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Monday, June 15
6 pm (sharp) to 730 pm EST
Dial-in number (712) 432-0075
Participant access code 388105

Present: Cindy, Sylvia, Elena, Maureen

Absent: Rocio, Tom, Josue, Will

C-Team Proposed Agenda
  • Check in
Many folks have been ill lately, getting better!
Please remember—if you’ll be late or unable to make the call, please let others know.
  • Review of last week's notes; action items
Notes at
Action items
(a) Ask for NPC mtg logistics volunteers at Tuesday’s LOC meeting (Elena)
(b) Save the Date draft revisions (Sylvia)
(c) Elena, Julie, George, and Jenna get in touch to discuss archiving discussion at NPC meeting (Elena).
  • LOC and NPC updates

Elena chaired last LOC meeting with Ahmina—approx 45 people, good meeting!

Good committee reports, especially Outreach Committee—providing good orientations to new people.
Julio Guerrero returned from Mexico meeting of Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras—they’ve agreed to come to Detroit for USSF.
Lots of other recruitment, especially near Mexico border is happening.
Everyone reviewed a Power Point presentation developed about the USSF by the Outreach Committee—well done, needs a few improvements like music, voice over. It contributed to much spirited discussion and debate about terminology, e.g., hegemony, imperialism, capitalism, etc. Many at the meeting supported the emphasis on SF origins but others argued against it. This discussion will continue at next NPC face-to-face mtg.

Peoples Summit is currently going on next to USSF office/church bldg—tents, panels, marches—exciting! USSF tabling is going on to connect the two events. New fundraiser in Jan/Feb 2010 at Repertoire Theater in Detroit for “Song for Coretta”—expected to raise $3000-4000 for USSF. Anchors will put up initial money for tickets.

Anchors have other contacts for local grants, possibly 10-15. Suggest they work with Resource Mob WG who has grant writers, they can help.

Anchors have still not had communication from Donele at DWEJ despite emails and message thru Domina, who occasionally attends LOC mtgs.

Anchors will finish draft of MOU at next mtg, have all sign, and send to DWEJ for signature.
It appears to the anchors that perhaps DWEJ does not have the capacity or interest to participate as an anchor, perhaps they are involved in other projects.
  • Staff reports, update on Will's health?
Will has been in hospital for over a week but expected to be released soon. We all send him our well wishes!
Anchors and staff need hires for Technology, Communications, and Logistics—believe some work is being impeded without their help. Anchors will send job description drafts to –Team by end of the week.
From Strategy Session, Will and Michael started working on a recommendation on staffing structure. Maureen believes Will can continue on this soon.
  • NPC mtg logistics in Detroit:
We’ll ask NPC during conf call to RSVP ASAP to help with plans ion Detroit.
Mtg location? We’ll need more room than last time. Perhaps get space at hotel we get rooms through, or other community site.
Budget? Not known yet
Hotels? Maureen and Elena will investigate St Regis and Marriot, and possible solidarity housing.
Airport transportation? Perhaps we rent a van for various shuttles, or arrange or local pick ups. Sharon George at NAID has van that we may be able to use. Send email to Detroit email list about logistics help and resources.
  • NPC conf call--who can report back/lead discussion on different sections?
Elena will give LOC report.
Maureen will find one or two LOC reps to give 6/22 kick off report.
Interim Personnel Committee (Elena?)—need to give report about new committee to help with hiring issues and contracts, healthcare options, and contact persons for issues. Members—Stephanie, Michael, Elena, and Rocio.
  • Tides Foundation call and notes
Stephanie has sent email note from conf call, Victor added more. Anchors will discuss pro and cons, and other options.
Is GGJA a viable option? Applied for 501c3 recently but takes 2 months to hear back. GGJA could take over from Project South but they recommended that NPC go with someone more stable or with experience.
Maureen will argue against Tides for several reasons to be discussed at NPC conf call.
What are the alternatives to Tides?
Project South has made it clear they want to move away from fiscal sponsorship. Tides offers good staff benefits.
Perhaps we can focus on a plan for next 6 months.
  • C-Team evaluation: who and how?
At next NPC face-to-face mtg we have to elect a permanent team, including WG and LOC representation.
C-Team has to come up with a proposal regarding numbers, responsibilities, and election process.
Evaluation should include what’s happened, what worked—and not, lessons, self-reflection.
Cindy will look up C-Team proposal from 2007 following ATL evaluation mtg., and send out to C-Team, by next Monday for review.