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  • Ahmina Maxey
  • Rocio Valerio
  • Nisa Joorabchi
  • Dessa Cosma
  • Stephanie Chang
  • Ron Lockett
  • Leeann Drees
  • Andre Martin
  • Ron Lare
  • Rachel Wells

Announcements: There is a google group for future outreach communication. (Thanks Stephanie!)

to e-mail members of the outreach committee

Outreach Kit

Timeline for power point

  • Dessa has gotten responses about the power point and the next version should be done by this weekend
  • Nisa and Dessa will send for review over weekend
  • Comments will be sent by Sunday
  • Presentation will be ready by Monday

Other parts of outreach kit:

  • Stephanie has finished the summary sheet.
  • Dessa is working on FAQ sheet, Dessa will develop question categories and assign folks to answer questions

Future items: (after outreach kit is finished)

  • Should we have a tabling kit with sign-in sheets, display?
  • Can also create an array of slides (in addition to the powerpoint slides)

June 22 Kickoff

Art/ Programming for event

  • There is a Thursday Culture meeting and Oya will make an appeal for art submissions for this event.
  • Ahmina will follow-up with performers and ask about video setup
  • We could also have a projector or a slideshow to include a multi-media event
  • Andre will talk to Reverend Rowe about access to the building and find out about a projector for showing a dvd.

Press conference:

  • The press release has been developed and is on the Wiki.
  • Maureen and either Will or Elena can be speakers at this event.
  • Rachel will talk to Reggie about the press conference, including setup, whether they have contacted speakers, if the press release is current, if the communications committee can contact media.


  • Ann is getting a cake, all committee members should give $3 to Ann
  • Ahmina should ask Gwen and Ann about silverware and plates for the potluck

Event tasks

  • Set-up: (at 5 p.m.) Outreach committee
  • Food coordinator: Ann
  • Art coordinator: Oya / Ilana
  • Tech contact person: Priscilla or Lou (Dessa will ask)
  • Welcome Table: Rocio
  • Power point: Nisa/ Dessa
  • Emcee: Oya (Nisa will ask), Rev. Williams (Dessa will ask)
    • Bill and Ahmina are back-ups
  • Ron will ask Kim about getting involved and he would like to read a poem

To bring to event

  • Welcome table info
  • Donations box: Ahmina
  • Boom box


  • Nisa has created a flier and will send out tomorrow via e-mail, please forward on!
  • Rachel will create a facebook event and others can pass on info through twitter
  • Nisa will send the flier to the printer and Ahmina will get fliers by Friday.
  • Events/ Place to flier: (people should contact Ahmina to get fliers for these events)
    • Library- Andre
    • River Days at River walk- Ahmina
    • Juneteenth celebration at Charles Wright African American Museum
    • Festival on Sat. on Willis-
    • Midsummer Nights in Midtown
    • Arab American Festival- Dessa

Next meeting: June 30, 6:00 p.m. Either at Planned Parenthood or MWRO

  • Rocio will talk to anchors about location
  • Dessa will send the meeting announcement