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Potluck/Outreach Committee

Meeting Participants:
Ahmina Maxey, Rocio Valerio, Rachel Wells, Anne Grimnett, Priscilla Dziubek, Nisa Joorabchi

Town Hall meltdown - May 23

USSF will have information at this event
Maureen is printing the postcard at Goodwill (union printer)
Postcard is being translated in Spanish and Arabic
Maureen will see about getting an account with Goodwill

Outreach and Potluck Committee Structure

People may need to meet independent of outreach committee to make potlucks happen
Are looking for a potluck chair/ point person
Outreach is the main committee with satellite committees- potlucks, other potential
We will all meet at the same time but we will break up during the meeting

June 11 Potluck

Date: Thursday, June 11 from 6 – 8PM
Location: 2nd floor of MWRO

Next Steps:

  • Priscilla - will ask Marion if she wants to speak; forward info to People's Summit organizers and find out when their next meeting is
  • Rocio - contacting person from Le Petite Zinc meeting
  • Ahmina - Create flier by Monday (adapt flier Lottie made for Dec. potluck); send e-mail out and ask people to RSVP to Ann by June 4
  • Ann - Will be the food coordinator

We will see if the July potluck can be at the gallery at 2125 Michigan

Outreach Kit:

Kit will include: Flier, Brochure, and Presentation (Dessa is working).
Hoping to have a multi-media presentation
Will have a questions sheet if people ask about donations
At June 9, we will give an overview of the outreach kit (hoping to have 30 min. at the LOC)

Next Steps:

  • Nisa - looking for more information, especially Detroit information.
  • Rocio - will send information to Nisa and talk to Elena and Maureen.
  • Nisa- Will send orientation kit info she has.
  • Rachel - Will summarize info from orientation kit into a 1-pager