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DLOC Meeting

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 - MWRO Offices

  • Introductions
  • Committee Reports
  • Kick off recap
  • DLOC meeting schedule
  • July NPC weekend
  • national organizations / USSF convention site
  • 25 persons signed in

each person stated their name and organization
Committee Reports
International Committee (Rocio Valerio)
  • letters of invitation are being sent out
  • consulates are being contacted
  • looking for procedures for passports / visas
  • suggestion of having a border / Canada event for folks with restricted travel
  • next conference call June 29, 3p.m.
Logistics Committee (Diane Feeley)
  • housing being organized over the summer
    • hotels, motels, dorms and youth camp location being secured
    • Marriott contract to be finalized mid-July ~250 rooms
  • logistics staffer needed ASAP
  • next meeting June 30, 6p.m. Cafe con Leche
Religion Committee (Lynda Smith)
  • working to extend / diversify group
  • Rev. Charles Williams, King Solomon Baptist Church joined
  • next meeting July 8, 4:30p.m. Unitarian Church on Cass
Culture Committee (Oya Amakisi)
  • Oya & Will Copeland co-chairs, in contact w/Will via phone, skype, email
  • meeting with artists strengthening the need to present social justice vision thru art, not just entertaining but learning also
  • working on vision / mission statement
  • outreach thru events at galleries, jazz clubs, etc.
  • want to be as inclusive / diverse as possible
  • suggestions of international artists, Detroit jazz
  • next meeting July 9, 6:30p.m. 1440 Collective (1440 Gratiot)
Disability Committee (Quintin Williams)
  • committee off to a slow start
  • working on vision of what they will bring to forum
  • suggestions of organizations (Tomeka, AMC)
  • next meeting July 8, ~2p.m. MWRO offices
Communications Committee (Bill Bryce)
  • job description of communication coordinator complete
  • met with Sandra Williams with appeal to unions
  • press release for kick off was sent out, no follow up was done
  • national committee conference call June 26, 6p.m.
  • next meeting notice to be sent via email
Senior Citizen Committee (Marion Krammer)
  • meeting July 29, 1p.m. MWRO offices
Outreach Committee (Priscilla Dziubek)
  • completed postcard, powerpoint, new member orientation
  • coordinated kickoff event
  • working on FAQ sheet and organization outreach database
  • suggestions of caravan project outreach
  • next meeting June 30, 6p.m. Planned Parenthood offices
Technology Committee (Lou Novak)
  • national committee has put up website
  • CiviCRM loaded on the site
  • provided tech support for kickoff event
  • next meeting
Youth Committee (Harlan Bivens)
  • looking for place to meet
  • June 24 meeting cancelled
  • objective - support youth, driven by youth, develop youth focus
  • suggestion of Hush House for meeting space
  • next meeting July 1, 7:30p.m. Hush House
DLOC Meeting time/dates
  • current schedule all face to face meetings coincide with baseball games which results in access / parking problem
  • suggestions - to have written committee reports to save meeting time, meet less often, have orientation sessions thruout meeting, committees send only reps not multiple members
  • anchors are working on committee structures, improvements soon
  • motion to suspend conference calls - accepted
  • motion to move face to face meeting schedule one week - accepted
  • motion to cancel June 30 DLOC meeting - accepted
  • next meeting Tuesday, July 14, 2009 5:30 p.m. at MWRO offices
Kickoff Re-cap

(brief due to meeting length)

  • great event
  • some press, MI Chronicle online, Channel 2 10p.m. news
  • 80 persons signed in
  • $105.32 in donations
  • any other comments / suggestions please send to Outreach committee
July NPC weekend
  • National Planning Committee in town for Allied Media Conference and planning meetings July 16-19 and 19-22
  • need to RSVP to Rocio Valerio if you are planning to attend
National organizations / USSF convention site
  • please everyone be aware of national groups holding conventions / meetings in June 2010 - invite them to come to USSF
  • forward group contacts to Maureen Taylor or Outreach Committee
Anchor Updates
  • sent job descriptions to coordinating team for review
  • working on structure for committees
  • Bday celebration for Grace Boggs - July 19 7p.m. Central United Methodist Church 23 E Adams
  • Cuban festival July 10 7-10p.m. COMPAS Center of Music and Performing Arts 8701 W Vernor