needs including office up and running; communications and tech staffing open call; calendar of events for outreach; met with LOC; 6/11 next Potluck
Notice went out to all for LOC mtg next week--organizing meeting; get all committees running by next week
Recommend: discuss tech hire need in Tech WG; list job description needs. Tech WG has not discussed Tech hire with LOC/Anchors. Share info with Tech WG from Anchors previous discussions.
Because of Detroit incredible political instability, Elena raises concern of existence of Cobo Hall a year from now--we should consider a back up plan; things in Detroit are unpredictable. We should be prepared for Cobo and Hart Plaza to not honor our contracts, e.g. Detroit could end up in receivership. Recommend: local and national committee to investigate in the case that we have to explore other options.
did not send out regular reminders - week out, day before, morning of

we will send reminder tonight and tomorrow late morning

  • Draft Agenda for NPC conf call
RM, budget report
Dates for next F-2-F Mtg (Josue)
Working Group updates (Sylvia)
Detroit report back (Rocio)
IC report (Cindy)
Inactive members calls follow-up (George)
MWSF report
USSF email announcement from C-Team with Outreach and Comm WGs
Josue: facilitator; email agenda and conf call # to NPC: Sylvia
  • Get better conf call number?
  • Next NPC Face-to-face meeting
More available so far for July 7/24-25, Michael and Cindy have GGJA mtg at same time. Interalliance Dialogue Process on same dates--Tammy, Tom, Sarita also may not be available.
Cindy wondering if we can open up weekday mtg dates following AMC for NPC mtg because of 7/24-25 conflict and to support AMC. Anchors said really hard to meet during week, especially 7/20-22. So far most people unavailable in June. We'll need to try and be flexible, may occasionally need to meet on weekdays over the next year.
C-Team trying to troubleshoot dates so most able to participate as possible. :Dates should make sure we include anchors, NPC, and support AMC, if possible. :August also a possibility. Also, start half day on final AMC date, then Mon-Tues.
Proposal: Add to Mtg Wizard Sun-Tues, 7/19-21; plus Aug weekend
Looks like weekdays still no good for LOC or anchors. Suggest:
7/3-5: flights may cost more--don't add
Sylvia: talk with M&M re: dates following AMC for NPC mtg; Elena check with :Bill Bryce; Rocio check with Diana.
add discussion about remaining on NPC conf call, important monthly mtg; anchors are part of NPC.
Sylvia check with Jenny/AMC re: Sunday schedule, ok with NPC to start mtg after 3pm, cool?
  • IC Report
  • Later: cell phone minutes, skype? accountability?