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Wiki Workshop Agenda
Wed, 5/27/09, 6pm
Facilitated by Priscilla Dziubek, LouNovak, and SylviaOrduno--please feel free to contact any of us for help or comments!

  • What is a wiki?
Review Wiki definitions about our editable website.
new page--use this page to play around and make simple edits.
Show CommonCraft video [1]--a cool little video that describes how wikis are useful for collaboration!
  • Login in
  • Community patrolling--the wiki is managed by everyone who uses it. Logging in makes it easier to keep track of who is editing the site through RecentChanges.
  • Security concerns--this wiki is open and public but creating a login account allows you to upload files and be a visible USSF participant, thereby, also keep the site working well.
  • Strategies for reducing damage to our wiki--all edits to the website are recorded and viewable on the RecentChanges page or on any of the history tabs at the top of each page. Any destructive or negative changes (e.g., spamming) can easily be reverted back to a previous version. If necessary, we can also enable additional tactics (e.g., blocking) for problems, etc.
Request a login account
  • Don't forget to check your email for an approval link!
  • Overview of site
Navigation--on the left margin of the wiki...helps you link to specific USSF planning groups, projects, meeting dates and notes.
Support--help for wiki problems, training, and additional how-to info.
Toolbox--other links for uploading files, special pages about advanced use of the wiki.
  • Editing the wiki--join in helping to organize the USSF!
Creating a link--there are two types of links: internal and external
  • Internal links are pages within the wiki that help us move between different pages. For instance, all of the links on the navigation menu are internal links.
  • To create an internal link, choose a name for your link then place it inside of double brackets. For example, [[Detroit LOC]].
  • External links are websites or pages outside of this wiki. They may contain information or resources that are useful to share such as the USSF website
  • To create an external link, (1) copy and paste or type the URL for the website or webpage you want to link, (2) add a space at the end of the URL, (3) choose a name for this link, and (4) put the URL and link name inside single brackets. For example, [ USSF website].
  • You can also create an external link by clicking on the external link icon/button at the top of the edit window (note: it looks like a globe and piece of paper) then typing or cutting/pasting your URL and name.
Creating/editing text in an internal link
  • Once you have created an internal link, you may want to add content to it. To do so, click on the new internal link (note: it will probably be red if it contains no data, or blue if the same name already exists and contains data). Click the edit tab at the top of the page to type or copy and paste any information you wish to share. Click save page at the bottom when you are done.
Wiki formatting
  • There are several ways that you can enhance the look of a wiki page. Using some Easy Formatting wiki codes can help organize your data and make it easier to read. For instance:
Italic: two apostrophes around text (''italicize'') will italicize text.
Bold: three apostrophes around text ('''embolden''') will embolden text.
or you can bold out entire line: a semi-colon (;) at the beginning of a line will embolden the entire line, and creates a line break at the end.
Italic & Bold: five apostrophes around text ('''''italicize and embolden''''') will italize and embolden.
Indent: a colon (:) will indent a line (like these lines). DOUBLE INDENT: two colons will indent a line twice.
  • Bullet: an asterisk (*) at the beginning of a line will add a bullet to your text (e.g., * your text).
  • In addition, wikis do not automatically assume a line break between one line of text and the next. To force a line break, use a colon (:) or bullet (*) at the beginning of each line, or add an extra space between the lines. If you cut and paste text from elsewhere, you may need to make these adjustments.
Note taking template
  • For anyone taking and posting notes, we have a created a simple wiki template that may help you easily record and post your notes. Check it out at Meeting Notes Template.
  • Discuss at a future wiki workshop (we ran out of time!)
Uploading files
Moving links
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